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Top-rated Features of CareCloud EHR

Top-rated Features of CareCloud EHR

CareCloud EHR Software – An Overview CareCloud EHR, a cloud-based platform, helps medical practitioners progress by raising productivity and improving patient satisfaction. CareCloud's extensive suite includes practice management, revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic health records (EHR), and patient portal. 

CareCloud provides powerful EHR software to help you transform your medical business. With the CareCloud EHR, you can practically accomplish all of your time-consuming tasks smoothly. 

Top-rated Features of CareCloud EHR Software 

CareCloud EHR offers several robust features to help your practice progress clinically, administratively and, financially. Here’s a breakdown of the top rated EMR software features. 

Integrated Practice Management Software  

CareCloud EHR works with CareCloud Central, a Practice Management System that boosts productivity by digitizing your healthcare practice's day-to-day tasks. The Practice Management System streamlines your workflow by organizing all of your time-consuming responsibilities. 

CareCloud Central acts as a command center for your clinic, giving extensive, real-time statistics through customizable reports and dashboards. As a result, you'll always know how your company is performing on the most critical metrics. 

Appointment Scheduling Tool 

The next feature of CareCloud EHR has received positive feedback from several carecloud reviews. The appointment management feature allows you to view your calendar in various ways, making online scheduling much more accessible. 

Patients, for example, can use the scheduling tool in CareCloud EHR to arrange appointments and confirm them to close the appointment date and time. Patients are also reminded of their appointment, which helps to prevent no-shows and increase overall revenue. 

Clinical Decision Support  

CareCloud EHR provides you with real-time intelligence while treating patients. Furthermore, the EHR provides clinical decision assistance, such as identifying drug interactions, so you can be sure you're giving your patients the proper medications at the right time. 

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Patient Portal  

For a working professional like you, scheduling appointments, setting reminders, and filling out form after form can be daunting. However, thanks to CareCloud EHR's patient portal feature, you can relax on some fronts. 

Patients can schedule appointments through the CareCloud EHR patient portal. The software also sends out automatic appointment reminders to patients, reducing no-shows and boosting revenue at your clinic. You can also use the software to communicate with patients via message and video conferencing. 

Patient Engagement  

CareCloud EHR is a web-based electronic health record that is simple to use and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Before coming to your clinic, patients can log in, answer COVID-19 screening questions, and prepay for their visit. Patients can also request appointments, reschedule them, pay in advance, and receive appointment reminders without interfering with your staff's time. In addition, the web-based interface improves patient involvement in general. 

Financial Ease 

According to CareCloud EHR reviews, the revenue cycle management solution helps to focus on patient care rather than financial responsibilities. CareCloud can help you with patient billing by printing and mailing statements on your behalf. Furthermore, CareCloud corrects any claim mistakes to ensure that you get the total amount due. 

You can prevent denied claims with CareCloud EHR because the technology lets you fill out forms digitally and automatically, eliminating readability difficulties and coding errors. 


Reporting Analytics  

With CareCloud's robust analytics, you can obtain real-time insight into your operational, financial, and clinical performance. For example, you may look at things like employee productivity, days in accounts receivable, and how you're doing on your Meaningful Use goals right away. 

Comprehensive reports, configurable dashboards, and interactive charts and graphs make all of this possible. Furthermore, Central's superior analytics removes the guesswork from running your business, allowing you to make better-educated decisions. 

CareCloud Live – Telehealth Feature 

CareCloud Live is a HIPAA-compliant Telehealth solution that allows you to safely and efficiently communicate with patients via real-time videoconferencing. Telehealth is a valuable tool for those who are unable to receive healthcare for a variety of reasons. 

CareCloud Telehealth feature enables you to easily access patients on iOS, Android, and PC, making it convenient to keep patients engaged. In addition, due to built-in patient reminders such as automatic email and push alerts, last-minute cancellations and daily no-shows also reduce.  

Overall, CareCloud Live lets you communicate with patients safely and efficiently through a secure HIPAA-compliant real-time video conference tool. 

CareCloud Training Platform 

The Campus is a client education and training platform offered by CareCloud. You and your practice managers can use the Campus to get answers to various questions from CareCloud experts. 

Overall, Campus is a great place to learn because it offers various resources, including online training videos, product release notes, and Meaningful Use help manuals. 

How Much Does the CareCloud EHR Cost? 

CareCloud EHR offers a monthly subscription model that costs $279 per provider, requiring the implementation of practice management. CareCloud Central's practice management software starts at $349/month for every provider. In addition, the system offers an advanced data mining capability and rules administration for RCM, costing only 3% of the collective. 

CareCloud EHR Reviews 

CareCloud is an EHR package that is popular among various healthcare professionals who review the software online. We suggest you carefully read these carecloud reviews to discover more about what people say about the product. The reviews on several websites are generally positive, ranging from 3 to 4 stars. From ease of use to affordability, current consumers have had a very great experience.  


The software is relatively easy to use. 

Customer service reacts incredibly and warns you of problems before you even realize that they exist. 

The app offers several different options to scan for a chart, such as an email, telephone, name, and DOB. 


It is somewhat challenging for users to understand the simple charges, payments, and insurance payments within the financial area. 

Our Recommendation 

We hope you understand the program with our thorough analysis of CareCloud EHR and its essential features. You may also request a CareCloud EHR demo to learn more about the product. Furthermore, CareCloud EHR reviews additionally assist with further information about the advantages and disadvantages of the software. 

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