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Does Java Found Its Way To Cloud-Based Apps?

Does Java Found Its Way To Cloud-Based Apps?

Java has been the talk of the town in the IT industry for many years now. It also makes us question another thing; is it relevant?

The answer is yes. Java has been there for more than 20 years and is still amongst the most significant development languages. That is because of its versatility and enhanced security, which makes it still relevant when technology is upgrading at speed and even getting redundant quickly. Java is an object-oriented language software that can be used as a full-stack language and makes every aspect easy to use and operate.

While deployed right, Java technology has many things that enhance the entire development experience and user experience. The various things in Java Technologies are mainly as:

Development ToolsUI (User Interface) ToolsAPILibrariesDeployment technology.

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Who Uses Java?

Java is everywhere. From your internet world to your smartphones, you are using applications made from and Java application development. Here are a few places to explain in better terminologies where a developer can use Java Technology and enhance the entire experience of interacting with the technology

  • There are Java cards that are used in televisions, and in the development
  • Java can be used on various platforms like Windows, Linux, etc. 
  • Cloud-based applications 
  • Servers on the web 
  • Gaming applications 
  • Data-Based Connection 
  • Applications 
  • Creating OS projects
  • Messaging connectors, and much more.

With Java technology, you can create robust platforms with its compile and run the program. It is simple to use language that helps in creating adaptable applications over the web. Java is an old technology, but its best part is its versatility. It can be used with the new age technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., making it relevant and increasing the longitude of its usage.


What Is Cloud Computing?

The traditional way of IT has changed. Cloud computing is the new norm of data management and data sharing. It reduces the costs involved in managing and building software and provides the benefits of global scaling and improved performance. With cloud technology, you can quickly increase the security and reliability of the systems. Moreover, the result is improved infrastructure and scale of operations.

In simple terms, Cloud computing includes an array of services like databases, servers, intelligence, etc., all over the web (no physical requirements).

The Time of Cloud-Based Applications with Java

Every big organization is on the road towards investing its funds in cloud technology. It is the "trend" of this time as they need n physical spaces and infrastructures to store their data, manage it and use it through networking and intelligence. The cloud is an environment where varied technologies can be developed, and so are cloud-based applications.

They are applications that are posted over the cloud environment. These applications can be placed on private, public, or hybrid clouds. The question here is, can Java be deployed here?

The answer is yes. Java can be used as a technology to focus on cloud-based applications, and various service models can be prepared using Java over cloud technology. These are:

  1. Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

When the companies who have cloud environments provide the infrastructure they have as a product, or rather as a service, you can use them. The prime examples are GoDaddy which offers website hosting services on their platforms.

  1. Software As A Service (SaaS)

Another delivery model is SaaS which is most used currently. From subscription billing software to general project management aids, SaaS products are ruling the market. The software that they provide aid the business houses for which they charge their fee.

You can use web 2.0 and enterprise services which all can be created using Java.

  1. Platform As A Service (PaaS)

PaaS is usually used by the developers where the cloud computing applications and environment provide various OS, execution environments, etc., for efficient development deployment. As most development still happens on Java, the PaaS platforms themselves can have Java Technology and also serve similar benefits.


Other than this, there are various tools that Java technology has in itself, which help in efficient cloud development. It means that not only can the cloud be created with Java, it also aids in all the other applications that can be made in the same environment. Some of these tools are:

  • Oracle Java Cloud Service

Java is a technology owned by Oracle. The Java Oracle cloud is best suited when you aim to include Oracle software in your applications. You can use the data stored in the Oracle cloud and source it directly. Also, here you get a greater scope of database, environment, and various deployment tests.

  • Google App Engine

The Google app engine is convenient and helps in even bringing traffic, making the servers auto maintain. You can easily use the Java codes and work on economies of scale with varied engine services like traffic management, logging, search helps, etc.

It also provides various libraries and frameworks that can be used for creating cloud-based applications.

  • Cloud Foundry

If you aim to have a complete lifecycle of cloud-based applications in a PaaS platform, cloud foundry can be your choice. Java has many tools that can be used in the Cloud, which makes it amongst the most used language. It is an open-source platform and delays the best services to take care of a project's entire life cycle.

  • Heroku Java

If you aim to run modern-day apps, this Paas platform will work the best for you. With the integrated tools and works of Heroku Java, you can easily manage and create cloud-based applications under Java technology. It even supports various elements of Java-like Node, etc.

  • IBM SmartCloud

You can use the IBM SmartCloud in all the models of cloud computing. They also have options for self and managed services. This platform offers all three kinds of fracture, namely IaaS, PaaS, and Saas. With it, you get the components and hardware that you might require to develop cloud-based applications.

  • Open Shift

It is a PaaS product that aids the developers with all the necessary tools for developing cloud-based applications. It also has various open-source options that come under the development umbrella of Java Technology.

Thus, Java can be efficiently used in all kinds of cloud-based computing and applications, making it a win-win for everyone.

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James Warner

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