Top 5 Movie App UI Kits For Expert App Designers

Top 5 Movie App UI Kits For Expert App Designers

Top 5 Movie App UI Kits For Expert App Designers

Are you obsessed with Netflix and wondering to make an app of your own? According to the statistics, almost 77% of users share positive feedback about the app and the total monthly subscribers of Netflix in 2018 was 72.9m now you can imagine where would have the figure reached after a year.

The craze to indulge in movie apps has always been a part of the industry and it's going to stay for longer. Whether it's about Netflix or any other movie app, you will always find users getting fascinated with its content enthusiastically. Where some watch a movie to kill time others are keener on enhancing their knowledge about the different cultures being displayed and to learn new languages and norms. So, if you want to develop a movie-app that is going to enthrall your users you can seek help from the UI designs the below mentioned kits provide, read on!

Kino iOS UI Kit

Kino iOS UI kit is one of the finest movie-related apps currently being used in the market. With over 36 iOS screens, it provides several components and versatile typography. Its features work on Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Each one of the element is vector based and can be efficiently resized to any height or width. Moreover, its screens can be trimmed into four different categories including Sign In/Sign Up, Profile & Social, Movie and Navigation. This is one of those apps that every top app developer Australia prefers to use.

Cinema Tickets UI Kit

Cinema Tickets UI Kit is an exotic movie-related app that can provide ultra-smart design ideas and solutions. It can help you create movie apps with the most appealing aesthetics. Moreover, it has around 31 screens all help in building a smart app. It caters a diverse range of designs including that of a movie information page to notification panels, downloading trailer and page for booking the cinema. The app provides different types of icons all layered in different shapes and alignment. It's easy to search any element on the app as everything is organized properly.

MoviMastro UI Kit

Build with a bright and interesting aesthetics, MoviMastro UI Kit is a great app to find most captivating designs for your app. It has comparatively the most number of screens more than 40 in the count with resolution up to (375x667px). You will get more than 60 UI and 5+ sections without any hassle. The app facilitates an interesting user experience as every section is arranged professionally and grouped in tagged columns. The subscription charges are not too high as well and in affordable pricing, you can get the best themes. MOviMastro is just the right choice for top app developer Australia to create most fascinating apps.

Matta Material Design UI Kit

A multipurpose interface that is most suitable for movie apps that can provide a wide range of features to its target users. It has over 120+ screens and facilitates users with over 1000 components to create an engaging aesthetics. You can create any kind of apps from ecommerce to social to cinema and events apps. There is an individual gallery of fonts that help users to add more appeal in their work.

Splay Movie UI Kit

Splay Movie UI Kit is one of the premium apps that facilitate users with mini mobile viewing aspects. Designers and developers can easily enjoy aesthetics and create appealing screens. It facilitates with dark versions along with both light and vector shapes features. The resizing facility helps users to fit the layout according to the screen sizes. You will find the kit extremely facilitating and handy based on your needs.

Wrap Up

It’s easy to create a design if you get your hands on such amazing kits. You can create most amazing designs in no time that can surely amuse your users and increase the productivity of your business online. The kits come with a diverse range of features and aspects and all help in accelerating the productivity of the app development process. Choose your kit according to your needs and spread the appeal in no time.

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