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Top 10 Devops Myths

Top 10 Devops Myths

The DevOps service providers are up and around for more than a decade now and it was coined in the year 2019. Among the majority of the trending misconceptions, most of them are provoked by the pushy sales executives in the DevOps consulting services. On one hand, the technology giants are happy to witness the growth of DevOps service providerswhile on the contrary, its various false perceptions and myths are also prevalent.

The inculcating cause

Apart from the vital services DevOps offer to the business platforms, it is surrounded by a plethora of various myths. There are various reasons which led to the floating of this misconception where inadequate information regarding the same is the major one. This resulted in the growth of various opinions under the impression of various people and its conclusions are drawn under every segment. Let us burst the bubble regarding the same in company DevOps solution and drive our own interpretation.


1. DevOps service providers- DevOps are incompatible with ITIL- Without further explanation, know that DevOps is compatible with ITSM or ITIL functional processes. The myth arose to support the lead times and deployment frequencies. Some of its parts have become fully automated. DevOps also require instant detection of the service incident, design, and various instances.


2. DevOps services only support open-source software- Execution of any DevOps project is entirely independent of the deployed technology because most of its success stories are aligned with LAMP stack software and open-source software like Docker, Chef, Nagios, Ansible, Nexus, Git, and many more. Some of the platforms are even using embedded systems and SAP solutions along with the mainframe assembly codes.


3. Company DevOps solution refers to the elimination of IT involvement- It is a prominent fact that is mostly discussed in IT involvement that no operations or NoOps is the underlying infrastructure. In the long run, it could not be the case that any automation will surface without the need for DevOps solutions providers.


4. For successful implementation, lean-agile is not required- Both Lean and Agile help to create a ground in terms of the shared medium of commitment, goal, a collaboration of DevOps consulting services, iteration, and many such instances. As it is considered for the elimination of wastage to achieve sustainable lead-time, both of them are extremely helpful for the short queues.


5. DevOps will replace agile- This is to be very clear that DevOps is not replacing Agile where, we can consider it as a logical proceeding of Agile or  an enabler. The continuous integration and deployment can also be achieved through it and also, the platforms can realize potentially shippable code (PSI) through it.


6. DevOps services are only for start-ups- It is a popular myth that limits the utilities of DevOps only for small platforms or startups. These solutions are for everyone even if the platform is a "technological giant" or a small startup. The huge platforms relying on DevOps are Google, Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, Starbucks, HubSpot, and many more.


7. DevOps solution is just automation- The DevOps patterns are quite distinct which require automation but also, the fundamental norms matching the overall architecture, have a common goal and motive. Of course, it involves automation, but its utility is far beyond it. It also shares the culture of the development team as well as an operational team.


8. In company DevOps solution is just a tool- The Actual utility of DevOps is in accordance with the process reserve there as they are not achieved by just preceding with the checklist of installed tools. Its tools just make the task easier for the developers and facilitate continuous integration, delivery, deployment, and monitoring. Rather than just a traditional methodology, it is more comprehensive as a cultural shift because it reduces the hassle.


9. DevOps technical efficiencies are not eligible to acquire overnight- The providers DevOps solutions represent an induced approach as a process for software buildup. Its process does not follow the time limitation to achieve absolute accuracy because it is a continuous process focusing on the automation and underlying processes.


10. Security concerns- This is one of the most common misconceptions that providers DevOps solutions community set aside. The entire sarees of risk management concerns and only focuses on automation. DevOps clearly does not appoint the security considerations and believe in eradicating the clutter that lies to spoil time and resources.


Some of the existing and most common myths regarding DevOps consulting services are covered in this article while plenty of them still exist. The clear understanding about it can be learned at the Imarticus Learning platform which teaches DevOps through a well organized and disciplined process. It just needs a perfect combination of workflow, tools, business processes, and potential individuals to fetch the desired outcomes.

Author Biography.

Prashant Gurav
Prashant Gurav

A problem solver and a project manager. I am responsible for managing large scale project teams comprising of full stack developers solving complex technological challenges. Adept with Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud & infra platforms. Experience of working with 10+ Backend + Front End technologies. Evangelist for lean methodologies and continuous improvement of process, people and technology.

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