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Tips to make Virtual Working (Work from Home) effectively during Covid-19, for the IT industry !

Tips to make Virtual Working (Work from Home) effectively during Covid-19, for the IT industry !

We all witness the influenced scenario of challenges towards turning around a successful project delivery after Covid-19 all across the globe. Predominantly, this working scenario at every company level beats a start up, or an SMEs needs to understand and further plan to practice it very well to secure a profitable business and a self-satisfied pro-longed career employmentship to the industry leaders in their respective department domains.

It's been more than a month near around, the work from home has brought up new practices and this notion that it won’t be a success does not seem to be genuine enough. Let us see how this virtual working can become a proven system for the software industry for another round of months for year 2020 from team mxpertz as they have been evolving to practice the set procedures of software development during Virtual Working as well.

Stay Focused

Keeping oneself focused is another challenge during the lock-down process besides securing clients and it's going to be even challenging while working from home. When you are virtually working from homes, plan your day wisely, get up on time - exercise well, make a plan schedule (by start your work on time), take small breaks (first complete your in-hand task), go for teams online meetings to report updates, practice on refining your laid back skills and close your day with some learnings and achievements.

And at last give your family a good time at last by addressing them with your hidden talent as well. All above activities could be successful only if you remain focused on each task, even sleep well at last - a focused sleep !

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Stay in Team-work

It's essential to have a group of members, understanding each other's interest towards the goal of the organization during WFH days. Naturally, if a team gets driven from a collective perspective, it leads them to remain directed and result-oriented.

Uplifting each other individually during this tough scenario where physical presence becomes zero does works well and thus gets an individual to remain mentally connected with their peers leads to effective results.

Stay Coordinated & Tuned

Synchronization plays a vital role in meeting your short term goals in an efficient manner. In order to achieve coordination - It's important to develop processes ahead at different levels and make your team know about them. Asking a help while finding oneself stuck won’t be an issue anymore because the next solution would be available in front of the problem owner and the solution would be easy if we keep things channelized and coordinated by developing right virtual processes across the organization.

Stay Agile

Its a preconceived notion that one would feel lethargic while being at work from home. Though do not allow such thoughts passing your way across and keep the maximum of your-self in active mode. Make a proper planner, assign tasks for self, attain those self set tasks are a few of those. Besides, identify your hobbies, practice and refine them during your short breaks from work as it would also count under your achievements !

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Most importantly, Stay in Discipline

The toughest one - yeah ! When you have your DAY well planned - one would hardly get a chance to lose your focus. Think about your clients, project delivery, codes quality, testing and making your next project delivery more robust by adapting self discipline.

Lets learn more about the experiences of leading firm in software development agency - 

After the Hon'ble prime minister addressed the nation about the first nationwide lock-down, We were facing a new challenge on meeting deadlines of our ongoing projects and revenues targets. Although we had already come to know the impact of this pandemic on our business, as some of our major clients had shown a dilemma to invest more in their ventures due to this global lockdown. However with our strong determination of meeting this globe business challenge - we started responding well to this challenge and converted it into an opportunity when we observed a 30% increase in our team's efficiency. So we had shifted our focus to one -time projects and delivering them in a short turnaround time. Also, we all have been honing new skills which would be beneficial in the long run.

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