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How to Choose the Top Team of Remote App Developers India?

How to Choose the Top Team of Remote App Developers India?

Software or app developers worldwide represent one of the most demanded professions in today's world just because most businesses and solutions for living beings are turning digital. But corresponding to the demands, hiring proficient remote developers is increasingly difficult, especially if you have budget constraints. If you target a competitive market, finding expert app developers in India can be a great option.

How to find the right offshore app developers’ team in India with your required skills, expertise and experience level? This is what we will explain here and help you access the best pool of talented app developers in India.

Where do You find the Right Remote App Development Team?

If you are looking for a dedicated expert team of remote app developers in India, you need to target specific platforms the developers frequent. Online job boards, search engines, social media channels and developer community forums are some of the ideal places to look for your requirements.

Google Search

If you Google your query for finding a remote developer team in India, you can get many credible results from numerous leading companies. There are many search terms related to app developers in India that can fetch you a lot of quality options from leading outsourcing companies.

Freelance Job Boards

Hiring a freelance development team is primarily not advisable because of the lack of commitment compared to the established development companies already in the market. But in case you have prior experience working with freelancers and have a shoestring budget for the project, opting to hire a freelance development team can be a good option. The only thing you must remember is that the freelance developers should have a solid portfolio, and they must be approached through a quality platform.

Let's discuss some top platform choices for hiring freelance app developers in India.

  • Upwork

Upwork represents one of the biggest communities for freelancers across all sorts of skills and niches. Freelance developers with various skills frequently visit this platform for new assignments, and companies frequent it for their limited time resource requirements.

Some of the positive aspects of Upwork is the access to a large talent pool, developers with different expertise, experience, and tech stack skills, security of employment provided by the platform, administrative management and collaboration handled by the Upwork team, etc.

The downside of Upwork is that it is excellent for hiring individual app developers in India and not app development teams. Secondly, there are still quality issues as an expert app development company does not monitor the projects.

  • YouTeam

YouTeam is another excellent platform to find freelance developers or find a team of developers for your app project. It is considered better than other platforms for hiring a team of developers. An individual developer can create a joint account with other team members for being hired as a team. The platform is frequented by many developer talents who are willing to engage in projects for the long term.

As for the downsides of the YouTeam platform, it is very much specific to offshore development needs. In case you need to hire in-house developers, it may not suit your purpose.

  • Toptal

Toptal is another leading platform for helping businesses and developers connect. The platform helps easily access a wide array of accomplished developers ready to be hired for different projects.

The only downside of the platform is that it charges a premium fee to hire app developers and for exceptional sourcing talents across different skills.

B2B Ranking Websites

Certain B2B ranking portals that frequently publish listings of development companies and their credentials can also be great places to search for the right talents. Clutch and Goodfirms are great B2B platforms to find outsourcing companies offering development teams with your skill requirements.

Find Developers on LinkedIn

Linkedin has emerged as one of the most frequented and important talent hunting platforms for all kinds of professional human resources. It has emerged as the leading job board to hire app developers in India and many other countries. Apart from allowing you access to individual talents, the platform also helps you find talented developer teams for your project.

LinkedIn can be used to search for development companies with the required skills and expertise. The platform is frequented by HR teams of development companies for posting vacancies and their portfolios and credentials. The platform also allows engaging with different professional groups of developers, recruiters and IT professionals. By using these groups also you can reach out to new developers or development teams. The platform can also be used to make conversations with industry personalities, influential people, CEOs and CTOs and get their advice for remote hiring.

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Most Important Steps for Remote Hiring of Indian Developers

As of now, you have a fair idea about how to find the most accomplished and talented app developers in India with the required skills. It would help if you also had a comprehensive idea about screening the candidates and getting the right candidates on board. Here are the most important steps.

Technical Screening

You must have all your technical requirements properly documented along with the resources and skills. Based on the requirements, you need to screen the candidates by conducting coding tests and technical interviews. Remember, this is the most important step in the screening and evaluation process and should be given the highest priority.

Consider Remote Development Expertise

It would help to consider whether the screened developers are well suited in a remote development project. You need to ensure they are well versed with remote collaboration tools like Slack, Basecamp, Trello, and others. They also should have some prior exposure to remote app projects.

Assess Communication and Soft Skills

To hire the right app developers in India for your remote app project, it is also essential to evaluate their communication and soft skills. It is important to check whether they can communicate the issues easily and create good documentation for their development jobs.

Considering Productivity

Last but not least, you must ensure they are quick learners and productive. Are they good at using productivity tools? Can they track the time for tasks and adhere to deadlines and milestones? You need to check these too.

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So, getting onboard the right development team in India for your software or app development project is not difficult if you know where to find them and how to screen the candidates well. These tips have been the results of many successful recruitments in other projects.

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