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Time to Switch from Big Wedding to Micro Wedding in 2021

Time to Switch from Big Wedding to Micro Wedding in 2021

The worst scenario entered our lives with the pandemic wave in 2020. Even scarier than the Nightmare on Elm Street, everything shoved back to the basic survival instincts. People even didn’t care if they had big fat weddings to attend. After all, everyone has been pretty scared, right? Now enters 2021, and the new wave has yet again spinning in circles which is why most people eloped last year.

From the time of having a big wedding to now small weddings or possible elopement? Does it all seem appropriate? Probably not but with the ongoing conditions, perhaps, this is the smartest decision to take. We know weddings aren't supposed to happen under duress. You want all your close family and friends to be a part of your wedding. 

But did you know that about 28% of the guest lists have reduced in numbers for the wedding since the pandemic?

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Well, it’s not all doom and gloom: you can still enjoy a wedding, but at a smaller scale if you are up for it.  But how? Let’s find out. 

Become familiar with Micro wedding 

A micro wedding is the best possible solution for the bride and groom to celebrate and rejoice but instead of having a large traditional wedding, they need to keep it down with 30 or fewer people. 

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Instead of spending a huge amount on the lavish wedding style, you have a better chance to buy a perfect wedding ring and engagement ring instead. Micro weddings are nicer, more supreme, and private with the enclosed group. 

How to plan a micro wedding

You can have a relaxed wedding celebration that can be possibly planned in a shorter timeline than a larger wedding. The ceremony is simple and straightforward with a more casual reception. It takes a load off of stress!

So how to do it?

Decide a location 

Because of pandemics, you have to be very careful in selecting a location. You might want to get married in your backyard or in a home of your close friend or family member which can ideally fit at least 30 guests. 

Most venues are hosting events here and there and comparatively, can be safe too so you can choose an open air location instead of a hall. Keep the location mellow something that is casual and yet gives party vibes for the reception. 

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Micro guest list

The trickiest of all things is not to find the perfect wedding or engagement rings but to prepare the guest list. 

Who to invite or not to invite is a critical task. Unfortunately, some people would have to miss out if they leave far, are sick or otherwise. In such challenging times your immediate close family, close cousins, and BFFs make up for the perfect choice for the micro guest list. 

Also, keep the location in mind when inviting the guests. You can’t be greedy about adding more numbers. 

Cancel the vendors 

One of the perks of micro weddings is you can pick out only the “necessary” vendors for the day. Once the location and guest list are finalized you need to book vendors in advance and make sure that the chosen ones are willing to commit to the day. Also, make it clear that they follow the safety measures too. 

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If you didn’t book any vendors yet then be glad about it. You can make a list from scratch and have to be really picky about it. 


Food is a wedding specialty, especially the cake. Was planning to have a three-tier cake? Now you don't have to plan for it. Instead, go for a single-layered cake that works perfectly for a micro wedding. 

Besides, for the main entree, you need to prepare a new list of menus for the caterers. You can even consider the option of a food truck instead of a buffet. This way you can follow the safety protocol for food too. 


By this point, you can hire professional freelance photographers to capture the special moments. They charge you by the hour or a number of pictures (as per se) so that you can have all the emotional, cute or funny moments captured in pictures. Even for a micro wedding, you need to set a budget and not step one foot aside. Photography is likely to be more affordable now. 

Penny for your thoughts

It’s a hard decision to let go of the dream wedding but when it comes to protecting lives, you make it your first priority as a responsible citizen. You can survive a micro wedding, still, be happy about it. Plan smartly for the year ahead for yourself and your loved ones. 

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