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Should You Be Buying Email Lists to Generate B2B Leads

Should You Be Buying Email Lists to Generate B2B Leads

Not all contact lists are similar, but your two choices are to buy one or create one if you're seeking to broaden your B2B lead database. With the market changing as rapidly as it is coupled with the need for startups to hit the ground running, however, buying lists are becoming increasingly common.

Marketers are somewhat confused about whether purchasing B2B leads is good or bad for business when it comes to producing quality B2B leads. Nevertheless, 68% of companies are struggling with lead generation, so it makes sense that it is still a normal B2B practice to purchase lists. 

Buying email lists opens up a world of marketing possibilities, and in more ways than one, it can be helpful to your company. Many potential interested customers who do not yet know about your innovative market solutions will be included in a targeted cold email list. That's why it's advisable to buy an email list or Hire an email marketing agency to get a better ROI from your Email Marketing.

We will try to address the issue in this post by addressing both sides of the problem that is, why it can work to buy B2B leads and why it might not.

So, When is the right time to buy an email list?

We fully acknowledge that if it includes quality contacts, the email list would only be beneficial. A sample record and a guarantee of accuracy should always be given by a reliable data provider. A non-targeted email list will not do your company any favors or provide a solid return on investment.

The fact is if you're seeking to develop more B2B leads, buying a focused email list in your desired industry is a good idea. The essence of email marketing offers you the ability to virtually scale up your lead generation efforts overnight. 

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Let's take a look at some reasons why purchased email lists should be used in your target market and some Disadvantages of it:


  1. More Targeting Opportunities: You're widening your potential audience every time you buy a new email list. The more audiences your marketing message receives, the more possible leads you can produce. By using a mix of validated marketing tactics and the right tool for this kind of campaign, the trick is to optimize the promotions for open rates and delivery performance.
  2. Quality list to increase ROI: You get a professionally reviewed list of contacts that will be responsive to your marketing message when you buy emails from a reliable provider. That means that for those who do not have a sincere interest in your goods and services, you waste less time and money marketing.
  3. Marketing and sales funnels: Your B2B marketing audience will grow enormously by acquiring a new email list. They can be moved to the relevant funnels as these new, cold contacts become warm opt-in leads. Marketing should start the process of cultivating warm leads, while sales management the already warmed-up leads.


  1. Outdated, Useless Leads: Unfortunately, there are a few providers that sell email lists for sale and give a bad reputation to everyone else. Such organizations let their lists go out of date, or collect contact details by dubious means. Surely, paying good money for a meaningless email list is the last thing you want. However, that sort of thing does happen, hence the need to exercise caution.
  2. You might come across as a spammer: Some people do not like getting inappropriate emails. As part of an email database, B2B professionals whose contact details have been sold appear to be especially sensitive about it. As such, as a credible company selling a high-quality product or service and more as a dubious spammer, you will find less.
  3. You might end up doing damage to your company reputation: Purchasing B2B email lists get a bad rap, as stated earlier. If you are accused of doing so by one of your contacts, then you might have a credibility issue on your hands. A bad encounter will not only burn a bridge with a potential customer, but negative reporting often spreads online quickly. Your reputation is in trouble if one of your friends starts writing online about you sending unsolicited bulk emails.

So the question is whether to buy or not?

It can be a helpful resource to have to build a list of quality leads to pass off to sales, but it is not the only choice you can explore. It's always advisable to consider other alternatives, especially in marketing. Your brand will expand its audience scope and eventually help you develop your company when you implement different methods of finding B2B leads.

It isn't without risks and uncertainty to buy a contact list, but if you're patient and strategic about it, it can pay off by adding both quality and quantity to your lead list for B2B.

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