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Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager: Benefits

Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager: Benefits

What is the expectation of the customers in today’s scenario? They want a mutually connected experience across numerous channels that effectively meet their expectations. On the flip side, customer experiences range from the accommodation of a large number of sales and marketing teams to rigorously offering the best infrastructure that generates the best customer outputs. But it is easier said than what comes out practically. To help in keeping pace with meeting the demands of the customers, Salesforce customer 360 Data Manager has arrived on the scene.

What is Salesforce 360?

Salesforce 360 is an integration tool that has the responsibility to collect crucial data from the customers through 3rd party or Salesforce and present them in a unified single view format. It has a full suite of software services that are customized into a single and central platform called Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM efficiently. So, it is an all-in-one platform that helps an organization to get access to new clients, discover and manage the opportunities, focus on streamlining the procedures to provide a delightful experience to their clients.

Now a question comes into the mind of the people: What is exactly Salesforce customer 360 Data Manager?

It is a new platform from which Salesforce permits its users to bring all their data spread across their business on a single platform. It might include connecting data from external systems and even Salesforce B2C commerce. What’s more, it comes with all the exclusive features of Salesforce such as a point-to-click feature for data maintenance, data governance, and synchronization hub that allows an effective view of customer data and then enhances its quality manifold.

Moreover, the presence of customer 360 Data Manager helps the administrator of an organization to manage three cloud platforms (service, marketing, and commerce) efficiently and use them to map customer records (via personal accounts, data extension, and customer profile) and present it as a unified view to the customers.

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What is the Data Manager of Salesforce customer 360?

Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager is a new cross-cloud tool that works for:

  • Creation of a common profile for multiple systems
  • Enabling data federation services to access source system data
  • Eliminating swivel-chair use cases through the inclusion of Salesforce lightning components

Now, what comes in the kitty of the Salesforce customer 360 Data Manager? It offers numerous features such as:

  • Shared data of the customers present in different departments into a single platform
  • A centralized hub to assist customers to have easy access to multiple data sources
  • Easy access to the connected system to get the most updated customer data
  • A global customer identity for maintaining record about customer data to ensure best for the business
  • Cloud information model mapping that showcases the single identity for representing customer data across the multiple connected platforms.

Now a question arises: What Customer Data Manager brings in its kitty? It comes with notable aspects that include:

a.  Vision

The single focus of the Data Manager of Customer 360 is to create a single customer profile as they start interacting with the brand. It will then offer enterprise real-time customer insight and allows them to take immediate action to meet their requirements and allow Salesforce to move towards the goals.

b. Goal

The end goal of customer 360 through Data Manager is to:

  • Identify and enrich customer profile into a single one
  • Simplify finding of customer contacts
  • Creation of easy insight of customer info and take decisive step according to it

c.  Common Identifier

A common data model (or identifier) comes with Data Manager to match the different data sets as per the defined rules. In this way, there is a creation of a common profile that helps in the conversion of aggregate data into a common identifier called 360 ID.

Benefits of Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager

        I.  Reduce Overall Cost

The major reason why most enterprises are hesitant in implementing new technology in the first place is the expensive costs associated with it. However, the arrival of Salesforce customer 360 has changed all the given perceptions. Due to its successful alignment with the external technology as per the requirement from the users, it can connect all the Salesforce apps and orgs together. Thereafter, its most common issue related to the point-to-point integration projects gets eliminated quickly. Thus, it results in a significant reduction in not only implementation but maintenance costs also.

      II.  Simplify Management & Creation

In Salesforce customer 360, management of a single and unique customer profile is a daunting task. Why? It is because it acts as a single source for effective management of the Salesforce service and B2C commerce ecosystem and any problem in managing it will affect the whole procedure. However, Salesforce consulting services are taking the help of customer 360 Data Manager that manages the unique ID appropriately and simply their creation and management for their customers in the most efficient manner.

    III.  Customer Support & Service Present at your Doorstep

The most important part of the Salesforce customer 360 Data Manager is that it singlehandedly record, track and even exchange data on multiple platforms without any delay. So, with its innovative approach, the given platform can offer wide support to its customer. What’s more, it also offers luxury to the service team in delivering a perfect solution to needy customers. Not only technical support, but customers also avail themselves of a unique ID to check their recent purchase. This information is also utilized by the management to transition info from older to new devices swiftly and with great efficacy.

   IV.  A Touch of Personalization

For the development of an innovative customer relationship strategy, a touch of personalization is a must. It not only enhances the customer experience but also creates a loyalty base among the customers. For better usage of the data to serve users well, Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager personally engages with them through their profile. In addition, thanking the customers to purchase their product will create goodwill among them that will expand their business fortune manifold.

     V.  Accelerate Inclusion of Customer Experience in Commerce & Service Cloud

Service and commerce cloud have become an integral part of offering valuable digital services to users. But, there is a case of concern in the form of their development and deployment which tends to slow down the overall functioning. However, there is no need to worry as Salesforce customer 360 Data Manager provide seamless transaction among different platforms on a single infrastructure that accelerate its working and makes the product available to the customers easily.

   VI.  Makes Work Easy for Salesforce Admin

The Salesforce admin plays a central role in devising the best policies to deliver high-level customer services and even achieve their business goals. To make it real, customer 360 Data Manager assists them in making their work look easy by aligning the technological solution to the whole business procedure and ensure data is securely accessed and effective data mapping is done for better delivery of the products.

 VII. No Compromise with Privacy & Data Governance

Just like Salesforce, customer 360 Data Manager also comes with secure privacy standards that allow customers to have total control over the data and organizations shall collect it only after getting consent from the customers. Moreover, it also applies data classification labels that ensure a better understanding of the customer data, and ensure effective compliance with that to international regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

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Last Thought

If one wants to get access to a good experience, there should be a successful interaction with the customers. As most of the companies found it difficult to provide, the mere presence of Salesforce customer 360 Data Manager makes it look simple and easy. It aims to offer:

  • A simple procedure to search through different data stores to match profiles of the customers appropriately
  • Provide customers power to have a perfect view of their data across the enterprise
  • Create brand loyalty by taking actions at the correct time to improve efficiency
  • Thus, customer Salesforce 360 and Data Manager are increasingly getting accepted across various platforms due to their integration of numerous cloud platforms on a single infrastructure and offer the customer a seamless integration of Salesforce apps and other data sources efficiently.

So, one can hire Salesforce consultants to implement the given platform and increase their chance of success in the best possible manner.

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