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Salesforce Consulting Services Topmost Salesforce Apps & Integration for Nonprofits

Salesforce Consulting Services Topmost Salesforce Apps & Integration for Nonprofits

If you run a non-profit organization (NPO), then your concern about the consumption of a large amount of time, money, and resources is genuine. Although these very elements are the lifeline of most of the business, yet as NPO; you would like to spend more time on public outreach to build a relationship to enhance your business fortune manifold.

So, if you want that your company works smoothly; then opt for Salesforce as not only includes automation but also offers a wide range of apps and integrations which helps in the perfect running of a non-profit like yours successfully.

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The one thing people love about Salesforce is that it is incredibly customizable. It has a vast number of integration tools that will ensure that you get the most out of your CRM in the most successful manner. For nonprofits, these tools and apps are extremely beneficial as they help:

  • To cultivate donor relationships for effective management of customer information

  • To run a nonprofit business uniquely through a set of appropriate apps

Besides, Salesforce also creates Nonprofit Success Pack (NSP) exclusively for nonprofits with major emphasis on allowing them to focus more on impact rather than wasting time on collecting and crunching data. What constituents NSP? It includes features such as highly flexible, open data architecture, and donor management components which are pre-built.

However, there is a flip side in having so many apps for NPO as it becomes difficult to choose the best one for your nonprofit. That’s why, we are presenting some of the best Salesforce integration apps which will help various large and small nonprofits enterprises to manage in activities such as track fundraising, campaign progress, and many more.

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In the given post, we will walk through some of the most common apps and tools of Salesforce which will complement your NPO to arrive at a fruitful solution. Let’s venture more into it:

Lucrative Salesforce Apps & Tools as Befitting Reply to NPO Criticizers

You can kickstart your research by going through some of the top-rated app and integration tools of Salesforce working solely for nonprofit sectors.

A.DONORBOX- A Donation Platform for Everyone

A donor platform that is designed to enable and manage donation and donor accounts respectively. What’s so exciting about it? It is beneficial to the NPO by storing all donor information and offering guidance to maintain a healthy relationship with the donors which will create a positive image of their brand.

In recent times, it has been gaining high popularity among various nonprofit sectors because:

  • It offers multiple payment systems to increase donation and make it easy to deliver a hassle-free experience to the donors

  • It offers a gift matching option to encourage employees to donate to those eligible for donations

  • Easy setting-up and collection of recurring donation regularly

  • Extend the reach of the fundraising campaigns to have appeal to larger audiences

  • The addition of notes effectively converts donation data into meaningful insights

B.FUNDING: Top Salesforce Crowdfunding Integration Platform

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When it comes to Crowdfunding, no app other than Fundly can help you to raise funds for which you are deeply concerned. It can be utilized by any organization including nonprofits to raise funds or money effectively. If your organization still in dark about this crowdfunding platform; then recap this most popular and profitable fundraising tool:

  • It is easy to get started with crowdfunding using Fundly with very little downtime

  • It puts your campaign in front of your new donors as it will benefit from its digital word-to-mouth campaign

  • It helps in raising money for your campaign at a faster pace so to donate as quickly as possible

  • It comes with a CloudSync feature which connects your data to Salesforce CRM to make all donor information automatic

What's more, for people who want to donate more, this app offers Fundly Connect, which is a database and helps the needy to search for more volunteer opportunities.

C.ONE CAUSE: Frontrunner in Charity Auction Management

Most of the nonprofits raise their funds through auctions and one such popular platform is one cause that facilitates life, online and mobile bidding efficiently. So, if you want to get access to top-notch charity auction software- then say hello to one cause!

It offers all-inclusive mobile bidding and fundraising auction which will help you to have a tight grip on your every auction planning and execution. It comes with notable aspects such as:

  • Procure the perfect items to keep auction displays more organized

  • Extension of bidding windows by offering an online auction by providing details of all items and thus getting even your remote supporters to get involved with your fundraiser

  • Simplification of auction bidding process through its revolutionary mobile bidding tools which empowers its guest to silent auction bids via their smartphones

What is the best part for an NPO like yours to possess a powerhouse platform like one cause? It is that takes care of complex auction logistics and allows your team to devote more time to guest engagement and thus ensure a successful event night.

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D.MAILCHIMP: All-in-one Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing and communication have proved their caliber in raising awareness, acquiring leads, retaining current donors, and also converting supporters. And the best tool to make it possible is Mailchimp. It comes with notable features which assist the nonprofits to customize emails to numerous markets and these include:

  • Easy integration with Salesforce for effective data sharing and streamline communications for better customer engagement

  • Communicate in an advanced manner with the customers to offer them what matters to them the most through advanced segmentation feature

  • Helps in the expansion of one's business globally by successfully targeting audiences living in different time zones

Email marketing is not a mean task, but with Mailchimp; be assured to expand your business to a new area with high profitability at your doorstep.

E.HOOTSUITE: A tool with Active Social Media Strategy

Social media has now become an effective platform to capture the imagination of the NPO’s and helping them in spreading awareness for fruitful customer engagement. If you connect Salesforce with Hootsuite, be ready to leverage your social media data in lieu of getting new lead tracking and active social media conversations with customers.

It not only allows in managing information related to multiple social media account, but it is also used as a Salesforce app to track leads and create new campaigns accordingly. It comes with exclusive features such as:

  • It comes with scheduling to save time and keep your social media presence super active even when you are not there

  • Content curation aspect helps in solving your social content issues by effective finding, managing, and sharing social media content efficiently

  • Its social media analytics help you in creating custom reports and show your presence on social media aggressively

  • Its best part is that it protects your brand from any risk without affecting your social media outreach

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F.GET FEEDBACK: A Real-time Online Survey Platform

For a successful career in the nonprofit sector, it is essential to maintain a strong public image through highly efficient service. To maintain it, Getfeedback is an app that is renowned for automating the procedure of drafting and analyzing surveys while also allowing NPO to customize surveys as per their requirements. It comes with some exclusive aspects which will make every NPO enterprise to go awe of it:

  • It integrates feedback data with customer data in Salesforce to offer a 3600 view of your audience and fuel in them a burning desire of a better experience

  • Provides one-touch email where survey question can be instantly sent to customers with feedback just a click away

  • Support to creation and deployment of different survey types on different channels without any issue

With its easy usability and mobile-friendly features, the creation of a professionally designed survey to draw more respondents into its fold is not far away.

G.DOCUSIGN: Powerful Digital Signature to make Easy Signing Agreements

Are you finding difficulty in dealing with legal agreements? Then opt for DocuSign as it is the great signing app trusted by various organizations worldwide to sign on agreements electronically. Not only it is easy and simple, but it also does not require any kind of printing as all the documents are amended, signed and stored online.

For nonprofits like yours, there is no need to get skeptical about the given technology as there are various features offered by it which will put all your fears to rest.

  • Support multiple languages (total 43) so to make your agreements accessible to global audiences

  • Offering one of the strongest data encryption technologies with the option of robust authentication so that there is no compromising with the security of agreement

Besides, it is also available in the AppExchange which makes it easy to use data in Salesforce to collect data and segment agreement recipients quite well.

H.BRICKWORK: Best Salesforce App for Payment Processing

For running the day-to-day operation of nonprofits, the donation is crucial to their successful mission. So, it is a must for you to find the right tool to track and receive those donations, and for this to happen; it is crucial to find the right tool.

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Thus, if you are in a mood for easy handling of donation securely and quickly; then check out Brickwork! It is offered by iATS Payments and provides all the tools needed to process, receive, and track data from donations within your Salesforce environment. Its features are:

  • CRM Integration so to ebb your tensions of manual entry and creation an automation system to minimize data input errors and duplicate donor files and also update information about new and existing donors

  • Acceptance of donation from anywhere by processing multiple currencies and international donations from at least 40 countries

  • Secure data storage as they have level 1 security certification affiliated to the Payment card industry to ensure the highest safety of donor payment information

I.FONTEVA: Builder of the Most Innovative Event Management App

Event hosting has always been an integral part of any nonprofit business as it offers them an opportunity to create awareness, raise funds and develop relationships for 100% successful event management. It is fully customized to meet the need and expectations of an event.

It is fully native to Salesforce so that users get access to real-time events without leaving out their CRM. It comes with prominent functions such as event registrations, marketing events, managing ticket sales, and many more. Likewise, it has mutual benefits for clients such as:

  • engineering-driven app as it comes with the best Salesforce experts to utilize advanced e-commerce software for best events and membership

  • With its high elasticity and scalability, it can proactively predict any changes in the market for meeting future needs

  • Payment is done only what is required by the audience with cloud resources can be decreased/increase as per needs

  • Flexible data model to offer full support to the way of conducting business whether serving individuals, members, or companies

Final Thoughts

Oftentimes, organizations are so consumed their day-to-day activities in running their nonprofit enterprise that they began to lose sight of their primary objectives. To cope up with such a flaw, opting for a great CRM in the form of Salesforce is indeed the best option.

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In the given article, Salesforce has proved to be a major force to reckon with and for nonprofits, so Salesforce integration apps not only will streamline all the data and functions involved; they will also help an NPO like yours to grow faster and foster cordial relationships with donors and beneficiaries alike.

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