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Project Lincoln: Re-inventing the BatPod, The Very First One from India

Project Lincoln: Re-inventing the BatPod, The Very First One from India

It became the BatPod which gave the target audience of the Dark Knight series a putting gush of awe. The guys behind Project Lincoln were given smitten with the aid of it too. And their ardent crazy gave them their first pass to make a distinction: Project Lincoln.

They took place to emerge as the most effective 5 inside the international and primary in India to take up the project of constructing the Batpod and to take craziness to the following level! Batpod is a automobile difficult to be defined as a motorbike, featured within the Dark Knight film as Batman’s trip and get away pod from the Tumbler i.E. The Batmobile.

So, how did it all begin?

It all began from the broken leftovers of failure.

Why do we fall Bruce? So we are able to learn to pick out ourselves up!

The respectable venture start date become 21st April 2011. The first crew had simply 3 of us – Rahul Gajbhiye, Ankit Kumar and Abhijeet Khandagale.

I befell to rebuild the Batpod on my own, handiest to end up one of the mere five people spherical the globe to achieve this.  Yes, also the first one in my us of a to dare this feat.

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Failure, it has been a using pressure for me all of the time. It could make you or destroy you. You wouldn’t agree with, I failed in my lecturers. I become out of college for six months. It changed into then that I initiated my startup, Albedo Informatics. To start with, I gave lectures on Presentation Skills; that was something I become appropriate at! Later, I started working on this assignment.

“I’ve build lots of things within the beyond. All have been prototypes. This changed into the first complete-scale assignment in my thoughts. I had 6 months in advance of me, with nothing to appearance as much as. I did begin at the assignment just because I should do it! That’s the first-class component to realize men. I didn’t begin this challenge for money or reputation, however then, it’s coming returned to me. Later, for nearly a yr not anything occurred” says Abhijeet.

The challenge were given a new breath of existence whilst in 2012, Ankit started out with the designs. Abhijeet, then in his final yr, took the venture as his instructional undertaking. He worried 10 other human beings within the undertaking and titled Light Combat Vehicle, with an outlook to gear up an ‘engineered’ motorcycle.”

Re-inventing the Batpod

Then came the component for reinventing. Ankit, now located in California and Zina, from Tunisia within the Middle East, brainstormed to build a Batpod right from the Dark Knight. They started out shopping parts, were given in touch with several people through social networks and private networks.

Initially, they commenced out with a scooter engine for the Batpod. But then got here inside the Bajaj Pulsar 220FI. They got guide from Arun Bajaj, Nagpur. The paintings occurred there to a blacksmith on a few corner of Kamptee road. And then the difficult got going. Help rushed in from all guidelines, domestically and across the world. Sharif Engineering Works helped them inside the nearby fabrication process and Chopper City USA – Dave Welsh, professed the guidance mechanism to the team. They build the first road criminal Batpod within the global.

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Biggest venture within the mission changed into to influence this thing. But, as they say, to attain the excellent is to confront the toughest. They spent hours with professors, online reviewing steering mechanisms, went to Grace Toyota to see the mechanism intently, bend down every huge automobile and spot its steerage mechanism. 25+ options later – from motorcycles to F1 automobiles – after which child noticed its first mild! They reinvented it.

And the investment?

“The project till date has fee me close to INR 100,000. Out of this, about 40K become raised inside the shape of college assignment fund from my university associates. Rest become my personal investment in which I pooled in all my financial savings and something I earned from running. My family additionally helped me monetarily to make this dream come genuine. Thus, the Project Lincoln – Azrael came into being; to the nation that it is now in” affirms Abhijeet.

Like all different startups, Project Lincoln also claims of positive shortcomings; jogging a startup, funding this big mission and surviving is a huge deal.

A little assist to that? Yes! We currently released a crowd investment campaign with the help of mYwindow (mywindow.Me) and it might be first rate if you may guide the project with the aid of donating or sharing the word. Head over to www.Projectlincoln.Co

What can you're taking returned from this tale?

Don’t be afraid of failure. Try. Try. Try. Keep making errors and getting to know from them. And when you fail, recall the quote in advance. Stand again up! Learn to select yourself up. And constantly don't forget, Anyone may be Batman!

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