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Online consultation: how to maintain medical care during the Covid-19 pandemic

Online consultation: how to maintain medical care during the Covid-19 pandemic

Faced with the pandemic in the new coronavirus, in which the World Health Organization (WHO) advises people to stay at home to prevent the spread of Covid-19, telemedicine strengthens itself as one of the great allies to assist in care without exposing patients to unnecessary risks. Through online consultation, doctors can meet and forward guidance, prescriptions, and referrals remotely, also helping to relieve the health system. 

During the coping with the disease, the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) authorized the realization of tele-orientation, teleconsultation, and telemonitoring. In this way, doctors will be able to implement digital tools in their offices to serve patients through secure platforms. 

The teleconsultation helps preserve health, especially for patients at-risk groups, and provides faster service. Some services provide access to other specialists in real-time, which allows a general practitioner, for example, to contact a pulmonologist or cardiologist to dynamically discuss the patient's situation.

To make your doctor's office digital, all you need is an intelligent and secure system that guarantees the encryption of data sent by patients, as established in the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), in addition to the safe storage of this information.

The new resolution allows online consultation

Created with the main objective of expanding the capacity for medical equipment care and taking specialists to remote or geographically distant communities, telemedicine is an important ally, especially in times of crisis. Several practices are part of this concept of distance service. 

The topic, however, is still discussed in the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) which, in 2019, came to regulate the activity, but retreated and postponed the decision after pressure from regional councils to expand the discussion with the medical community. 

Today, telemedicine rules are governed by CFM Resolution No. 1,643 / 2002. The Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, however, brought the topic back to the discussion and CFM saw an imminent need to approve some practices that will be fundamental to speed up and contribute to medical care.

Platforms available for teleconsultation

There are several platforms available on the market for you to perform the teleconsultation. When deciding which service to hire, however, it is necessary to pay attention to some important points, such as seeing if the researched system offers:

  • Secure storage of information sent between patients or other doctors through an encrypted system;

  • Number of professionals available and frequency to ensure that specialists from different areas are ready for teleconsultation;

  • Experienced professionals in the team;

  • If the company offering the service is a reference in the area of ??innovation; 

Telemedicine Portal presents services to assist doctors and companies

To help in actions to combat the new coronavirus in Brazil, Portal Telemedicine presents two new services: a secure platform that allows online consultations and an application with access to teleorientation aimed at companies and health plans. 

For clinics and doctors, Portal offers a safe and agile platform for professionals to schedule their appointments online and serve patients, guaranteeing data security through a recorded conference call and the possibility of inserting documents such as blood tests, previous reports, among others that assist in clinical interaction. The tool also provides access to specialists, in case the professional wants to consult another professional to have a second opinion. The platform can also be used by professionals from other health areas, such as psychologists and nutritionists. 

Teleorientation for companies and health plans

Another service offered by the Telemedicine Portal in times of coronavirus is the tele-orientation to Covid-19 aimed at companies and health plans, which provides support and assistance to workers or insured during this period. Thus, it prevents patients with symptoms of other pathologies from having to seek urgently and emergency services, protecting them, in addition to giving quick referrals to professionals with suspicion of the new coronavirus.

“Teleorientation protects the patient as it prevents him from looking for an emergency room for unnecessary situations. In case of symptoms compatible with Covid-19, this system speeds up the identification of the case and the patient already receives guidance and medical referral for care. This also helps to reduce the risk of this patient contaminating other people who frequent the same work environment ”, highlights the co-founder of Portal Telemedicine, Renata Troncoso. 

The teleorientation application provided by the Telemedicine Portal generates guides through signature and a digital certificate. The service operates 24 hours a day, from Monday to Monday. It is available for health plans and companies that are interested in expanding the health protection of their employees. Companies or operators can use their own doctors to use technology.

Online consultation expands service capacity

The online consultation also expands the service capacity, since doctors will be able to attend patients from any location. This will allow, for example, pulmonologists to assist people who are in need of care in remote areas or where these specialists are lacking during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Telemedicine is a very important tool to save lives, especially in the current moment in which the world is living with the new coronavirus pandemic. Teleconsultation allows doctors to continue providing care even in cases that are not urgent, respecting the recommendation of world health leaders to maintain social isolation. 

Remote care is a way to protect professionals and patients, in addition to expanding access to specialists, who will be able to serve people from all over Brazil and even those who are in areas of difficult access.

Tele-orientation is also an important ally for the entire health system, as it helps to relieve urgent and emergency services in a period of saturation of care. 

Companies that choose to hire this service will not only be protecting their employees but also helping to avoid a lack of service and productive capacity due to the contamination of their staff, which may occur in the event of a delay in the appropriate guidelines in case of symptoms compatible with Covid-19. 

In order to perform online consultation or tele-orientation, however, it is necessary to ensure that a secure platform is being used, with experienced and qualified doctors for support, in order to also ensure the safe storage of information exchanged between doctor and patient. 

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