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Monitoring 10 Cr Cyber Security Incidents Daily: How Startup Sequretek Aims To Leverage A $1 Bn Security Market In India

Monitoring 10 Cr Cyber Security Incidents Daily: How Startup Sequretek Aims To Leverage A $1 Bn Security Market In India

Pankit Desai, co-founding father of cyber safety startup Sequretek, almost appears like a nationalist whilst he says, “India is the simplest united states of america of its size and complexity which does not have a completely sturdy homegrown cyber security company.” He believes that even as dependence on international products is excellent in different regions but no longer in cyber safety. And he has a sound reason for it.

“In cyber security, the challenges are aligned to the countrywide security. The trouble could be very national in nature so an worldwide product will not invest in constructing some thing precise to you,” opines Pankit.

He believes that any international product will most effective cope with 70%-80% of the baseline necessities which might be not unusual across the world. But more importantly, it will have a sturdy lineage lower back to its very own government. There is a ability of a backdoor that can be used to switch the sensitive facts to the host usa. And that’s a fear that all national protection establishments have.

To compound the safety hassle similarly, it has continually been solved in silos. From the perspective of the security landscape, an agency has to shop for a few 40-50 distinctive products to really say that the structures are moderately secured. Even for a tool like a laptop/laptop, there are nine-10 distinct protection merchandise available simply to comfy it completely. Hence the general complexity that gets introduced to a client from a security perspective is exceptionally high.

These are the complexities Pankit and his co-founder Anand Naik desired to cope with once they have been evaluating the potential of a safety agency which is familiar with the domestic marketplace, the demanding situations and creates an supplying that makes sense. The concept become to construct a organisation with a differentiated questioning which addressed all the above, find a niche and grow from there.

Thus changed into born Sequretek in 2013. The Mumbai-based startup gives a set of safety solutions for enterprises, particularly, Avatar, Kawach, and integrated controlled cyber protection solutions as well. The solutions claim to provide an all-round protection towards threats and vulnerabilities, reveal the consumer’s surroundings on a 24×7 basis for deriving actionable intelligence to assess feasible vulnerabilities.

But greater than that, what Sequretek does first-class is simplify security by using addressing all worries collectively which typically require a number of products.

The Sequretek Lineup: Avatar And Kawach

Pankit exhibits that there are two arms to the employer i.E. A product arm and a offerings arm. Sequretek’s first product Avatar changed into rolled out final 12 months inside the place of what is called access governance. Explains Pankit, “Just like you've got a bodily avatar, you've got a digital avatar. Any individual in any business enterprise is provided with a truthful amount of technological privileges as easy as having an electronic mail id, internet get right of entry to, folder get admission to, amongst others. These privileges are related to the position and the place or on occasion either. This bureaucracy your virtual avatar.”

Now for a company with a truthful range of personnel, the complexity of coping with these accesses and maintaining track of them increases. So the Avatar product leverages the whole thing that an company has, sits on top of it, and gives a single manage to businesses in handling and securing their privileges.

The second product popping out of its stable publish-Diwali time is Kawach, this means that sheath. Kawach is largely for endpoint security which for an company might be a pc, laptop, kiosk, ATM device, or cellular smartphone. Basically, any tool that is used for communicating with a important infrastructure.

Thus Kawach will goal to replace at the least six to seven protection merchandise normally had to cozy the endpoint. It can be a combination of anti-virus, patching product, product to reveal leaking of records with the technology known as application whitelisting. Thus Kawach will aim to replace all of these, doing the paintings of a lot of these merchandise. While its release cycle starts offevolved from October, it will retain until March 2018 in which increasingly additives will get added to it.

With these merchandise and its integrated-controlled cyber protection solutions, the startup is concentrated on any agency or hardcore B2B business enterprise with over 500 personnel. While the startup is quarter agnostic, but glaringly a few sectors are extra amenable to its consciousness because of the chance they understand due to a awful privilege being given out. These commonly would be the economic zone, IT region, pharma area wherein one has lots to lose because of a security trouble. Pankit additionally claims that Sequretek is also one of the few personal area corporations to obtain data from the Indian authorities for risk remedy.


He further provides, “When it involves security you'll by no means know what you stored due to the fact the product worked. In cyber safety, there are 3 legs of the stool-human beings, system, and generation. Unless all 3 paintings in tandem, you are at threat. When we work with an agency, we paintings on all the factors. We run safety campaigns where we make personnel aware about various protection risks in order that they remember the fact that a number of their movements may want to danger the corporation. We additionally assist organizations beef up their methods so they can strengthen easy base hygiene activities and audit mechanisms.”

Given that none of its clients has borne the brunt of any predominant safety breach, Pankit is rightful in claiming that really there’s some thing that the startup is doing proper!

Sequretek: A Startup With 50+ Clients, Monitoring 10 Cr Cyber Security Incidents Daily

The startup gives both a subscription version and a perpetual license version to its customers who can select whichever fits them. As of today, it counts approximately 50 clients in diverse fields along with banking, pharma, IT, coverage, retail, and manufacturing with about the bulk of them-nearly 70% inside the financial services enterprise. Some of the startup’s customers encompass HDFC Bank, IDBI Federal, HDFC Limited, NCDEX, and a few customers with a US presence amongst others.

While Pankit did not reveal the precise revenue figures, he claimed that Sequretek is developing at about 70%-eighty% yr-on-12 months (YoY), and growth has extra than doubled from last 12 months. For the following 3 years, it aims to retain to double its increase fee at one hundred%. The crew which encompass two hundred participants will nearly stand at around 300 with the aid of the quit of this economic 12 months on the again of its growth plans. The startup has simply taken up a area in Delhi and also commenced operations in Bengaluru. By early subsequent yr, it also plans to enter international play beginning with North America and expanding into other geographies viz. Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and relaxation of the sector.

Pankit attributes this growth to the developing cognizance about cyber safety. He says, “ Earlier it become a tough sell to persuade customers to shop for safety however now getting an audience isn't a hassle. Also, the regulators together with IRDA, SEBI, RBI, have come to be very lively and all have made clear their expectations how security in their constituent industries have to get blanketed. That has added about an sizeable change in attitude toward cyber protection.”

He exhibits that at the same time as tracking customer infrastructure on a 24/7 foundation, Sequretek video display units nearly 10 Cr events in keeping with day. The startup has the capacity to convert the ones 10 Cr occasions into 900 alerts and sooner or later to ten to 20 incidents consistent with day. This in flip permits it to sift thru the incidents to discover what a real incident is or alert is in preference to going on a wild goose chase. This technique is paramount given the big amount of records it generates at the same time as tracking their structures and processes from the security factor of view.

Additionally, the startup also has its own risk feed that gets generated from 168 different resources from worldwide hazard networks which permits it to examine its customers’ information with what's occurring globally.

“If we see some thing fishy is in a consumer surroundings, there is right hazard that he has a ability danger looming over his head.” Thus the startup indulges in what is referred to as lively risk looking or proactively looking for troubles.

The idea is simple, to have a look at the environment holistically 24/7, and no longer simply work reactively however alternatively be proactive and that too in actual time. It is that this technique which enables it to arm its clients with a set of intelligence that both stops the attack before it takes place or even as it just in flight or on the worse helps them identify that they've been attacked, for that reason helping them in mitigating the chance of additional losses that would come their way.

As a ways as investment is involved, it had in advance raised $300K in 2015 from wealthy people, at the same time as the founders had put in $691K (INR four.Five Cr) whilst launching the business enterprise in 2013. In May this 12 months, it raised an undisclosed quantity in its Series A spherical of funding from GVFL and Unicorn India Ventures.

Sequretek And A $a hundred Bn+ Global Cyber Security Market

As consistent with a Marketsandmarkets studies document, the modern international spend on cyber protection is anticipated to develop from $122.Forty five Bn in 2016 to $202.36 Bn through 2021. Meanwhile, Gartner forecasted that safety in India is growing to be a $1.Five Bn marketplace via subsequent year. No surprise, many cyber security firms such as Securonix, Lucideus,  Kratikal, TAC Security Solutions, and others are competing for this growing pie.

Pankit, but, believes that security is a considerable area and lot of work receives achieved in various additives of safety. So at the same time as some firms are often focusing on the analysis or audit area of attacks, Sequretek differentiates itself by using focusing greater on the shield facet and that too by way of being fairly organization focussed. As of now, it has no ambition to be inside the business area.

He, however, provides that this marketplace could be very large and will keep growing at a constant kingdom of 13% YoY. India can even see a barely higher increase charge as government spending is also selecting up in the protection area. He avers that while the consumer’s ordinary budgets might not dramatically trade from 8%-12%, but wherein they spend cash is certainly changing with extra cash now being spent on monitoring technology in place of simply truely handling technologies, which turned into the case earlier.

He explains, “You simply don’t want to manage, you need to display now. Monitoring manner that you see to it that software program is delivering the fee and you may put intelligence over it, discover patterns and behaviours and find loopholes that someone maybe seeking to take advantage of.”

The growing hobby in cyber security is also evidenced by means of the developing investor interest in such startups. Here’s a study startup fundings within the area when you consider that January this 12 months besides Sequretek’s investment.

Anil Joshi, Managing Partner, Unicorn India Ventures, an investor in Sequretek believes that while the industry is growing at a CAGR of 8%, but, India might also witness double-digit growth within the coming years. He stated, “Cyber Security Task Force (CSTI), which has been constituted on PM’s exhortation via NASSCOM & DSCI (Data Security Council of India) and enterprise eminent has charted out vision 2025, “Grow the India Cyber Security product and offerings enterprise to $35 Bn with million jobs in cyber security space.” The above vision may be very a whole lot practicable, instead can also surpass the numbers with growing digitisation in India.”

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The digital push by the government is converting the manner groups are run in the united states of america and with growing cyber attack threats, more corporations are emphasising on proper cyber security protection. Hence as organizations apprehend the value of the problem with growing cyber attacks on businesses, there may be equal emphasis on cyber security protection and important budget for the identical. He therefore believes that as Sequretek is among the early movers, it's going to play an important and vast role in attaining Vision 2025 envisaged through CSTI.

Editor’s Note

There are no two methods round the harsh reality that cyber adversaries are getting extra state-of-the-art and imaginative, the impact of cybercrime is increasing, and the assaults are growing no longer handiest in quantity but also in variety. This 12 months, among more than one hundred countries that were hit by way of WannaCry (a complicated ransomware attack), India become the 0.33 worst affected. A recent PwC-Assocham file on cyber protection threats inside the united states of america said that the variety of incidents pronounced through the Indian Computer Emergency Response (CERT-In) changed into 27,482 until June 2017. No marvel, closing month, contemplating recent cyber-attacks like Ransomware and WannaCry, the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) asked all the ministries to spend 10% in their IT budgets on cyber security.

Given this growing cognizance on cyber protection through governments, each countrywide and foreign, it is a big opportunity for startups like Sequretek. But preserving in thoughts the rising opposition, it's miles secure to finish that even with a focal point on organisation corporations, Sequretek still will must face strong opposition from the growing brigade of cyber safety startups. The saving grace, however, is that the size of the security pie is also growing along side the upward push in those vying for a piece of it as information consumption thru smartphones and digitisation of groups maintains to upward push in the united states.

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