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Log9 Materials Looks To Overhaul ‘Ancient’ EV Charging Tech

Log9 Materials Looks To Overhaul ‘Ancient’ EV Charging Tech

Log9 Materials is a nanotech startups pioneering the use of graphene in India

The employer has constructed a working prototype of an EV car that runs off water

Log9 ambitions to reduce the price of electric automobile batteries with their aluminium-air gas cells

As herbal resources maintain to expend at an alarming fee, the need for sustainable gas assets has become an pressing warfare. While there’s a whole lot been finished to achieve electric car shift in India, the united states remains struggling to construct the required infrastructure for it. 

India become suggested to have 650 charging stations in 2018, whereas China had over 456K charging points in the identical yr. In addition to charging points, the shortage of private parking spaces is likewise a dilemma for potential proprietors of electrical motors, and the dearth of lower priced renewable power method charging EVs is putting a toll at the already confused coal-powered electricity grid.  

This is in which nanotechnology startup Log9 Materials’ are searching for to make a difference with their aluminium fuel cells which can be stated to provide more than a few 1000Kms in EVs and does no longer require frequent charging as within the case of lithium-ion batteries. Log9’s gasoline cells will truly run on clean water and a alternate of aluminium bars after a thousand kilometers. EVs powered by using lithium-ion batteries have a maximum range of 250 Kms, post which the car desires three to 4 hours to get charged once more. 

Log9 has basically built metallic-air batteries which use corrosion of aluminium (anode) within the presence of air (cathode) and water (electrolyte), to generate power. However, the use of metallic-air batteries in electric vehicles is not a completely unique idea. Companies including Israel’s Phinergy is likewise operating on a comparable concept and EV marketplace leader Tesla too have proven interest in steel-air batteries. 

Yet, the largest cause for metal-air batteries’ restricted adoption in the market is excessive corrosion fees of metals. Interestingly, Log9 claims to have solved this problem thru using a carbon allotrope Graphene that is said to reduce the fee of gas cellular and growth the life of the cellular. 

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Responding to organization’s desire of aluminium because the cathode for its fuel cells, Singhal said that aluminium has one of the maximum power densities and might can shop maximum quantity of price per unit of weight. 

Further, India has the biggest reserve of aluminium within the international which makes it a terrific preference from the economics angle too. He introduced that if India shifts its complete gasoline consciousness to aluminium the u . S . Will not want to import any kind of gas or even lithium ion batteries.

Indian government too realises the effect of using aluminium-air batteries, given Indian Oil Corporation’s 2018 partnership with Phinergy to broaden steel-air batteries for EVs.

Metal-Air Fuel Cell To Bring Down EV Battery Cost By 30%  

Log9 fuel cells are special from Phinergy’s in that the Israel-based totally organisation uses activated carbon in its cathode even as, Log9 uses graphene. Log9 is focused on to achieve a lifestyles of round four to 5 years for its gas cells whilst used in vehicles. This might suggest the car will travel approximately 80 to one lakh kilometres before having to exchange the gasoline mobile. This lifestyles time of the cellular is carried out thru the use of graphene, which is said to remaining for 4 to five years, however aluminium needs to be modified each thousand kilometers, in line with Singhal. 

On the price the front, Log9 gas cells are anticipated to have a 30%-forty% lower price than lithium-ion batteries. “This is quite feasible because of the general assemble of battery that is a great deal easier compared to a lithium-ion battery,” stated Singhal. 

Another application estimated for Log9’s fuel cells is in electricity backup (mills). In this example too, Singhal claims to provide a much lower cost of possession in comparison to standard gasoline generators. In generator business, if one specially seems at telecom industry then there's a massive pilferage within the industry. According to him, this pilferage increases the energy fee to INR 49 in step with unit from common INR 20-25. The use of aluminium gasoline mobile in generators can however bring the price right down to INR 25-26. 

Envisioning An Aluminum Economy 

Expanding on Log9’s plans to introduce more recent programs of aluminium gasoline-cells, Singhal stated “the play with aluminum is an awful lot bigger and lots larger than just EVs and turbines. We are trying to construct an aluminium financial system.”

This will encompass generation of smooth power using solar and wind however the hassle with such strength assets is that they are very intermittent. So one has to store the generated electricity either inside the shape of battery or something else. But, storing in batteries once more makes it dirty given the producing manner of batteries is a dirty system and as soon as those batteries whole their existence cycle, they need to be dumped into a landfill. 


On the opposite, Log9 has proposed a bigger imaginative and prescient of storing strength of sun and wind strength farms into lithium-ion based totally era with the aid of the use of the electricity generated to convert bauxite (oxidized form of aluminum) into aluminium. Now, whenever one wishes to generate energy whether as a electricity generator for office or home, or vehicle, the aluminum may be truely used to power it up. Once the aluminium is used up, it'll then be converted returned into its bauxite shape and be sent again to solar and wind farms. Hence, building a circular economy.

Oil Sorbent: Another Application Of Graphene

Log9 also has a product to govern spills of all forms leveraging its know-how in building Graphene-based totally tech merchandise. Log9’s Oil Sorbent may be used to prevent, manage and clean spills in marine or terrestrial ecosystems. 

The employer claims to be selling INR 50 Lakhs really worth of oil sorbent pads every month. It is likewise setting up its massive production line in Mumbai. According to Akshay, the business enterprise can be able to generate around $three Mn revenue from oil sorbent pads. Log9 also has a cigarette filtration product called Ppuf that's simplest to be had on-line but the business enterprise’s recognition is said to be on aluminium fuel-cells and oil sorbents. 

Bengaluru-based totally Log9 Materials become founded by Akshay Singhal, Kartik Hajela, and Pankaj Sharma in 2015. The business enterprise changed into additionally a part of the Sequoia Capital’s accelerator programme Surge. Overall, Log9 has raised $4.79 Mn in total investment from a seize of buyers inclusive of  Sequoia Capital, Exfinity Venture Partners, Metaform Ventures and extra.

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