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Learn About Dangerous Social Media Challenges 2021 & How to Get Ready for It?

Learn About Dangerous Social Media Challenges 2021 & How to Get Ready for It?

Social media channels are the most convenient means of communication with your loved ones. No matter if your family lives across the road or in another country, you can contact everyone around the world via social media platforms.  

The use of social media apps has become common. Even teens keep in touch with their peers via social networking sites and get help for studies or discuss other stuff. Apart from communication, here, we find many social trends that pop up within every minute. In recent few years, we have seen many internet challenges that appear and spread on social media like wildfire.  


In this article, we are going to mention the upcoming top social media challenges that can bring excitement to your routine life.


Are you ready for it?


Keep in mind; social media challenges are here only for fun and entertainment. If you think that you or someone else cannot bear the intensity of a challenge, never try to do it.


Let's get started with the details.


Ice Bucket Challenge:


Have You Accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge?


It was exciting to do such an activity.  


But the story has not finished yet!


Some challenges involve self-harm activities that can even lead to a big disaster. Many parents say that they are worried about their grooming kids.  


In light of the evil social media side, the parents' concerns for their children are justified.


Teens are the most vulnerable to such challenges because such platforms catch their attention and get them into trouble. The threat has been increased even more because the social media challenges often involve the location, and here, things can worsen.

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In the Following Section of This Post, We Will Elaborate on What Social Media Challenges Are Dangerous and How A Mobile Tracker Can Save The Teens from Getting Hurt.  


List of Dangerous Social Media Challenges


The Outlet Challenges


Tik Tok is the social media platform that became popular in a short period. It has 800 million active users worldwide. Here, the most dangerous challenge was revolving over the past few months. In this challenge, a person needs to use the plug part of a phone charger to insert it into a wall. Onto the exposed prongs, the person should slide a penny down the wall.  

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Police took Facebook and other platforms to inform the people how dangerous this challenge is. Doing such a trick can burn the house on fire or electrocute the person who is doing it.  


Salt and Ice Challenge  


Salt and ice is the challenge that will not burn your house but your skin. It involves putting the salt on the skin, then adding the ice to it. Many people can't tolerate the pain for more than a few seconds and leave it immediately. At the same time, some people burn their skin to get only a few likes.  

Salt and Ice challenge results were devastating. Kids with severe burns were taken to the hospital.  

Fire Challenge  


I don't think that any person can set himself/herself on fire. It sounds crazy and scary, as well.  


But fire challenges made it happen because many people accepted the challenge and put the inflammable material on them. The very next moment, the person became like a hellfire.   


Tide Pod Challenge  


The laundry detergent packet smells good and used to wash the clothes but not for eating.  


In 2018, someone shared the challenge of eating the laundry detergent packet while recording it on camera. The person must share the whole video to ask others to accept this challenge as well.  


The Choking Game


It was also a dangerous challenge that involves cutting off oxygen to cause euphoria. A recent survey shows that 82 deaths have been reported to the game since 1995.


Does Your Teen Also Accept Such Dangerous Social Media Challenge?


To get the right answer, use a phone tracking app & track their social media activities.  


TheWiSpy – Prevent Grooming Kids from Being A Victim of Online Threats


These social media challenges are the biggest threat to our teens. They are susceptible to these dangers but learning about their activities can guard them against such dangerous exposure. The dark side of the internet is haunting enough; imagine how much destruction it will cause if exposed?  


The surface web is not safe, either. There are so many evil-minded people around us. You cannot guarantee if your online friend is a genuine friend or just a scammer luring you for his own entertainment.  


In such horrifying times, the only thing that can save our kids from cyber dangers is mobile tracker apps.

Parents must use a mobile tracker like TheWiSpy and access their social media profiles remotely. TWS allows the parents to control their activities under stealth mode and can block access to inappropriate content. Using TWS app, you can unfollow or unsubscribe group that promote destructive content or life-threatening challenges. Also, you can stop people that urge your kids to do such perilous tasks.


Be a Member of TheWiSpy Mobile Tracker Platform & Do not Let Your Teen Accept Such Dangerous Challenges!

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