Know Why Android has a Bright Future for Mobile App Development

Know Why Android has a Bright Future for Mobile App Development

Mobile users today are growing at a fast pace. According to a survey, the total number of people using mobile devices is approximately 5.19 billion. This clearly reveals the growing dominance of mobile users across the world.

This has created a stir in the business world. Today, a number of businesses are setting their eyes on mobile users to grow their client base. And they indeed find nothing better than a mobile application to target mobile users and convert them into potential customers.

No matter what type of business you operate, you can’t take any chance and need to make the right strategy to target these users to grab multiple business opportunities. So, your first job is to approach a mobile application development company to develop our application.

While developing a mobile application for your business, you always need to focus on the right platform that offers a better spectrum. It's a known fact that Android holds the largest market share.

It is expected that approximately 80% of mobile users use this operating system. Therefore, it’s quite clear that Android is the right option for those seeking to expand its business horizon across the world by increasing their audience base.

As an open-source and Linux-based operating system, Android is launched by Google for devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. Google designed the Android platform for mobile application development in such a way that it enables enterprises and developers to customize application design in accordance with the specific needs of their clients.

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Why Android is a Future Platform for Mobile Application Development

Let’s discuss here several important reasons why Android is known to have a bright future when it comes to mobile application development.


As mentioned above, Android is an open-source mobile app development platform. It reflects that developers can leverage the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) even without paying a single dollar to build a wide range of mobile applications.

It makes Android app development affordable and also an appropriate option for businesses blessed with a limited budget. The Android app development company that you hire to create your mobile application can grab an opportunity to join the vast community to interact with other developers to get updated and get a resolution of their problems.

Various Sales Channel

The great advantage of the Android platform is that it can easily be deployed within different methods. So, it prevents you from relying on a single market place for distributing their applications in a proper way.

Google Play Store and third-party application marketplaces are the best places to target for the distribution of your application. Apart from these, you can also develop your own sales and distribution channel.

Customize User Interface

When it comes to the user interface, it is highly important to help your app enjoy getting vast user engagement and thus ensure its success in the market. The Android platform enables developers to build custom Android applications tailored to match their business requirements.

Leveraging the Android platform, developers can easily turn the idea of their clients into a full-fledged Android application. The platform brings the possibility of a range of customization. Besides, one can easily update multimedia tools and data management functions to the application.

Convenient to Adopt

Android includes a set of libraries and a mobile app developed on this platform is coded with Java. So, a developer needs to have a good command over Java language to create mobile applications. This is the reason why Java developers build Android applications without any difficulty and also take less time.

Robust Frameworks

This is another reason why Android is considered to be a futuristic platform for developing mobile applications. Android platform is popular for mobile application development for various other reasons such as availability of tools for creating apps, monetize in a way that suits your needs, affordable development cost, etc.

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Android Instant Apps

Android instant app earned vast popularity among users for providing great support for the latest version ranging from 5.0 to 10.0. According to data, instant apps have already been installed on over 500 million devices.

Android Solutions

When it comes to Android solutions, these are becoming the most preferred choices among businesses from multiple industries across the world. The credit goes to an Android enterprise that lets developers create a mobile application to help the business run smoothly by catering to their day-to-day needs.


So, above are some genuine reasons that verify the fact that Android has a great future as a mobile app development platform. All you need to do is to hire an Android application developer to build their desired applications.

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