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Kapiva Is Getting India To Hop On Organic Nutrition Bandwagon With The Help Of Ayurveda

Kapiva Is Getting India To Hop On Organic Nutrition Bandwagon With The Help Of Ayurveda

We are residing in a time where bad lifestyle and meals selections are clean to succumb to. Consumers are uncovered to bad meals and dangerous substances, if now not willingly thru dangerous selections, then unknowingly through adulteration in meals merchandise, in particular in a big marketplace like India. Add to this problems consisting of pollutants and strain-associated way of life diseases, you may see why deadly sicknesses are on the rise nowadays.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has diagnosed non-communicable diseases — such as diabetes, most cancers and cardiovascular diseases — as one of the ten threats to worldwide health in 2019. The essential factors attributed to the rise of those are the increase inside the use of tobacco, lack of bodily health, abuse of alcohol and other materials, dangerous diets and elevated air pollutants. These illnesses are together responsible for over 70% of all deaths globally.


Such threats have, in turn, brought about the inception of several startups operating to meet the desires of the WHO and the United Nations (UN). In India, most startups are specializing in supplying health or exercising solutions for weight reduction, presenting nutrients hints and recipes, but there also are some which might be looking to bring all-natural, ayurvedic options to Indians to permit more healthy living. Mumbai-based Kapiva is doing precisely that with its range of merchandise advanced at the ideas of ayurveda.

Kapiva changed into based in 2015 by using Ameve Sharma, who turned into later joined through Shrey Badhani as a cofounder, owing to the foremost position that ayurveda has performed in both their lives. While Badhani got introduced to it attributable to continual fitness troubles for the reason that age of four, Sharma is the scion of the 100-yr vintage Baidyanath Group, a renowned company in the ayurveda area. Kapiva’s vision is to no longer only to provide ayurveda-based totally nutrition products, but also to deliver balance into consumers’ lives thru these merchandise.

Kapiva Believes Ayurveda To Be The “Mother Of All Healing”

The name Kapiva is derived from the three doshas or faults inside the human body in step with the standards of ayurveda – Kapha, Pitta, Vata. When those doshas are in a balanced kingdom inside the body, it effects in holistic fitness and well-being for an man or woman. “People see ayurveda as a curative solution, but in reality, it's miles extra about keeping the body in balance,” says Sharma.

The startup pursuits to provide a wholesome alternative to all people’s needs, be it via food or beauty products. With manufacturing in Jodhpur and Kolkata, Kapiva sources ingredients for its merchandise from numerous places, relying at the product itself.

It focuses particularly at the metro or Tier 1 towns in India for income, which have a better prevalence of illnesses from air pollutants and adulteration. Kapiva merchandise attraction most to folks that take pleasure within the Indian traditions of meals and well-being, and are willing to experiment with products that are natural or sourced in step with ayurvedic standards.

There are loads of names inside the market for herbal ayurvedic products and all of them claim to have the most true merchandise. There is, for this reason, a lot of confusion amongst customers as to which merchandise are high-quality desirable for them.

Kapiva units itself apart because of the unique sourcing and production tale of all its merchandise. Its hyperlinks to Baidyanath Group have ensured that it has get admission to to the great farm produce and organic elements. Its main cognizance is on excellent control and sustainability. Its strategy for the previous is manufacturing merchandise in small batches, while it guarantees sustainability by tying up at once with small farmers and presenting correct credit score phrases.

“In our entrepreneurial journey to date we've got learnt that having the right group with the right awareness may be very critical. We have consistency in our execution, and our customers admire that Kapiva’s recognition on purity and great in sourcing of elements has now not deterred at all,” Badhani adds.

The Industry Landscape

With developing urbanisation and changing lifestyle, the ayurvedic market in India is already seeing a whole lot of increase and funding opportunities. This section is poised to grow at a CAGR (compound annual boom rate) of around 16% over the next decade. With the market for natural, natural products expanding hastily, a variety of startups have commenced getting into this area, consisting of The Ayurveda Experience, The Vaidya’s and many others. Then there are of path giants inclusive of Dabur, Patanjali, Himalaya, and Sri Sri.

Having a sturdy purchaser base no longer just in India, but distant places as well, Kapiva too has end up a famous brand each on line and within the modern alternate.

To be up to par with the market’s boom, Kapiva follows an omnichannel income strategy with its merchandise available in over 2000 outlets in 10 cities. It also has a very sturdy presence on line thru its own internet site and marketplaces inclusive of Amazon, Big Basket, 1mg, Medlife, Q-Trove and others. The startup is in addition working on increasing its distribution via all channels is a assignment which Kapiva remains working on.

“In nowadays’s global whilst faux claims are put forward so without difficulty, clients take comfort in Kapiva’s robust first-class practices and wealthy heritage. People are willing to pay a top class to make sure that their own family consumes handiest natural and genuine products,” explains Sharma.

Need Of The Hour: Health And Care

Nutrition and organic products appear to be the need of the hour for the ailing population inside the city context. Kapiva is helping this phase of the population and has seen great response thus far. Kapiva has more than 500K clients considering the fact that its release and is seeing an awesome traction from each India and worldwide geographies. Taking the baton of fitness even similarly, Kapiva needs to increase to the Canadian and European markets within the coming months.


Major health issues inclusive of malnutrition in addition to weight problems in India are a result of bad eating conduct, reliance of junk meals in towns, and the photo of healthy meals as being simple and beneath-seasoned. It is also one of the main participants to increase stunting, cardiovascular issues, anaemia in ladies of reproductive age, and many others. There are numerous organizations and courses which can be trying to warn us concerning pollution and bad life-style being a primary hazard to us.

According to UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, in 2017 on my own, extra than six hundred Mn humans have been classed as overweight. Air pollution is likewise a grave environmental chance to health in 2019, by way of the WHO, killing 7 Mn humans upfront every yr from diseases which includes most cancers, stroke, heart and lung ailment.

The outstanding medical magazine ‘The Lancet’ has additionally issued warnings regarding the food more city residents are consuming. According to the journal, the current western food plan is noticeably damaging and the document suggests a whole elimination to keep people from ability ecological and epidemiological catastrophe.

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