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Inspired By Brad Pitt’s MoneyBall, Seekify Looks To Automate Customer Experience

Inspired By Brad Pitt’s MoneyBall, Seekify Looks To Automate Customer Experience

Seekify is a patron revel in automation platform

Arihant Jain and Ajeet Kushwaha have earlier worked on HealthKart, 1MG and Joe Hukum

The consumer revel in management marketplace is projected to develop to $14.Five Bn by means of 2024

With the ever-increasing variety of apps on the Play Store or the App Store, conversations on social media and in app opinions have more and more emphasised at the UI/UX aspect. UX refers to user experience, whilst UI stands for user interface, and whilst they are often used together they play special roles inside any software. At the intersection of those each is the person — gamers for games and clients for shopping apps and so on — which makes UI/UX a essential a part of any software, net corporation or logo.


The consumer adventure is frequently referred to as consumer experience and consistent with Forrester, “CX transformation is not a nice-to-have, it’s a need.” The record stated that by using 2020 patron experience will overtake price and product as a key emblem differentiator.

However, now not everyone has been able to crack the code to remedy for the challenges of client enjoy. Some of the demanding situations being discussed enterprise-huge includes price for money, satisfying client demand under employer structure, strategic funding, coping with client-centric operations and so forth.

To resolve for the identical, serial entrepreneurs Arihant Jain and Ajeet Kushwaha have launched Seekify. Jain told CFT that Seekify is a customer revel in automation platform. “We without difficulty combine into many commercial enterprise CX software to aggregate all of the facts that drives their client revel in. We provide actionable insights from this statistics with the help of our AI and ML engine,” he brought.

Moneyball: Finding Inspiration From Sports

Jain instructed us the duo located notion for Seekify from Brad Pitt-starrer Moneyball.

“Moneyball become proper — you want wins, and for the wins you need runs. For runs, you need folks who can get you runs. Sports and business are comparable — you don’t need top performers; you need the right set of people shifting all the little indicators that come together to power outcomes.”

Jain said Seekify synchronises the right human beings, procedure and gear in a commercial enterprise for it to win the ‘championship’.

And this isn't always the primary time the duo has come collectively to build a tech startup.

Jain and Kushwaha were operating together considering that they met as the founding crew at HealthKart. While, Kushwaha changed into CTO, Jain changed into the COO then.

The duo were worried in the launch of 1MG, and build Joe Hukum, a chatbot in 2015. The agency was then received via Freshworks in 2017. The duo then spearheaded software program implementations in numerous countries the world over operating to improve consumer revel in for brands.

Inspired By Brad Pitt’s MoneyBall, Seekify Looks To Automate Customer Experience

“Our experience in building B2C organizations made us realize the value and trouble in delivering an brilliant consumer revel in and the significance of it. As a part of the management at a B2B SaaS enterprise in the CX area, we realised the gaps within the software that existed in the CX space. The purpose why we started out Seekify is to clear up this hole between what we desired and what’s currently obtainable,” Jain added

The company is seeking to monetise through subscription model. “We are focused on mid-marketplace customers and we count on our ARR to be in the $50-150K in line with 12 months,” he added.

How Does Seekify Work?

In simple phrases, Seekify brings collectively a couple of customer interaction factors to a commonplace platform to assist the corporation make experience of facts and use it for this reason.

Jain defined that Seekify takes consumer interplay data from fragmented points (for a bodily assist desk, customer service chat, smartphone calls, NPS tools and greater) and generates actionable insights to automate methods to enable individuals, teams and corporation to put into effect the right CX strategy. The employer also can set its CX dreams like NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) at enterprise degree.

Then Seekify breaks down company-stage dreams into group and person degrees. By monitoring real overall performance for the company, groups and individuals towards the set dreams, Seekify surfaces actionable insights.

The group of 15 in Gurugram additionally enables automation for feedback conversation, collaborations and on-the-activity education approaches based on these insights. Seekify will use insights to electricity movements across its merchandise leveraging software software interfaces (APIs) and robot system automation (RPA). This enables the organizations to provide personalised consumer reviews to their clients.

The organisation claims that the USP for Seekify is its automation generation for customer enjoy. At present, Seekify’s initial clients are in Singapore, Delhi, Bengaluru, Johannesburg, Berlin and Chicago. “They are a variety of tech startups in fintech, retail and telecom but also traditional gamers in BFSI, logistics and mobility,” Jain delivered.

The Challenges Of Solving Customer Experience

An Econsultancy survey found 22% of organizations identified CX as the most exciting commercial enterprise opportunity of 2019 — beating content marketing (15%) and mobile advertising (thirteen%).

It has been extensively discussed that even though the prioritisation of purchaser enjoy is a necessity, the challenges are within the backend methods. So, even constructing a product to clear up for this has been a project for Seekify.


Jain advised us that the most important assignment is teaching the market. “CXO’s round the world are just realising the significance of CX and the “Head of CX” is a new put up in many businesses. We desire CEOs definitely pay heed to CX, not just lip service,” Jain introduced.

One of the alternative gamers working to build for automatic patron revel in is US-primarily based ActiveCampaign. The enterprise talks about operating on smarter automations leveraging gadget gaining knowledge of algorithms.

Automation is the important thing to bridging internal workflows and consumer-dealing with techniques. The patron enjoy management market is projected to develop from $7.8 Bn in 2019 to $14.Five Bn by 2024, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.3% throughout the forecast length. The fundamental growth drivers for the marketplace consist of the growing need to improve customer engagement and decreasing consumer churn rate.

Seekify has additionally seen interest from pinnacle VCs in India and are looking to locate the proper investor partners. While India has come to be famend as a hub of innovations, maximum SaaS corporations have needed to promote abroad to build their enterprise. Hence, it is going to be vital to see how Seekify builds and grows its commercial enterprise domestically, even because it expands in worldwide markets.

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