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How Uniphore Is Leveraging Speech Analytics To Grow Towards $10 Mn ARR

How Uniphore Is Leveraging Speech Analytics To Grow Towards $10 Mn ARR

Let that sink in with another reality – as in line with preferred estimates, 70% of India’s population isn't dwelling in Tier I towns but in small cities and villages. They face a large communication hole as they're not in a position to take part inside the virtual revolution due to the demanding situations of literacy, language, and the availability of smartphones. Then how do you attain out to this population which might not be capable of SMS nor apprehend English?

This is the assignment Umesh Sachdev and Ravi Saraogi decided to address with Uniphore – a startup that creates IT in speech recognition and speech biometrics. The duo realised that, for this populace, the lowest commonplace denominator of communication is vernacular voice.

“Everyone is aware of how to speak inside the neighborhood language. So, we notion if we can make computers and phones talk in all nearby languages, then a mass of humans can begin the usage of those virtual devices to connect to the Internet and do a spread of factors like banking, healthcare, and ecommerce,” says Umesh.

And that was the imaginative and prescient at the back of beginning Uniphore. After moving to Chennai in 2007, for 12 months, the duo simply watched and studied how human beings, particularly in rural regions, used their cellular phones. They realised that SMS-based get entry to turned into constrained and the primary usage become thru speech in the nearby language. In 2008, the startup become to start with incubated at IIT Madras with the idea of the use of speech analytics software program to bridge the digital divide.

But the duo quickly realised that voice will play a pivotal function in any customer support hobby. Additionally, if machines will be taught to recognize, technique, and reply to human speech, they may help bridge the virtual divide. From then onwards, starting from a furnish of $100K from National Research Development Corporation in 2008, Uniphore has raised more than $15 Mn in investment as it builds products to utilise the electricity of speech to revolutionise and transform human and gadget interactions.

The organization’s answers allow human beings to use speech to interact and instruct machines whilst empowering machines or software program applications to understand and respond again. Over the route of time, Uniphore has well-expanded past Indian dialects and introduced even global languages inclusive of US English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Thai (70 in all) to its fold.

Speech Analytics, Virtual Assistant, Voice Biometrics

Since inception, Uniphore has been a B2B2C play and become in no way an immediate-to-purchaser product. Says Umesh, “The proposition become that our software program will create one greater avenue for corporations to speak with the consumer.”


The startup does this through its products. The first one is auMina – which is a speech analytics product. This product is essentially for call centres. Every time a patron calls a centre, he is knowledgeable that the call can be recorded for high-quality and schooling purposes. But due to the fact there are millions of such recordings, no person can honestly listen to these recordings. That’s when auMina comes into play. It has the ability to honestly listen to all of those calls. It converts speech to textual content, detects emotions, voice modulation, and the analytics aim to expect the client’s response on the stop of the decision.

This is completed through its sophisticated language model which detects keyphrases along side a couple of variations, accents, and pronunciations inside the calls. In aggregate with pitch/voice modulation and high quality or bad spoken keyphrases inside the calls, auMina captures the emotion of the patron that's categorised as glad, irritated, annoyed, or irate. The feelings of the purchaser, agent’s interaction on the decision and contact metadata with various weightages may be configured and aggregated to shape a complete rating to measure business consequences.

“So you get a fair experience of how did you serve the customer, was it fine or no longer, and is the client in all likelihood to come lower back for commercial enterprise with you or no longer,” famous Umesh. In a few instances, the software program additionally automates the method, lowering price for a business. Or, in cases wherein a new business can not come up with the money for a name centre, it will allow the business to have a natural language or a nearby language to speak to purchasers.

The second product is the virtual assistant akeira – much like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. It allows for customers to speak to a tool of their local language and get matters finished. It is AI- and deep popularity-enabled and can communicate 80 languages such as 17 Indian vernacular languages. It lets in consumers to have intelligent conversations with manufacturers/enterprises.

Umesh gives an example of its use, “For example, an coverage enterprise could use akeira for answering client queries. Say a patron has a query that he's retiring in five years, so much is the cash he has saved, and is searching out recommendation for the fine way to make investments. Akeira can discover the proper answers for him.”

This is done by fetching calls from the call logger that are decoded to a system-compatible layout to in addition run speech-primarily based algorithms on audio requires processing and record technology.

And the 1/3 product is amVoice – a voice biometric software. Just like the fingerprint element on Aadhar, that is a customer’s voice biometric which may be used for authentication as someone’s voice is also a completely unique function.

So, for instance, banks do not need to ask the consumer a secret query but can authenticate him the usage of voice by myself.

Consequently, banking and monetary services grew to become out to be its largest customers, followed by way of BPOs and contact centres.

70 Enterprises, Clocking three hundred% Growth Every Year

Uniphore performs in the medium- to-huge companies section, with common billing per customer ranging in some thousand dollars, in line with month. Hence, it has no longer yet focussed on SMBs. Large banks, airlines, telecom companies, hospitals are those who use Uniphore. Prominent among these are American Express, Axis Bank, SBI, Airbus, and ITC. Globally, it offerings close to 70 business enterprise, lively customers. It now has a presence in 8 international locations and four geographies, which encompass India, Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines), Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia), and North America.

The bulk of its clients are in India and Asia, with US being a totally current territory. Over the subsequent couple of years, it expects the USA to be a major market. Currently, ARRs range between $five Mn to $10 Mn, with growth rates in the range of the three hundred%-four hundred% Y-o-Y (yr-on-12 months). Umesh attributes this boom to a pivot that Uniphore made in 2015 to become a entire SaaS version after elevating its Series A undisclosed funding from Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan, current traders IDG Ventures India, Indian Angel Network (IAN), YourNest Fund, and Stata Venture Partners.

The Switch To SaaS

Prior to the round, the startup hired a combination of both the license model and SaaS. But, there had been several market-driven and inner motives which drove it to adopt a full-fledged SaaS version.

Reveals Umesh, “Customers want to try before they in reality buy it or before they scale their enterprise. To tell a patron you need to pay half 1,000,000 bucks even earlier than they are attempting it, wasn’t making experience. Secondly, for our business version, a SaaS version lets in us to be in consistent contact with the purchaser on a month-to-month foundation. And offers us the opportunity to look how they use it and the way we can increase our business.”

Added to this is the truth that inside the speech enterprise, globally as well as in India, now not many competitors offer a SaaS model. Uniphore claims that it turned into the first and remains the most effective organization right now which dabbles in the aforementioned three merchandise while imparting a SaaS model.

While there are competition like Hexolabs Interactive Technologies and others in speech analytics, Umesh feels that Uniphore’s biggest differentiating thing is the reality that there's no one company which sells all the three softwares even though every product individually does have some competition. For instance, auMina competes with Call Miner and Nexidia, the virtual assistant akeira competes with Eva and Amelia, whilst the voice biometrics product amVoice competes with NICE Systems and VoiceVault.

Another aspect is Uniphore’s capacity to procedure a number of languages. Coupled with a SaaS version, deep use of AI for automating many a services, a quick time to marketplace, decrease cost of value of possession is what he thinks make for a completely unique proposition.

It is these strengths the startup will capitalise on, as it forays deeper into the USA market. Hence, like ultimate yr, it's miles trying to clock yet every other three hundred%-four hundred% increase within the coming yr, as properly. In the pipeline also are a few interesting iterations for the akeira product.

The Maturing Indian SaaS Market

While Uniphore is spreading its wings in the US, on the identical time, the company believes that the Indian market is yet to completely mature.

Says Umesh, “When we communicate of subscription or cloud SaaS, large firms, especially those we work with including banks, are beginning to recollect a number of those options. By and big, oldsters operating in organizations historically were used to carriers and now they have got beginning adapting SaaS models. So, really the shift is across all sectors. But there may be nevertheless a while before the market completely matures for SaaS.”

However, he provides that what has changed suddenly in the last seven-eight years is that the buzz round SaaS has accelerated. This is partially because of the number of startups who have sprung up and provide a variety of merchandise on the SaaS version. Support from industry body iSPIRT has also contributed to the change. And given that international fine practices are now showing that SaaS models are far extra a hit around the sector than traditional corporation fashions, the awareness around SaaS has elevated. So, progressively that’s also assisting in changing how companies purchase.

Of direction promoting SaaS from India has its personal set of execs and cons.

From $1 Mn To $five Mn To $10 Mn ARR

Umesh opines that one exact thing about doing organization trying out from India is that the product can get examined at a completely excessive scale. For example, a bank in India could have tens of millions of clients to be able to check out your product at that scale after which exit to other markets.

On the flip aspect however, selling in other geographies has its very own cultural nuances. “ You need to adapt from united states of america to u . S . – in a few nations you can sell direct but in a few the best way to do commercial enterprise is thru channel partners. These matters need to be learnt,” he provides.

For example his co-founder Ravi had to pass to Singapore because the island nation, being an essential geography for the startup, required a leadership awareness. Ultimately, a startup has to discover its way thru this maze on its very own once it receives to it.

Uniphore has run the gauntlet and evidence of this is in attaining the three milestones which are taken into consideration essential in SaaS commercial enterprise nowadays. These are particularly breaching the $1 Mn mark in ARR, then breaching the $five Mn mark, and then the $10 Mn mark.

Umesh clearly recollects the first milestone. “For us, really, breaching the $1 Mn turned into essential. And that happened on the lower back of the analytics product or the auMina product,” he exhibits. Meanwhile, the corporation hopes that the $10 Mn mark will come on the returned of the akeira product for the 100 member-strong group spread among Bengaluru and Chennai.

It Is Not Enough To Be At Par With A Few Companies

For Indian startups raring to move international, Umesh’s advice is to first consciousness on identifying the section of customers that one could need to promote to. Then, relying at the section, one desires to formulate the right sales method.

“So, within the SMB segment your pricing is lower because of this value of sale needs to be lower. That means the sale must be performed on email or online or on telephone name. Whereas, if you are promoting to massive businesses in which average income size is better, you then might need to put a bodily sales crew at the floor. It might be your own or it can be your companion’s,” he explains.

The second critical guideline is that from a product point of view, it isn't always enough to be at par with  or three businesses. “Your product needs to be dramatically better as a product to anything exists to your supposed marketplace. Then the chances of prevailing are better.”

Finally, he concludes that when those  matters are in vicinity, startups need to go step-by using-step. They must start with entering one or two geographies and testing the waters there.

For Uniphore, of direction, the waters that it's miles checking out are not of SaaS only but additionally AI. And, for this reason, the conundrum: is AI going to take up the bulk of human jobs?

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Umesh feels not. He explains, “AI is new but automation and machines taking on human jobs is not. The human race has survived always–whilst the industrial revolution passed off in 1900, the argument become comparable. When tractors have been being brought in farming, the argument changed into similar. But what machines have usually accomplished is brought efficiency to people. And human beings have advanced to do a better or a one-of-a-kind form of task. So, sure with more AI, the jobs of nowadays will get automated. But then, due to the fact we're smart human beings, I am positive the human race will find higher sorts of jobs for ourselves as machines take over the mundane ones.”

His argument is critical, given Uniphore’s merchandise have the capability to take over the roles of hundreds of employees inside the name centre industry. But Umesh isn't worried. “They will get automatic due to the fact machines have become smart enough to try this. But that identical mass of populace will re-ability and do other jobs. I am not concerned or panicked, as this has took place throughout the records of human race.”

That is, of course, something all agree upon notion it might make the effort for all to just accept it. But given Umesh’s confidence, the tempo at which AI is developing and the charge at which businesses are adapting to it, it's far some thing that groups and personnel working in such organizations need to wrap their heads around in the close to destiny – and be prepared for.

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