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Hi every body, Harry from SEO builder right here and nowadays I’m going to proportion with you what I’ve found out from over a thousand visitor posts. That’s proper. I ran over one thousand guest posts. Yes, it hasn’t came about during the last years many years of constructing it up. But I ran literally over one thousand weblog posts simply in English. If you combine Portuguese and Spanish and other languages in German I probable ran over 2000 guest posts does a shit ton of content material. Is it in reality worth it. I don’t do it anymore so you’re possibly like no. But you realize what. I’ll honestly let you know the answer and it’s a bit greater complex than only a yes or no solution.

First off, in case you’re within the B2C niche. If you’re out there selling dog footwear I don’t recognize what you'll be promoting, but allow’s say a cynic dog shoes, canine leashes or pick something out there. Chances are bet posting as now not worth it because of minor site visitors that you can get from these websites and the quantity of business it generates for the client area of interest is so small you will not generate sufficient revenue.

But on the flip side for being a B2B it is really worth it wherein you may make a shit ton of money. I’m talking approximately tens of millions of bucks and I may even come up with example of ways I’ve done properly via visitor posting but it’s now not what you observed – which you can’t simply launch a visitor put up after  visitor publish and do nicely. See once I began visitor posting I might write one or two articles a week and you realize what I’m going to get a shit load of enterprise and those hitting me up for marketplace advising, consulting and bet how a great deal business I drummed up from it – little to none. But after doing it for a year or two what befell to all my articles that I published approximately Social Media Marketing, search engine optimization, Link Building and Digital Marketing. They started to rank on Google. These articles began getting a ton of traction and I wasn’t doing whatever simply over the years. They clearly rank, so businesses would be like ‘Oh I read this article via SEO Builder – permit’s hit them up, allow’s see what they do.

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I wasn’t getting contracts that have been like ‘Hey, I’ll pay you one thousand bucks’. Sure those leads could are available however I changed into getting a few four-parent contracts and it became outstanding all because of all my visitor posts obtainable. But whilst human beings communicate about guest posting they’re like ‘Yeah, you’re going to get commercial enterprise.’ – No they’re complete of shit. I’ve done extra than the majority at a team who helped me control my entire visitor posting scheduling and the editors who helped me out proper.

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Just because I’m writing the articles doesn’t mean I can edit up rapid enough, add pictures. Always going at one point, I turned into doing one visitor submit consistent with day, seven days every week and there have been brief articles. I streamlined it down to like seven-hundred word articles or one thousand phrases. Or just crank use bits and pieces from one-of-a-kind articles and some of the topics have been regurgitated- I’d post similar articles on one of a kind websites. I didn’t care. I changed into a replica content. I’d rewrite it to make it unique up but I turned into genius I can do quantity.


What ended up occurring is after 12 months  it drummed up commercial enterprise. But within the brief run it turned into a large time sink and a money loss. And right here’s the issue with guest posing once I got began in it. The instances are incredible. And everyone’s like ‘oh I’m in a guest submit on Entrepreneur, I can build links and get higher ratings on Google’.


Do you believe you studied this seven-hundred dollar billion agency doesn’t understand what you’re doing? You think they’re that dumb where they can’t forestall it. Those hyperlinks will actually assist you that a great deal instead. And even those blogs and those publishers there are no-following these days. But as a substitute you must be doing it to build authority a name for yourself and drum up commercial enterprise. If you don’t do it in the end you’re no longer going to do well and that’s why I’m telling you in case you’re going to get posts to procure to do it at the least  years after the first year start seeing some outcomes.

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After  years you’ll dominate and also you’ll begin getting commercial enterprise and you could truely generate a seven parent enterprise from it. A buddy of mine gets guest posting enquiries every day. It’s a seven determine enterprise no longer just in what you may doubtlessly sell the enterprise for but I’m talking approximately sales. How does he get all his business? He become writing articles about marketing. It’s labored for me. It’s labored for him and has worked for heaps of different humans. My friend Steven from Affinity has constructed up a seven discern commercial enterprise as nicely from visitor posting.


It’s no longer about promoting hyperlinks or something like that. You construct a business by using turning into an authority to your space. Heck, I get a speakme engagement due to the fact people are like ‘I study your article on Content Marketing Institute. Can you return to our agency here in Dubai and speak. We’ll come up with 20 grand for the hour.’ – All because a guest posting is priceless. If you need to do it – do it but do it for two straight years. You need to give up after that. There’s already 5, 6 hundred articles available at the net and you have to do at least five articles per week. Doing some right here and there doesn’t do shit. It’s hit or omit – some articles do nicely and a few don’t.

So comply with the ones techniques and also you’ll create a shitload of earnings from visitor posting. Assuming you’re in B2B and now not B2C – don’t waste some time. If you’re no longer certain what sort of articles to write with regards to visitor posting go away a comment underneath and I’ll come up with some advice. Best of success with your guest posts.

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