How to hack a cell phone camera from your computer

How to hack a cell phone camera from your computer

Sometimes, it becomes the need to hack other data. It includes your kids, employees, partner or loved ones. There can be many reasons, where a person feels to track data and monitor their activities.

A working lady may want to track their kid from the office to see their kid’s suspicious activities. To whom their kid is hanging out, where he/she is going. Sometimes kids start bullying with friends, or an unknown person threatens them, or if the kid is watching porn content, parents want to track them so they could take serious action before anyone harms their kid. Many corporate businesses are moving towards this technology to track their employees. They monitor how their employees are spending working hours and what are employee interests. So, companies test them on performance and production base and then award loyal employees with rewards, bonuses, etc.

Out of many pc spy software’s, here we are discussing TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy has best camera features which enable the user to watch targeted device real-time activities.

About TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is a mighty cell phone spy app, best for all cell phone. It gives the user real liberty to get physical access to the targeted device from far. Its dynamic features are with their solutions, so the user can easily apply them. User can monitor all verbal and non-verbal activities on the targeted phone. User can access messages, calls, e-mails, passwords, phone contacts, calendars, appointments and many other functions with TheOneSpy advanced features.

Here we are discussing how to hack a cell phone camera from your computer.

Hack Cell Phone Camera from Your Computer

Special plans and their advanced features work smoothly with an iPhone, all Android versions and all iOS systems. Working parents usually work on laptops and PCs, so they can get online access to a targeted device from a cloud account. So, they can easily do both works and monitor their children. It can also help those parents whose kids are not much attached to them and use phone devices all the time. If kids are out of home or in-home but sitting separately, parents can track their activities from laptop secretly.

Similarly, employers can watch their employee’s secret activities where they are going and what is their routine. The management team can track multiple employees with the same computer from the office.

TheOneSpy cameras

Here we can see which are TheOneSpy advanced camera features, enable the user to watch live surrounding activities of the targeted device.

  • Spy Live 360 camera

It enables the user to watch live surrounding views up to 360 angels by controlling the front or back. Parents can watch if their kids are meeting unknown or visiting restricted places with friends, so they can take action on it. Similarly, if a company employee visits competitors or shares secret data of their company to a competitor just for some money, so the company can take legal action against it with proof. 

  • Video camera Bug

It enables the user to record videos with a short period between 15 to 60 seconds. User can get remote access to both front and back cameras. 

Parents can make a video when they see their kids doing some inappropriate thing. Or the employer can track their employees live activities, and if they know that employees are doing any harmful activity so an employer can instantly record it with a single command.

  • Snap Bug

It is a little different from other cameras. It enables the user to capture pictures of surroundings if they feel any inappropriate activity. They can access both the rear and back cameras of the targeted device. It also allows the user to send captured photos to an online account.


Eventually, we concluded that TheOneSpy cameras are the best solution for those who worry about their loved ones and employees’ suspicious activities. So, they can easily detect it and take serious action on it.

Author Biography.

Cathy Alan
Cathy Alan

Cathy is a school teacher and digital parental geek, She's also content writer and editor at spysmarts. She reads and writes excessively on subjects such as computer and mobile tips, software reviews, protecting oneself from the dangers of the online world especially targeting child protection and the guidelines for using different cellular applications.

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