How to fix AOL Desktop Gold Issues ?

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold Issues ?

AOL Desktop Gold, a powerful all-in-one program suite that offers everything an AOL user can ask for. Right from the emails to browsers to news to entertainment, everything is available right on single place only. However, existing as well as new users have raised their complaints regarding the daily problems they encounter with their software.

Adding to this, they also complained that their calls go unanswered when they dial AOL helpline number. The instances of issue arise during AOL Desktop Gold download procedure have made users feel the software to be less worthy.

Although that’s not the case as by applying some of the best troubleshooting measures, one can get rid of them and have a smooth experience. So, let’s dive into the guide and know how to fix some of the most frustrating issues of AOL Desktop Gold.

5 Common Problems with Solution

The common problems consist of those that users are experiencing on a daily basis. Like when they access the software, run any file and use it. Some of them are like the software sometimes gets crashed all of a sudden or when any error code appears whilst using it. Getting an instant solution to corner them is a must for its continued access.

Note: Before you apply any troubleshooting step, make sure you are connected with a good internet connection.

Browser is crashing in Desktop Gold

You can first report this issue to the Report a Bug section before you apply any troubleshooting. Now, follow the steps for quick solution.

  1. Go to the Help menu.
  2. Click on Edit menu
  3. Select Footprints to clear.
  4. Check the box next to the Browser cache.
  5. Click on it and clear the temporary browser files.

AOL Desktop Gold Error 104

Go to the history section of your web browser and click on Clear Browsing data. You can also update the web browser to fix this issue. Make sure the speed you are receiving is good. Along with this,  access Run file on your computer, delete cache from Recent and temp files.

AOL Desktop Gold Slow

AOL desktop gold can run slow due to a number of reasons and some of the reasons include pre-installed antiviruses, temp files on your computer, installation of incompatible software programs. To fix them, you can try restarting your computer, enabling the essential startup programs and others.

Important:- Do not install the software again without deleting the previous files.

Mail Missing

Unable to see the sent or received mail? Just check your spam folder , it may be lying there. If it is not there then make sure the internet connection your device is connecting to is good. If there is still no solution then instantly contact the support team and report the issue.

Software not responding

Is your AOL desktop Gold not responding after you launch it? If yes, then follow these troubleshooting steps to cure this.

  • Restart the computer
  • Delete the junk files from your computer
  • Erase suspicious files from your system
  • When nothing works, reinstall the system again

Quick Solutions by Tech-experts

Similarly there are many issues with Desktop Gold that can frustrate you. To find a perfect solution, you can contact an expert who is round the clock available at your disposal. With years of experience with regular practice, they have got a badge of experts by the most certified techies out there. Whether it be a hardware problem or software, they give instant solutions to all sorts of issues. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and get your issue resolved by an expert.

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Pushpraj Pandey

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