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How Postman Looks To Conquer MSMEs And Individual Developers With Full Stack API Offering

How Postman Looks To Conquer MSMEs And Individual Developers With Full Stack API Offering

Indian millennials are both blessed and cursed in relation to locating their selected profession paths – blessed because the picks in the front of them are myriad, numerous (yogini is a real activity profile). It is also a curse due to the fact, with these many alternatives locating the only that topics, that one will stay with could be hit-and-miss.

Fortunately, for Abhinav Asthana, it become extra of a hit than a miss, whilst he got into programming and computer systems seeing that faculty. And, it turned into a foregone conclusion, that he’d walk the course of engineering after school.

“I became analyzing at the Goa campus at BITS Pilani in 2010, once I tasted my first professional enjoy inside the world of tech, where tech started out – Yahoo!,” starts Abhinav with a grin. “BITS had an internship programme with pinnacle companies and I become lucky enough for you to work with Yahoo. It turned into also there once I first came across APIs (utility programme interface),” he adds.

Application Programme Interface, for the uninitiated, or APIs are connectors that take a seat on top of existing software programmes and assist in making techniques run through that software (or other external software program) efficient – both money and time smart. In simple terms, as Abhinav places it, “Every unmarried function in our cellular telephone has been facilitated through an API – be it syncing Google, Facebook prompting us to sync our contacts or the contacts app populating itself with our maximum-used telephone numbers. All work on APIs.”

It became this brush with APIs that turned into the second pit stop on Abhinav’s eventual entrepreneurial adventure.

“My paintings ex with Yahoo!, where I also met my co-founder Ankit Sobti, and the information I received working round APIs made me see one issue very in reality – the way we see software program and use it become going to change notably due to mobile telephones,” he says. This was the cause why Abhinav co-based a corporation referred to as Teleportme – which built cell telephone apps that used APIs.  

And then the AH! Second passed off – Abhinav and his then co-founder Ankit found a major ache factor plaguing the API-advent/development method. “The equipment available for sending and receiving information all through the development procedure were now not standardized, in no way mind, automated. The manner was fragmented and required the usage of a bunch of software for extraordinary features, so we idea to trade that.”

And for that reason, Postman – Version 1.Zero changed into created in 2012 – as a facet undertaking to streamline and solidify the API development method for his or her agency Teleportme.

From A Side Project To Solving For Inefficiencies In A Multibillion Dollar Industry

“We debuted the product at the Chrome Web Store in 2012 to test to be used cases. And noticeably, within a quick amount of time, it had received traction. Other developers had been using it regularly and were happy with it. They were obsessed with it and they reached out to other builders and even to us to present us comments on what to enhance, what to add etc. And pretty quickly, we had a community of committed developers who had been interacting with each other and with us on Postman,” says Abhinav.

According to Abhinav, the network itself dependent Postman, first by means of embracing the philosophy of standardizing the technique of sending and receiving statistics at the platform and then, through mentioning different problems inside the API workflow.

“By this time, Postman changed into up and running and we took a better examine the product we had built. And we realised, we have been fixing for a completely fundamental problem in the software program improvement system – streamlining it. And so we included all of the pointers given in our community, introduced a few of our very own and launched a full-fledged product complete of trying out tools and advanced description formats that let human beings do much extra than earlier than, each from an API and Postman viewpoint.”

Postman is one of these commonplace phrase, and it applies to an vintage-faculty technique of conversation whilst humans talked to each different through handwritten letters. When requested about why the product became named Postman, Abhinav says, “The maximum common coding protocol is HTTP and inside that protocol, you have ‘post’ used as a time period. Adding ‘man’ to it, created a twin-meaning call for us – because it was approximately turning in seamlessly to developers.”

The Next 2 Years: Of Funding Raised And Building Out The Product

The business enterprise raised $1 Mn its first round of investment in 2014 (introduced in May 2015) from Nexus Venture Partners, and were given the 1/3 co-founder onboard too – Abhijit Kane. “We were in talks with a few people, buyers who had been eager to lower back us. This changed into because of the kind of traction we were seeing, 500K customers on each versions of the app we had launched up to now. But we in the end determined on NVP due to the fact they'd the kind of knowledge we have been looking for, so that it will grow the platform.”

According to Abhinav, this became also the time while the founders decided to understand the technique of app development better, deep dive into it, so to talk. Which led them to take a look at and assimilate the inefficiencies, issues and inconsistencies that existed while it got here to the backend work – with regard to layout, development, testing, monitoring, and documentation.


“There become a severe want to exchange the way API collaboration labored on the platform. We overhauled the backend process as the existing gear of improvement workflow did now not integrate well with every other. This made us attention at the people running at the product, in addition to the product itself.”

The Postman app too underwent some iterations which sought to simplify this procedure and combine it more seamlessly, and it became a center reason for the introduction of Postman Account in 2015.

“In easy phrases, Postman Account is a product which fits a lot like Evernote. It is a secure area for builders to sync all their notes collectively from throughout gadgets, browsers and many others.”

2015 also noticed Nexus Ventures invest $7 Mn in Series A spherical in Postman inside the early months, but it became introduced most effective in October 2016. “Nexus has subsidized us all the manner. And the cash helped us to construct the collaboration product which took care of the entire backend and the entire system. We released Postman Cloud in December 2015,” stocks Abhinav. As in step with Abhinav, it's miles a paid SaaS presenting from the corporation for a monthly or annual subscription. It included the free Postman App which comes with unfastened equipment, plugins and is more geared toward individual developers.

Postman Cloud and has been replaced with Postman PRO in 2016, which encompasses the complete API device chain and is a tighter product than the Cloud supplying, and is supposed for group or organizational developers.  

“There Is No Single Competition For Us, As Yet”

Postman claims to have three Mn committed customers, 1.Five Mn monthly energetic users with an estimated 30,000 corporations the use of the product – both the paid presenting or the unfastened model. “We have come a long manner from imagining the product again in 2014 to introducing one hundred new functions across our merchandise to Postman Pro, that's the high-quality included supplying to be had inside the marketplace right now,” says Abhinav, with extra than a hint of pleasure.

The communique pivots from this declare to the opposite offerings to be had inside the marketplace – the competition. And to this, Abhinav says, “From the get pass, usually APIs had been started out as patron-dealing with merchandise, to make life simpler for them. But now, organisations are the use of APIs to simplify and ease inner processes inside businesses and so the use case, as well as the marketplace for APIs has widened too, through extension.”

When it comes to real competition, Postman has contenders which include Walgreens, VM Ware, and Curl – an entrenched improvement device like, which comes preinstalled with each OS – as well as SmartBear and Apiary, two legacy groups which clear up for checking out in APIs and documentation, respectively.

“When we started out, we were competing in opposition to these tools that maybe labored collectively, maybe didn’t paintings. But the manner itself became so fragmented that integration was the space we went after. Every different device company become all about doing one thing proper, but now us. It become additionally the motive for launching Postman PRO for organizations, any other new space this is starting up now,” he says.

According to Abhinav, the employer, in a short span has created a beachhead of sorts, a touchdown space through its companies and customers that it's miles assured of its visible GOI and its included answer for the whole app improvement workflow chain. But this doesn’t suggest that the agency has come to be complacent. “Lots of recent organizations are arising – Rest Clients being one among them and we need to be beforehand of the curve,” says Abhinav candidly.

The Road Ahead

“Postman, at its coronary heart, is a developer-focussed organisation and that isn't always going to change each time quickly,” says Abhinav.

“Our approach is not a lot for large corporations, however we're truely paying them extra attention now.” It is for this reason that Abhinav well-knownshows the launch of Postman Enterprise, that's a mixture of Postman Pro and enterprise-focussed functions associated with procedures for security, audit control, SLA and so forth.

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The product (all offerings) are available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS and, according to Abhinav, ‘are being constantly iterated.’ “But we are including searching and reporting functions in addition to mock servers on Postman Pro, if you want to allow you to put in writing your API and run it with out doing any of the actual coding,” he provides.

For a corporation that started out less than five years in the past, and with a presence in three cities – Bengaluru, Austin, and San Francisco and a crew of more than 30, the future is summed up in Abhinav’s personal words. “It’s very simple. Where there may be software program, there Postman is going to be. That’s the wish.”

Editor’s Note

With increasing dependence and penetration of generation throughout industries and verticals, API truely seems to be the way ahead. For the workflow strategies in app development to be integrated in the manner that Postman and others of its ilk have, has made a massive distinction in the manner APIs are dealt with and with organisations too counting on application programme interface to simplify and simplicity inner approaches, the possibilities are enormous.

Postman, with its increasing suite of merchandise and into other markets as well, appears to have a strong business version which could compete with legacy commercial enterprise consisting of SmartBear, Apiary and others. But how a long way will it live in advance of the curve with many new startups mushrooming within the space is a question for the ages.

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