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How MyCrop Is Using Blockchain To Identify Spurious Seeds

How MyCrop Is Using Blockchain To Identify Spurious Seeds

Ahmedabad-primarily based agritech startup MyCrop is currently checking out blockchain within the seed supply chain to song its complete supply motion — from seed aggregators, distributors, stores to farmers. The flow to put into effect blockchain is geared toward bringing transparency, authenticity and prevent spurious and coffee-best seeds from getting into the market.

So far, the agriculture industry lacks a proper mechanism which could validate and track the distribution of precise seeds, claims MyCrop’s founder Deepak Pareek. So plenty so that farmers don’t get much data about the origin of the seeds they might be sowing.

In the remaining harvest season on my own, negative excellent seeds hampered the productiveness of as a minimum 10% of normal cotton crop manufacturing in India, to name some. Similar examples are mentioned for vegetable seeds, too.

It may be cited here that the authorities has set protocols for seed development. It has certified foundations which cultivates styles of seeds below a managed environment, maintaining in view the physical and physiological parameters, earlier than it is sent to the seed aggregators.

Pareek argues that the system in the seed supply chain is itself not obvious with massive human errors lowering its responsibility.

Generally, genuine seed generating agencies observe QR Code on their seed luggage, helpful in tracking its distribution from the factor of aggregators and vendors until it reaches the shops. But, by the time the seed reaches to the farmers, many unsought practices appear in among the contemporary supply chain. Pareek mentioned an example, saying:

“For instance, a retailer can be distributing seeds from the equal packet to five distinctive farmers. While doing so, the store won't be keeping the seed the right way. In this case, there is a massive opportunity that the great of the seed in that bag is already deteriorated,” he said.


So the startup has used blockchain right here to tune each movement of the seeds within the deliver chain. The venture’s pilot is presently being carried out in one of the rural villages of Gujarat. Pareek hopes to accumulate a full-size ‘pattern’ from this pilot by way of another two-quarters of this 12 months, earlier than making it's far commercially possible.

“Then we can take it to huge gamers willing to use blockchain-pushed era of their supply chain,” Pareek said.

How MyCrop Is Using Blockchain As Seed Tracking Mechanism

The startup has presently on-boarded local seed growers, distributors, retailers and farmers as stakeholders in the venture’s seed deliver chain. Giving more perception about the venture, Pareek stated, first of all, that GPS monitoring of the land is executed and the data is installed a allotted ledger as a ‘First Block’.

“Let’s say, it’s five hectares of land with an X type of seeds being cultivated on A date and B is the farmer. In this chain, the pleasant of seeds also are checked, adding pesticides, and many others., and pix are taken to authenticate whether or not it’s right or awful seeds. In every technique, the name of the character might be referred to who would be evaluating the quality of seeds, whether or not it’s appropriate or horrific,” he said.

Once the process of filtering spurious seeds is complete, the distributor creates any other block in this chain upon receiving the seeds and the QR Code is applied atop the bundle as monitoring approach until it reaches the shops. Besides the QR Code mode of monitoring, the distributor also puts a completely unique verification code within the bundle for the farmers to ship it thru SMS or verify it thru the startup’s in-house app — which marks the procedure as entire.

Inc42 has in advance suggested on how MyCrop is the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) to are expecting and examine the farming output. The identical article additionally discusses how the startup’s ‘Famer Mitras’ help teach farmers to undertake generation in farming.

“We have used blockchain atop our existing app. Using the decentralised ledger, there may be no chance of human mischief due to the fact the blockchain may have all of the data, and if the ones precise seeds had been incorrectly evaluated a person evaluating might be held accountable,” Pareek said.

Challenges In Applying Blockchain As Seed Tracing Mechanism

Blockchain may be the destiny as seed tracing mechanism but bringing all stakeholders within the chain would be too time eating, thinks agritech startup CropIn leader operating officer, Kunal Prasad.

He is of the view that before making the era commercially possible and scalable, taking stock of what is currently going on in the surroundings is vital. For example, in which are the seeds being processed? Where is it being stored? How is it being furnished to the farmers? Are some questions he raised.

Pareek has understood this reality thoroughly. He said, “It relies upon at the viability in the enterprise case” which will scale blockchain as a seed tracing mechanism.

“Unfortunately blockchain in agriculture surroundings has visible very much less viability within the commercial enterprise case — as agro-input groups first appearance out for their benefits. Unless they see the price of their ROI, they don’t want to head forward with the assignment,” Pareek stated.

So for the past few months, the founder has saved himself busy organising workshops with agro-input companies explaining how the open and allotted ledger era can play a pivotal function within the seed deliver chain and in the end assist prevent counterfeit seeds from getting into the market.

He tells me that their challenge is not only beneficial in streamlining seeds deliver chain but that the same manner may be implemented to song the supply of various agro-input merchandise which include feedstuffs, fertilisers and different chemicals authorized to be used in natural farming.

Similar workshops have already been executed with Mahindra Agri Business, Zuari Agro, he says.

“The whole concept is to music all of the agro-inputs. If you are capable of identify the enter part of it, we will have enough information that could also help shape rules implemented to it. This statistics can be very important,” he said.


Indian seeds market is expected to have reached a valuation of $ 3.6 Bn in 2017, developing at an annual increase rate (CAGR) of around 17% throughout 2010-2017, in line with Research and Markets. Although blockchain is at the nascent degree of adoption in India, its use case has been extensively discussed, especially across fintech, egovernance, healthcare, strength, retail sectors.

With growing patron attention in the direction of food protection, blockchain utility is gambling a vital position in solving many agriculture-associated troubles, too. Not only inside the seed supply chain but the complete meals deliver chain can be managed on this disbursed ledger era. And, many multinational agencies are already tuned with it.

For example, Walmart has been running with IBM on the usage of the blockchain to digitise the meals deliver chain method. Similarly, worldwide retail large Auchan makes use of blockchain to track the deliver of consumables as well as recording meals first-rate data and its clients also are capable to test products’ history via their smartphones through scanning the goods’ QR codes.

MyCrop founder keeps that it’s early experiments inside the subject have demonstrated to be promising and hopes to convey genuine exchange to the way seed supply chain have to function.

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