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How Mudrex Helps In Cryptocurrency Trading Without Using Blockchain

How Mudrex Helps In Cryptocurrency Trading Without Using Blockchain

The US-and Bengaluru-based totally fintech startup — Mudrex — has evolved an operation-as-a-platform that automates the method of cryptocurrency trading. The startup, which close down its crypto trade even before its launch because of RBI’s stance in opposition to crypto trading, has revamped the platform and is now fixing the ‘pain factor’ of crypto buyers.

“A cryptocurrency dealer knows algorithms. They know how the market works. They can write situation and say, if this goes above this then I’d invest. Their pain point is they don’t know the way to convert their buying and selling thoughts into algorithms. He requires to do research, code, and needs a scalable infrastructure so one can trade nicely — those are essentially the matters we are fixing,” Mudrex cofounder Edul Patel instructed Inc42.

Interestingly, Mudrex’s generation doesn’t use blockchain. The center tech for the platform has been built using pc programming languages, Python and Java.

“We have built Mudrex in this sort of way in order that, if required, we can port it to work inside the decentralised ledger at any point of time within the destiny,” Patel stated.

Since its release in February 2019, Mudrex has already on-boarded extra than 1K users. Of which, 20%-30% are from India and relaxation are unfold throughout america and Southeast Asian markets. The startup claims to be witnessing 25% week-over-week increase in buying and selling quantity.

The Rise Of Mudrex After RBI’s Ban On Crypto Trade

The idea of Mudrex become in the beginning conceived as a crypto alternate. In truth, Mudrex turned into set to release its trade platform on April 15, 2018; however just 10 days earlier than, the RBI issued circular proscribing banks and controlled bills to refrain from extending any offerings to crypto exchanges.

“It became a big shock for us. I nonetheless remember certainly one of our investor pronouncing: “ab toh crypto bandh ho gaya, kya karoge? (now that the crypto has been close, what do you propose on doing about it?).”

Mudrex glaringly decided not to release the crypto alternate, even though the startup had installed years of tough paintings into the assignment. In the absence of a supportive regime closer to cryptocurrency, it didn’t locate it feasible to scale its trade platform that may entail mass retail participation in cryptocurrency trading. However, even RBI’s blanket ban couldn’t deter the spirit of 5 IITians.

“So we went returned to our drawing board. And as we were also performing some crypto trading, we realised that it is too difficult to exchange strain-loose in crypto. Then we decided to build a platform wherein every person can be a dealer — that’s how Mudrex got here into being,” Patel said.

To Inc42’s question on what makes cryptocurrency buying and selling traumatic? Patel explains, due to the fact crypto trading is 24*7, the market keeps on transferring. Secondly, it is worldwide with at the least three hundred-four hundred specific exchanges working in a single us of a trading the equal assets. Thus making the process of manually trading cryptocurrency very tough.

“You just can’t simply exchange even one asset across 5 exchanges. You continuously want to monitor,” Patel said.


Sometime in May, the founders got here up with a eureka moment — automate crypto buying and selling.

“Then we commenced constructing a platform which can automate trading and we have been able to do it because we recognise the way to code,” Patel stated.

At the time, the startup turned into largely bootstrapped. The IITians had formerly raised small funding from a clutch of investors but the larger a part of investments, round $25K exactly, came from their own wallet, for product development and hiring few engineers. It these days raised $150K in seed-stage funding from YCombinator, that is yet to be deposited in their financial institution account, Patel informed Inc42.

 U-Turn Moment For Mudrex: Building From The Scratch

Patel asserted that get admission to to statistics within the trading international is basically categorized to ‘Has’ and “Has Not’. He explains even as the previous has capital, research and the ability to run their set of rules within the sophisticated crypto buying and selling infrastructure, others don’t have the technology on the way to construct or execute their trading thoughts.

“This, I think, is unfair. We need to stage up a gambling area i.E., to avail the infrastructure to all,” Patel said.

Six months after the RBI ban, the startup launched the beta version of Mudrex. For the following three-and-a-1/2 months, it persisted to test its platform with 10-15 traders and progressed the enjoy for that reason, until its reliable launch in February, this yr.

This new product affords crypto investors with an automatic tool and the ability to alternate stay. It comes with a easy drag-and-drop-primarily based visual editor to create strategies, potential to backtest on historical data and exchange stay with dummy monies, along with an API key-based integration with Bitmex and Binance to help alternate without delay with out depositing any price range.

Although the corporation is registered in the US, all of the development and operations of the Mudrex era has been initiated from its workplace in Bengaluru, the cofounder tells me. It presently has eight contributors running as a crew, inclusive of the five founders.

Its monetisation model has a subscription-primarily based setup and collects monthly bills from users. It plans on adding a in step with-change price primarily based on a trading volume. In phrases of consumer increase, it expects to hit approximately $10 Mn in trading volume through June this 12 months and lots large variety through 2019 give up.

How Mudrex Helps In Cryptocurrency Trading Without Using BlockchainMudrex is However Not The First To Automate Crypto Trading

There’s nothing new with the automation of crypto buying and selling, however. Even inside the traditional inventory marketplace, there are quite a few automation structures which have come into place.

According to cryptocurrency startup WazirX’s founder, Nischal Shetty, there are various platforms that help crypto buyers to automation their buying and selling. He gave an instance of a buying and selling platform, TradingView:

“TradingView, as an instance, has a spread of charts the investors typically observe. Based at the chart, the user knows whether or not the rate of a crypto asset is going up or will cave in. It’s greater of studying historical statistics to apprehend wherein the marketplace will pass. And primarily based for your know-how, you set your approach and may automate them rather than manually having to check them every day,” Shetty stated.


According to Shetty, this could be executed both manually by using retaining tune of factors or may be completed by automating it using numerous platforms which are constructed on top of exchanges. “However, still you need to recognise what buying and selling approach you need to follow to make that appear,” he stated.

Patel here argued that “Although TradingView enables in studies for investors, customers still need to understand how to code if they want to exchange. Also, there's Quantopian, which presents customers with the ability to test their strategies, however, users can’t alternate as they nevertheless want to understand the way to code,” Patel stated.

Shetty is of the view that commonly, hardcore crypto traders will choose these forms of automatic trading systems. “It is, but, interesting to be aware that crypto automation buying and selling structures are popping out of Indian atmosphere,” Shetty stated.

In the recent development in India’s cryptocurrency region, the Supreme Court of India has requested the centre to introduce the cryptocurrency coverage within March, this 12 months. The awareness is to bring back the regulatory problems cryptocurrency startups are presently going through in India.

In such an interesting intersection, the six-month-antique Mudrex still has miles to go to scale its commercial enterprise opportunities, particularly at a time when the Indian cryptocurrency marketplace is bleak and cold and is probably to remain so till the authorities comes out with something clear.

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