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How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

Once you have an app idea, a lot numerous studies enthrall your mind- colorful questions begin to hang you. Among those, the alternate most common question after ‘ How important will it bring? ’ is ‘ How long will it take to develop a mobile app? ’ It’s egregious to come across this question, especially when the competition is arising to the extent that a wide array of operations are hitting the app request each day. numerous of our guests set up it tricky to attack this question, and so then we're defining how to get an estimate of time span involved. 

originally, it’s nearly insolvable to directly tell the time period until the original release is ready to enter the request. Indeed if you have a clear idea of what your app will do and whom it'll entertain, there are colorful other factors that ungovernable. And therefore, can affect the time an app development agency takes for developing the app. 

Factors affecting Time needed for Mobile App Development 


The position of sweats and time needed for creating a completely-functional app depends on the platform you choose. As per our experience, both the platforms demand a high time investment, but still Android takes a longer time. This is because of the fragmentation issues in structure operations for a wider range of bias. Though the Google has been streamlining and streamlining the Android Software Developers Kit( SDK) with time to deal with varying screen sizes, zilches performances, pixel consistence,etc., numerous further advancements are still necessary to beat the iOS platform. also, the app blessing time is lower in Android than in case of iOS platform. 

Our dexterous platoon of iOS and Android app inventors is important familiar with the current challenges and ways to beat them. 


How well the mobile app inventors understand your idea also plays a vital part in deciding the timerange.However, like just a replica of any being app or commodity like aallpaper app, the inventors can fluently understand and execute the plan, If your idea is too simple. But, if you're developing an operation with some new and unique features, you need to spend further time in making your idea clear. And this is must ago more the understanding, better will be the affair. 

We, at Appinventiv, put our stylish sweats in understanding and exploring the compass of the mobile app idea before working on it. 


Again, the features you wish to include in your mobile operation also alters the time an app takes to make fully. further the number of features, further time consuming it'll be. Again, the kind of point or functionality you want to add in your operation also counts. Some features can be easy to apply while other might take kindly
further sweats and time, depending on the complexity of its functionality. 

The complexity of the app idea and functionalities to be included can make the situation parlous! It might be that you invest a hefty quantum of plutocrat into it, but it doesn't bring anticipated issues. To overcome the loss of time, sweats and plutocrat, we encourage our guests to go for erecting MVP. A minimum feasible Product( MVP) is a product designed with limited and imperative features to figure out the compass in the request and gain precious feedbacks for unborn productdevelopment.However, you can enhance your idea with feedbacks gained, If the first interpretation of the app fails. And in case it accomplishes the thing, other features can be added into the app through consecutive releases. This is profitable yet time- consuming. 

Targeted followership 

Developing a mobile app for a many contemporaneous druggies like 1000 druggies involves lower factors than when compared to those for a larger followership like 50,000 druggies. As per our knowledge, an operation for a wider followership needs fresh investment in armature, structure, performance testing and tuning. All these factors again add on to the time needed to make an app. 

We believe that a bug-free and completely-functional app is more successful than a crashing app launched sooner in the request. So, we invest our time in performing all the tests and make sure the app follows all the pivotal KPIs. 

App Development Process 
The process you follow has a considerable impact on the time needed for development. A good process helps in getting everything from planning to designing, development, and testing on listed time. While an unhappy process can produce an imbalance in the whole. 

We, at Appinventiv, borrow nimble methodology which enables conditions and results to crop through the concerted trouble of the development platoon and the stoner. It boosts adaptive planning, evolutionary development, previous delivery and nonstop advancements. The stylish thing about this approach is that it's perfect for complex systems where the client needs changes more frequently. 

Besides this, we prefer development of different modules in resemblant rather of handling them one by one. This is done so that further of the labors can be achieved in lower time period. 


For better results, it's must that the customer and mobile operation development agency remain in touchthroughout.However, the challenges arising during the development phase are likely to be answered at a slower pace, If the customer and development platoon find it hard to communicate due to time gap or any other issue. These detainments can increase the time an app takes to make. 

Our mobility experts are always ready to go an redundant afar to maintain communication and speed up the development process. 

belting Up 

From the forenamed factors, it'll be clear to you that erecting a high- end mobile app isn't a quick and easy task! It takes a lot of time, sweats, plutocrat and strategy to produce an app that outshines in the appmarket.However, feel free to communicate us, If you have any farther query regarding app development. 

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