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How HealthTech Startup HappyDNA Looks To Tap The Preventive Healthcare Space For Kids

How HealthTech Startup HappyDNA Looks To Tap The Preventive Healthcare Space For Kids

In October 2017, the Indian Union government in its National Health Policy (NHP) draft indicated the concerns across the increasing burden of NCDs (non-communicable illnesses) within the us of a. These clinical issues get worse inside the case of babies. In order to satisfy the demanding situations of preventive healthcare for children,  faculty pals Sudipta Pal and Abhik Mallick released HappyDNA.

Launched in November 2016, a month later to the NHP draft, HappyDNA is aiming to usher in preventive healthcare solutions for children aged among 1.Five-7 years.

India’s healthcare quarter is booming and is anticipated to the touch $280 Bn by 2020, as consistent with IBEF. But preventive healthcare, mainly the kind that caters to youngsters, is yet to capture up and is notably new in India. This is precisely the reason why Indian entrepreneurs are seizing preventive healthcare as an opportunity and boosting the healthcare industry.

With our converting life, it's miles imperative to hit upon early symptoms so that their ailments can be handled well before time. And this is wherein HappyDNA is striving to make a difference.

On a assignment to provide early detection of symptoms in youngsters via its workshops, internet site and app; HappyDNA works inside the location of NCDs and intellectual wellness. Primarily focussed on those  vectors, the startup works with pre-schools at the version of ‘Detect and Intervene’ which means that it provides personalized services for fitness checkups in pre-schools with a crew of professional doctors who study children among the age organization of 1.Five to 7 years.

The Genesis Of HappyDNA

HappyDNA changed into conceived due to a private motivation of Sudipta. Since his beginning, Sudipta harboured a coronary heart hassle, proper bundle branch block (RBBB), and it was not detected until his maturity. The hassle came to light only whilst health checkups were performed on him for some investment purposes. This experience of his lifestyles brought on him to consider operating on preventive healthcare systems.


Recollecting his stories at the same time as speakme to Inc42, Sudipta said, “I should have led a extra wholesome existence had I regarded about my RBBB hassle.” This notion saved placing him and for the duration of his time in the US and Canada on his work tours, he learnt about how the governments in such developed nations have enabled preventive healthcare for youngsters in colleges itself.

Once the seed changed into laid, the dream started out flourishing as he began connecting with faculty buddies to plan for HappyDNA and as a consequence Abhik got here onboard as a co-founder.

Sudipta stated,

“We concept to convey preventive care cognizance and to identify health troubles amongst kids as young as one and a half to two years of age. So, that’s how HappyDNA turned into born. The concept to create the curriculum by means of a core clinical crew professional changed into to offer a holistic coverage to a baby’s fitness perspective. So, with our based curriculum, we interact with the kid and the faculty and we pick out the issues confronted through the kid and consequently train the caregiver.”

Expanding Network With Preschools And Parents

HappyDNA works on a B2B version with preschools. It objectives city preschools so children as young as 1.5 years of age could be a part of the workshops. The core crew has developed a curriculum to check the fitness troubles amongst youngsters.

The HappyDNA mobile app is customised and personalized to provide dad and mom with a valid focus of approaching symptoms, recognition and consultations.

Parents are able to take part inside the on line dialogue boards where they also can read blogs which are published on numerous toddler-related fitness troubles. They can also reach out for consultations with the indexed medical doctors. The startup doesn’t very own separate clinics but given that their inception, they now have a pool of one hundred fifty+ medical doctors.

They have touched the lives of 13,800+ children and presently, the team is running with 17 hospitals and clinics.

HappyDNA conducts a detailed scientific test-up utilizing its curriculum which changed into evolved by its middle medical crew and it examines the entire body structure, ENT and dental issues of children. Sudipta said, “We were capable of discover coronary heart murmur in lots of kids and mother and father weren’t aware about it. About four% of the children in India have the coronary heart murmur.”

Parent profiling is a middle part of the paintings at HappyDNA. With younger children, their strain and trauma grow to be predictable via reading parenting patterns.

“We observe a completely unique model of ‘Educate and Detect’ and it is our primary attention for the following three to 4 years for our preventive healthcare curriculum,” said Abhik.

HappyDNA isn't worried with scientific tests as of but, even though they're equipped for physiological fitness checkups. It publishes researched articles through blogs and conducts physiological test-united states of americaon the premises of the pre-schools.

The startup aims to attain as many pre-faculties as possible in order that any form of fitness problem among kids can be taken care of as early as feasible. It partners with hospitals who then prepare a group of docs for the health checkups within the pre-faculties. The dad and mom aren't charged by means of the startup as it works directly with the faculties. The startup is helpful in also managing precise problems in youngsters associated with autism, dyslexia, ADHD, diabetes control, and many others.

The healthtech startup has two working web sites, one in Kolkata in which it already working with preschools and the alternative in Bengaluru.

Myriad Plans For Tier I Cities; Wielding To Reach Kids 8-14 Years By 2019

Since its launch in October, about 2,2 hundred downloads for the app were registered and offline, the gross profit margin is about 42%, HappyDNA has additionally impacted over 25K+ dad and mom and kids via their offline and on-line services.

The startup is likewise popularising its content material and thru its operations, it’s aiming to obtain a wreck-even. Presently the startup is catering to four preschool chains in Kolkata and has installed its footprint in Delhi. HappyDNA became additionally shortlisted for ET Power of Ideas, ISB jumpstart and HitLabs by way of Unitus Seed Fund.

The healthtech startup is now looking ahead to bringing a more number of pre-faculties within its services fold. “By early 2019, we are seeking to go to the faculty regions, the following age level (8 to fourteen and later till 18) and start coaching for excessive school too. Then, we will start catering to tools that challenge the psychology of older youngsters for the reason that necessities for teens are exclusive from preschool children,” stated Sudipta.

Besides looking at Tier I cities for expansion, the startup additionally has plans to enlarge into Tier II cities. Abhik stated, “One of the largest motives for working within the healthcare quarter is that India is ultimately beginning with the 4 A – availability, accessibility, affordability and focus. The healthcare zone is trying to reach out to extra people.”

HappyDNA is constructive for boom within the coming years although the competition in infant preventive healthcare has already began with competitors inclusive of Address Health, Health Set Go, Parentune, Babygogo, and so forth.

Market Size Of one hundred ninety Mn Parents Seeking Healthcare For Kids

The modern-day-day nuclear own family setup comes with quite a few baggage. One of the bags translates to much less parenting time. Workplace stress has a negative impact at the mental fitness of mother and father and the strain is in the end pondered of their parenting style. There are also damaging effects of display-addiction in kids main to mastering disease, weight problems and other developmental issues.

All these culminate in an inflection point where current mother and father are looking for professional help in the child’s improvement. “With technology and social media have an impact on, we're seeing growing early adopters of virtual healthcare services. Increased Internet penetration and acceptance of healthcare offerings via digital platform brings the overall market length to 190 Mn mother and father,” stated Sudipta. 


Kolkata, the City of Joy, is tiding over the wave of Indian Startup hubs in conjunction with the relaxation of the u . S .. With private and authorities entities, the startup environment is calling up in the nation and today, it could boast of 250+ startups. However, in spite of the growing quantity of startups, HappyDNA founders assume there may be still room for a number of development in Kolkata.

Sudipta goes on to mention,

“Mindset continues to be nascent, be it the youngsters or the experts. People here are yet to take the sort of interests which is triumphing in Hyderabad or Bengaluru. There aren’t a great deal platforms wherein startups can network for enterprise in Kolkata. That sort of tradition is yet to increase.”

Despite the demanding situations, HappyDNA is growing with the aid of leaps and boundaries and it is determined to take strides along the rough terrain of children preventive healthcare zone. In India, due to life-style modifications delivered in through hastily spreading urbanisation and industrialisation, there is a marked shift inside the manner healthcare structures are functioning due to which an identical importance is now being given to the early detection of health issues and resolving them.

With India’s public healthcare spending at 1.2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), there is a crisis going through the healthcare system inside the united states. In a rustic plagued by way of dire health wishes, it is going to be a gripping stumble upon to watch HappyDNA meet the challenges.

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