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How guest posting is important for SEO

How guest posting is important for SEO

Out of all, what comes first is to define what is guest posting.

In general terms, " Guest posting" simply means to write an article on a website handled by someone else.

So now let's know why guest posting is crucial for SEO

The motives are many but let us focus on the leading ones. To put down, there are three things to mention which are noteworthy.

  1. It is to invigorate relationships!

Here what I mean is, a guest blogger can be of incredible help by writing on someone else's blog. This will lead to maintaining a robust relationship with all the bloggers out there on the internet who are very credible on social media applications and they can be highly influential. In turn, you are as well contributing to have those huge subscribers to your channel.

  1.  Grab the attention of new audiences!

If you are thinking how is it possible, then let me help you to be certain about it. If you are writing a blog on the distinct website which means that you are shifting the attention of people out there in that blog to your blog only if you use that link on the website. This can just create a huge audience to the platform if you get them going by making their reading experience beautiful.

Guest posting is one of the marketing strategies and it can leave the website to have heavy traffic. If you are wondering how to increase my viewers then this can be a wonderful solution to do so.

Amassing traffic to your site after trying this strategy can direct you to have a notion and certainty about what's happening on the website.

  1. You boom around in SEO!

To get your website ranking on the top of the list in the search engine is like a dream of all the bloggers. Benefits of Guest posting can possibly make this come true. Say suppose the blog that you are writing is for a renowned website that is already ranking high, then search engines would also get your blog or website ranking high as well. This is an added advantage if your blog is recognized by the search engine to get you on top ranking.

What's the logic behind this?

If you write a blog on someone else's website, it is to contribute. How it would help you is by receiving an external link and a wide range of exposure to your platform.

What is SEO?

It simply stands for "Search Engine Optimization". Now, what is Search Engine Optimization?

 It is a quality trafficking to the website achieved by the process so that all the users of a search engine are able to view the trafficked website for quality content on the top.

What about SEO in digital marketing?

SEO comes as an integrated part of a digital platform where the website of the company is marketed. To drive the consumers towards you, this is one of the strategies.

What's Search Engine Marketing then?

    Search engine marketing uses the concept of both SEO and PPC to get the website on the visible range in search engines for the consumers to hover upon. Paid per click is a paid promotion used by the website owner to promote their website.

How does SEO work?

Keywords and phrases are the two terms of the content of your website which can take you to the top and hence they must be chosen wisely in any marketing strategy.

If this was easy to imagine then, that is not what it is, because the process is beyond your imagination. Why do I think so? A search engine goes through millions of pages before it shows anything on the screen, to provide the user with relevant and quality content. That is possible due to the complex algorithm which is working behind all this in seconds.

The main focus of SEO is to increase the visibility of the webpage which is one of the strategies of digital marketing.

To think of how SEO works is a lot more to do with what it can do in the first place. If that's clear, then to answer this question becomes explainable.

SEO depends on various parameters as there are millions of webpages. And they classify the parameters with respect to on-pages and off-pages. So, now who is looking on the pages?

Yes, they are nothing but automated crawlers or I can call it Spiders! They crawl the web pages and search for parameters such as on-pages and off-pages. Now when I say on-pages, what do I mean?

On-pages are the things that you see on the pages that are title tags, content, site speed, page URLs, images alt tags, and so on.

Off-pages are simply those that are not on the pages such as links of the other sites connected to your site.

Spiders being an automated robot, they are implied to crawl on the code of the webpage and we humans are meant to read the content. So if you understand that they do not see what we discern, then it is much easier to impress crawlers that way.

For example, one of the factors is that it sees how friendly the webpages are for the users to access it without difficulty. This way the search engine earns trust with the search results seen on the page while search queries are running behind to present the quality results.

So, that's when they are an important aspect for all the website holders to keep SEO into consideration as a marketing strategy. Otherwise, expecting a website to be on the top of the list is highly unlikely.

The disadvantage only being that one can't bribe search engines to increase the visibility of the website.

How to do SEO?

To do so, follow the five key aspects that are essential for any website to rank on the top.

  1. Trafficked keyword search that is relevant to your content.

  1. Creation and optimization of the webpage for search engines and users.

  1. The website must be such that it is accessible by both humans and the crawlers.

  1. On a highly ranked website build links that are pertinent.

  1. Keep track of things.

Let us go through 5 things that are on the list…

It's hard to read a consumer's mind right? But it isn't hard if you know what's going on in their mind. To everything, a consumer search on the search engine would have a specific keyword. A need to research for this keyword is surplus and there you go, use that keyword to your website.

Secondly, creating a webpage isn't just a thing. One should make sure to entice half of the consumers with UI/UX itself. More friendly the webpage is, the easier it is to access. And more attractive it becomes, more is the number of viewers to the site.

For optimizing the page in SE, one must have an SEO plugin on an e-commerce website. Understanding the search intent of the users from the first few pages is important to know how to optimize. Not only that, but a web URL can also be taken care of. Make sure to choose a readable URL than ID numbers. Meta descriptions and tags also recompense a big role as Google focusses to display, it should not exceed more than 155 characters. The structure of the website is also read by the bots. A website with headers and subheaders is an ideal one. For the images keep in mind to change the alt tag.

How humans fiddle a crucial part, similarly bots do too. To get the website on the search engine's ranking, a bot does everything to get you there. Therefore it is equally important to impress bots to help you out.

The common things a bot looking for the best of human experience are listed below:

  1. A website must load fast.

  1. Accessibility on mobile.

  1. Website encryption by SSL certificates.

  1. A sitemap

  1. Robot textfiles for the website.

  1. Internal linking of the webpage.

The concept of backlinking to the webpage is to give rise to an audience of highly ranked webpages to visit your webpages as well. And that is done when the website owner is requested to do so.

If any broken links are there on any sites, try and fix it by creating that page to request the owner to link their page.

Another idea to obtain backlinks to the website is using Guest blog as there are significant benefits of guest posting.

Keeping track of things stands to keep track of organic traffic as well as keyword ranking to see how many clicks are obtained for the number of keywords on the website.

In the end

Search engine optimization is a huge topic of discussion to comprehend and implement. This concept can take you to the specificity of it when it comes to implementation. I hope the briefing on the layout of the topic would help to dig in.

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