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How FMCG Startup Goodness! Beverages Grew To 100K Monthly Customers In 2 Years By Capitalising On Tech

How FMCG Startup Goodness! Beverages Grew To 100K Monthly Customers In 2 Years By Capitalising On Tech

From the usage of Fitbit or every other health tool all through exercising, consuming salads and drinking the proper quantity of water, the average Indian customer has in the end woken up to the idea of a healthful weight loss plan. ‘Holistic residing’ is no longer a idea associated with yogis and yoginis who twist their bodies into unnatural positions and sell veganism as a nutritional desire. Holistic dwelling is part of a conscious way of life desire that the 18-35 spend-ready population is inclined to make with a purpose to live longer and more healthy. The key word being right here – ‘spend-equipped.’

Playing on this need to cater to the inclined to spend Millennial looking for alternative and more healthy ‘on line cafe experience’ is Goodness! Beverages. The O2O agency previously called Dropkaffe began operations in April 2015 in Bengaluru with the aid of launching a slew of beverages – cold espresso, black coffee and so forth. And having the equal introduced to the customers.

The reason for deciding on the rather much less cooler and truly lesser regarded dairy drinks phase is easy. As consistent with Chaitanya Chitta, co-founder of Goodness! Beverages, dairy has usually been approximately functionality. Products like dahi, lassi, chhaach, buttermilk and conventional yoghurt fall under the equipped to reserve class. “There haven’t been that many innovations when it comes to functional, healthier and a laugh choices within the geared up to drink, dairy section, have there?” he adds.

When it comes to cold coffees selections, we nevertheless ought to line up at Starbucks and shell out masses of dollars according to drink on a mean. Besides, a touch studies yielded that the ready to drink industry in India is well worth near $1.08 Bn (INR 7,000 Cr).

The startup’s competitors range from traditional beverage chains Starbucks, CCD, Blue Tokai and the aforementioned Amul, Aarey’s and to area of interest manufacturers which includes Epigamia, Mother Dairy, Nandini (certainly one of the most important emblem in South India for packaged dairy merchandise). So it behooves us to discover how Goodness! Beverages has managed to go into the FMCG tech vertical and putting forward a GMV of about $31K (INR 20 Lakhs) consistent with month, in April 2017.

Year One: Building An FMCG Brand Purely Online

Since Goodness! Beverages is essentially a meals play, instead of foodtech (with a QSR element amongst other factors), the realistic component to do would were to seize offline retail channels – supermarkets, mother-and-pop stores etc. The manner legacy organizations together with Coke, Pepsi, Starbucks, Café Coffee Day have carried out it. And Chaitanya consents. “Food and drinks (F&B) is frequently an offline business with perhaps approximately 5% of all corporations walking basically on the web spectrum.”

And that is where it gets interesting.

“When we commenced, we had been very clear on one element,” says Chaitanya. “To construct an established emblem within the FMCG vertical, a beverage emblem couldn't be performed solely offline, by means of taking on installed names such as CCD and Starbucks, to name just . We wanted to discern out Product Market Fit and for that we decided to maintain the enterprise exclusively on line. A non-tech, non-ecommerce enterprise with extraordinarily restrained assets cannot live on in today’s marketplace conditions.”

The reason at the back of the team’s self assurance in adopting a web, ecommerce version turned into their preceding experience. The co-founders – Chaitanya and Lakshmi Dasaka spent near a decade in New York and wanted to startup inside the consumer area when they moved lower back to India.

Their first venture Smarton (built alongside the traces of Udacity) was within the edtech space, based out of New York and India. “Smarton taught us lots in terms of building a business in India. The first lesson being, don’t push the product in India. It won’t paintings. Wait for the consumer to come back to you, it’s really worth it.”

So, the realistic manner that Goodness! Beverages started operations become on line, with a 25-30 member team, flippantly divided between operations and manufacturing. The model become hence – a user ought to log onto the internet site/app, choose the beverage of desire (cold espresso, hot coffee) and region an order. The product could be delivered to the person’s doorstep together with homes or offices, wherever the want arose.

As in step with Chaitanya, the net-best version lasted for just 9 months. In the primary 12 months of launching the internet site, the emblem had accumulated 15K clients in Bengaluru. It become additionally in August 2015 that Manish Singhal (co-founding father of pi Ventures) invested $311.3K ( approximately INR 2 Cr) in a Seed round of investment inside the corporation. In April 2016, the startup brought $550K ( approximately INR four.5 Cr)from Kanwaljit Singh (founding father of Fireside Ventures) and Hitesh Oberoi (CEO of Infoedge, which runs Naukri.Com), to its funding bucket.

Product Matters: Where Price, Taste, Experience Come Together

The Goodness! Beverages team’s pass from on-line to offline became sluggish and well thought out. By April 2016, they had been ‘productising beverages’ and moved the logo to offline channels. Other innovations that occurred were in the areas of increasing shelf existence, packaging and more. The products also started out to be indexed at foremost shops along with Godrej Nature’s Basket, Big Bazaar, and Star City.

The purpose for the relatively smooth shift became the amount of research and learning that the crew had invested in, previous to starting up. As in step with Chaitanya, they'd spent about six months figuring out  things – sourcing recipes and market research on which of them were the most popular (black coffee grew to become out to be popular, as did bloodless coffee!). The different parameter of studies changed into to apprehend and expedite the producing system, competitive costing and so forth.


This sort of deep dive can explain the consistent with unit fee of a single unit is INR 49 and INR 300 for the % of six.

Chaitanya attributes the smooth platform transition to their learnings at Techstars with Smarton. “As a startup, we learnt to consciousness on handiest one component and constructing a emblem thru function and constructing a pull product.”

As part of expanding emblem outreach, the agency also listed the goods on fellow on-line retailers which include Grofer’s, Big Basket, Amazon, Swiggy and others. As of now, Chaitanya divulges that the emblem’s retail footprint is available at near 250 stores throughout the towns it's miles operational in. The merchandise are also to be had in Goa, Hyderabad, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Pune, as of now.

The 0.33 prong in their offline campaign includes being part of occasions, mainly startup occasions, where they could have interaction and connect with their target market – the usually ‘woke’ customer who's health aware, trying the convenience of a web café experience offline.

“Our concept is to assist our client make less difficult and handy life-style alternatives at the same time as imparting cost in a significant manner,” he says. Chaitanya gives the example of a regular dairy patron who is not aware about products such as low-fats yoghurt and smoothies. When it comes to changing them, the Goodness! Beverages team seems to provide a unbroken O2O purchaser experience at an low cost price factor.

At the instant, Goodness! Beverages lists some of dairy products i.E. Cold coffees, flavored shakes, breakfast smoothies (oatmeal smoothies are every other crowd preferred), yoghurts on the platform. Chaitanya provides that the employer is also getting into the protein shakes segment to lure the severe health aficionados.

Chaitanya makes special point out of a selected vertical that the brand is pursuing. “HoReCa (inns, eating places, and cafes) together with department stores, movie-plexes, college canteens, hospitals, and even corporate places of work are our non-retail channels of engagement and PoS.”

Symbiosis: When Startups Help One Another

Goodness! Beverages has its eye firmly at the area of interest dairy and beverages commercial enterprise, which is presently well worth $25.Seventy seven Mn.

But, being an FMCG startup, the corporation has also integrated a philosophy of legacy commercial enterprise married to modern tech efficiencies. The thesis of recruitment is based totally on how enthusiastic a candidate is to operating in an ever-changing, growing environment.

But, the business enterprise has additionally recognised the want to sell fellow marketers in the startup environment, both to offer assist in addition to to avail of better charges.

For example, Chaitanya reveals that the enterprise utilises logistics startup Rivigo for deliveries. Talking approximately their advertising and marketing stack, Chaitanya says with a snicker, “Our logo became built absolutely on virtual advertising. In reality, one among our earliest Facebook campaigns was to target office goers in Bengaluru where we gave them the first off, after signing up. Eight,000 people signed up in over a month.”

The organization utilises tech to ensure efficiency in backend operations – right from sales leads, PoS solutions and collect client statistics. They have also built in a dashboard to examine inventory in actual-time.

Perhaps, this could account for the approximately 1 Lakh monthly users, derived throughout channels (offline and on line). Chaitanya divulges that the quantity of month-to-month specific customers is 50K.

As mentioned in advance, Goodness! Beverages does have competition in the niche dairy products space. But the market itself calls for a lot of innovation before it can emerge as saturated. “We have finished the first-rate we will in terms of making significant value upload to the customer’s life, in terms of availing a healthier, more handy and low priced product. This is our principal differentiator.”


As forward innovation is hardwired within the imaginative and prescient of a enterprise that began completely online before successfully transitioning to the traditional FMCG spaces, the following step is developing an IoT (Internet of Things) answer for corporates and housing complexes – a vending system that is stocked with Goodness! Beverages merchandise and is specially rigged to person alternatives.

With ambitious plans together with these, it's miles no marvel that the nascent startup is targeting $155.6K (INR 1 Cr) in month-to-month GMV over the following year.

Editor’s Note

India has always been an agrarian financial system, from the time of the Indus civilization. Living off of the land – farming, agriculture and dairy farming – are historical ways of carrying out trade. But, aside from a few extremely good names including Aarey, Amul’s and Mother’s Dairy among others, product innovation has no longer taken location within the dairy sector, according to se. Goodness! Beverages, with the precise philosophy of ‘bottling snacks’ and breakfast smoothies has controlled to capitalise on a totally important, manner of bringing the enterprise into the Information Age.

The group is doing this by using making use of tech effectively throughout various business ops as well as with the aid of maintaining innovation with converting patron desires. While the startup has controlled to advantage vital mass in phrases of customers and is seeking to breach the $a hundred and fifty five.6K (INR 1 Cr) barrier in phrases of GMV, it does stay to be seen how properly the organisation adapts to scale while combatting incumbents in South and pan-India as it keeps to provide customers the ultimate on line café enjoy.

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