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How Do You Reset Your Engagement Ring After Divorce?

How Do You Reset Your Engagement Ring After Divorce?

When a Marriage Falls Apart

Marriages are made in heaven, but at times, even the cosmos conspires the other way round, and relationships don’t work the way you had envisaged. An engagement ring is the constant reminder of the relationship you had which didn’t work out well, and thus, wearing it on your finger is a big “NO-NO”. Either you will dump it in the drawer or the jewellery box or you might even sell it off to part with any sort of attachment associated with this symbol of love and commitment. Moving on is good so that you can start afresh and breathe in some air in your life. Starting with redesigning your engagement ring is not a bad thought for it is a piece of jewellery that can be redesigned and reworked to make it look different and new. Redesign or sell your engagement ring after divorce and wear it with a new dress, heels and make-up for a changed appearance.

How Can You Reset Your Engagement Ring After Divorce?

When relationships fail, rings no longer remain signs of love and commitment. Giving it a new shape means beginning on a new note and while you do you can consider the following options:

  • Redesign the ring into a necklace: If you have a solitaire engagement ring that doesn’t have any pave diamonds, then you can easily redesign it into a diamond pendant. You can also use the gold in the ring to form a pendant that will hold the diamond. Not just the prong-setting diamond engagement ring can be reshaped into a diamond pendant but the bezel or pave setting rings can also be reworked and transformed into dazzling pendants that will make you forget what it looked like before getting reshaped. In case you have a three-stone diamond engagement ring, you can use the centre stone in the pendant and the other two stones can be changed to form a pair of earrings.
  • Evergreen studs for the lovely buds: Continue loving yourself even after the relationship falls flat. It is not the end of the world. So you can buy matching studs with the centre stone of your engagement ring which now is a pendant and you can walk away with all the pride and might. You can redesign your studs with new settings that go well with the shape of your ears and face and carve out something fascinating out of the old engagement ring.
  • From left to right: Who says that you have to wear the ring on the left ringer finger only? You get it resized and reshaped according to the middle finger or ring finger of your right hand and continue wearing it with ease. You can also change the appearance of the ring by changing its setting, and the third option is to replace the centre stone and continue with the existing setting.
  • Bracelet from the centre stone: If your engagement ring is one of its kind and you are madly in love with it but don’t want to wear it as a ring, then the interesting idea is to use the centre stone to create a bracelet. Whether you use the centre stone in the gold bracelet or use it as the show stopper in a diamond bracelet, it will look as appealing as ever and make it worth being worn comfortably.
  • Multiple uses: If your engagement ring has more than one diamond, then think about how each of the diamonds can be used to create different jewellery pieces. The possibilities are umpteen and it narrows down on how you want to use it. You might be interested in making something small and nice for your friends or gifting it to your kids in a different way. The durability of diamonds makes them perfect to be recast in the way you want them to. Don’t hesitate and go ahead with redesigning the ring after divorce because separation is not a full stop; it is just a pause button, and all you need is an extra push to start again.

Parting is never easy, but staying together when it has turned toxic is also not a wise thought. When you move out to discover the perfect customized jewellery piece for your engagement ring that you no longer want to wear after divorce, reach out to us, and we will help you in redesigning your engagement ring. Let bygones be bygones and you embrace a fresh start by talking to our experts regarding your preferences and leave the rest to us. We will give a new shape to your ring for a new beginning!

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Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo

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