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How Awfis Is Aiming To Provide Just-In-Time Offices For Startups At The Click Of A Button

How Awfis Is Aiming To Provide Just-In-Time Offices For Startups At The Click Of A Button

Today with the whole lot going hyperlocal, with one click on you could order a cab, meals, groceries, garments, furnishings, home décor, handymen, stylists, private assistants, and what not! There is an app to reserve almost some thing one should in all likelihood think about just-in-time. But what if one could also pick a place of work and book it right off the app? With changing work patterns of millenials, a place of job has ceased to be that one constant building in the urban centre you used to visit 30 kilometres away. The whenever anywhere place of work fashion is the brand new element sweeping in, slowly redefining our relationships with our offices.

Co-working spaces are a new hit in our evolving startup environment. Today you could pick to decide wherein one could with no trouble work from, via certainly pressing a button on the app. One such startup, working on the Uberization of the place of job, is Awfis – a tech-enabled new age mission that is redefining the manner paintings gets carried out inside the modern-day business environment. It gives workspaces for Small Medium Individual Local Entrepreneurs on a just-in-time basis.

Founded via Amit Ramani final year, Awfis gives clients the facility to book places of work for a period, ranging from an hour to eleven months, throughout cities which includes Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. It can be accomplished thru their cellular app – available on Android and iOS platform. Apart from its own managed seasoned-running spaces, Awfis also gives a repository of third-celebration meeting rooms in hotel brands, like Lemon Tree Hotels, Hyatt, and Trident, amongst others, throughout India. The Awfis network, which boasts of 1500 seats pan India, goals to ramp it as much as 4,000 by the cease of this month, and an formidable 10,000 by way of the cease of December, with a purpose to emerge as the biggest participant.

The Changing Workplace Trends

Amit Ramani is not any more energizing to the real estate enterprise and office areas. Currently, he is also the President and Managing Director of NELSON Asia, which presents design and actual estate consulting offerings. After graduating from the School Of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, he went on to do his Masters in Architecture at Kansas. Post that, he undertook another Masters in Facility Planning and Management from Cornell University. Says Amit, “Interestingly, my thesis in Cornell became how do you create environments that make people greater efficient.” No surprise his foray into Awfis is backed with the aid of the solid enjoy he has gathered in this vertical for greater than 15 years.

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During his tenure with Nelson, he has designed exciting paintings areas for customers in India consisting of Airtel, Cisco, Qualcomm. Notes Amit, approximately the changing place of business trends, “We noticed quite a few trends converting in terms of what humans were perceiving as work space. They desired it to be younger and active. Secondly, there was surely a pass toward proudly owning infrastructure that turned into credible. So, in advance you had huge corporates proudly owning large glass buildings even as SMEs and startups owned sub-widespread locations due to affordability. But we saw that as soon as it have become a serious enterprise, people wanted to have a space in their very own and a credible infrastructure. That trade is going on in India.”

Added to which might be the challenges posed by pollution, traffic, and problems confronted through younger moms, and those with growing old mother and father at domestic, which make a shuttle of three hours tough for a huge section of the society. Hence, the want to have centres or workplaces which might be intently aligned with in which humans stay.

Amit points out that during US, the co-operating fashion began when humans started delving into opportunity workplaces to reduce real estate footprint as it’s highly-priced. So, corporations got here up with satellite tv for pc workplaces and blended bag techniques, like do business from home, in order to save cash and offer flexibility. This were given shifted to co-operating spaces as human beings can’t make money working from home all day lengthy. Hence, the paintings vicinity slowly extended to espresso homes after which to co-working areas. He recounts that during 2006 there have been three co-running spaces in US whilst these days there are as many as 860. So that’s the change that’s taking place throughout. Similarly in India,  years back such spaces were in single digit and have now mushroomed to over 50.

Thus, powered with the aid of his revel in in layout and the brand new face of places of work, Awfis wants to construct an entire ecosystem of such workspaces to cater to the desires of the millenials. Adds Amit,

“India is presently witnessing a revolution inside the startup and entrepreneurial way of life, triggering a rise within the cellular operating population. We are in the method of making the most important community of managed workspaces and meeting rooms a good way to permit customers to discover a area within a 10 minute riding distance across all foremost metros. The Anytime, Anywhere network of spaces will enable the younger Indian personnel to work near domestic.”

The Awfis Environment

The new age workplace environment has visible the onslaught of labor being performed from laptops, iPads, iPhones and diminishing desktops. And an ordinary paintings day is now rarely a complete day spend at desk. Hence, with changing trends, increasingly more collaborative regions are making their way into an office environment. Vibrant workplace environments are being created that react to people’s styles of work.

“Millenials paintings very one-of-a-kind from gen-Xers and baby boomers. So, even as we created our physical infrastructure, a number of thought has gone in on our knowledge of the way people react to their paintings areas. For instance, they might not want to sit down in a assembly room for an hour, or what's the sort of chair they want to sit down in whilst having a informal communique. Hence, we are reacting to how human beings are maximum productive of their area and feature constructed activity-based totally settings in Awfis.

Activity-based settings is what's at the middle of Awfis. It allows people to react with space the manner they feature and the manner they're maximum effective. The size of workstations, the peak of panels, the transparency created through glass panels (rather than a closeted space), bendy seats supplied in interesting ways, front room seating, pods in which you can listen to tune to distress,  individual meeting pods wherein human beings could have short communication, and call booths for non-public conversations are some of the capabilities that characterise the surroundings.

The seating plans are constructed around flexibility – beginning from an hour and going upto eleven months. So, it is easy to e-book a assembly room, a single seat or greater, right from the app. This is one in every of its primary strengths which permits for whole transparency. Hourly prices start from INR 300 to INR 700 for a day, for reserving a desk. The month-to-month pricing starts from INR 5,000 and INR 11,000 in step with seat consistent with month for flexi and fixed paintings stations respectively. The pricing is which includes all amenities like limitless Internet, hot drinks, assembly and printing credit. So, from a person who simply desires a place of work for an hour to someone who desires it for few months, there is something for everyone.

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Additionally, the generation inside the space allows one to do lots greater. Through more than one partnerships, the group ensures you'll do the whole thing at its centres – shopping for something via the app, paying for added credits, ordering meals from Faasos, ordering desk bound, and shopping for monetary services.

Each centre also has a committed network supervisor whose sole job is to attend to community participants. This issue is important for Awfis because it pursuits to create a giant community. As in step with Amit, competition who are focused on community play, have sub-300 seats at the same time as Awfis is aiming to have four,000 seats via the give up of March and contact 10,000 via December-give up. So, he is counting on scale, to be in a role to manual/drive developments within the co-operating area. And a major part of this hinges on its partnerships with hotels, or so to say the 5-big name assembly rooms.

The Five Star Meeting Room!

Says Amit, “We aspire to emerge as the Uber of workplaces. But if we don’t have a era platform that integrates our areas to the readiness or ability of people to e book an office just in time, then it isn't always feasible. What we are striving at is that inside a ten mins radius, in any essential metropolis wherein human beings do office commercial enterprise, you may have an Awfis centre. And that’s why we're increasing speedy, as then simplest we can say we are honestly just-in-time. Hence, we got here up with the concept of signing up inns so that one could ebook a 5 famous person or a 3 famous person meeting room proper off our app. Because we agree with one length does now not suit all.”

The underlying idea was to make use of the already present motel community, attain out to a much broader target audience, and thereby amplify quicker. Amit explains that relying on who you need to fulfill–a CEO of a high flying organisation or a VC or a colleague–one would want to e-book both a 5 star or a three celebrity or a regular Awfis assembly room. So, what Awfis pursuits to do is provide all forms of alternatives to the person, so that something associated with his paintings day can be looked after. He further provides,

“Real estate being a difficult commercial enterprise, I am now not presuming that we will have a real property coverage inside 10 mins across 7 towns in six months. It will take time. But if I can leverage the already existing motel infrastructure, it works to my gain. It’s a ten minute communication that receives them on my app, and once they are on my app, I can upload this 20 locations to my community. It is a virtually underutilized asset. So, just as Uber is using the underutilized taxi’s time, we are doing the equal with the inns’ inventory.”

Hence the partnership with resort brands, like Lemon Tree Hotels, Hyatt, Trident, etc., to add to its inventory of 0.33 party assembly rooms.

Given that real estate is a capital in depth useful resource, Awfis has resorted to a aggregate of fashions to make sure the viability of the model. Or as Amit puts it, “I have a look at real property in the black and yellow taxi section. Not lots of innovation has came about on this market – any landlord wants protection deposit, long term leases. So, to convince people we are the Uber, first we need to make our own Meru. We needed to create our personal infrastructure which we did with directly leases on some of our locations.”

In this model, Awfis has embarked into long term leases and would recover it in small chunks by using leasing out to community individuals. The second model that it has entered into is ‘managed aggregation’. In this model, the landlord brings the distance to the desk, Awfis brings in its information of the distance and infrastructure, accordingly each mutually make investments inside the capital funding after which percentage the income. Another model being observed is the ‘asset light’ model this means that that the owner makes the funding on infrastructure and builds it out, Awfis pays him out over a certain duration through leases and rent upgrades. Amit admits that the controlled aggregation version is permitting them to upload the deliver in no time.

Awfis is specializing in taking the dead location or the below-utilized location inside the constructing, as it’s the hardest to lease, and build on that. So, out of the proposed 10,000 seats, Awfis targets to build five,000 via immediately leases, and the rest thru controlled aggregation.

Footfalls and Future

While the idea of booking one’s office on an app with out honestly visiting it would seem a piece problematic, what's being located is that after having made the first commitment and having a high-quality revel in, the renewals are all going on at the app. Adds Amit, “20% of our customers are clearly simply-in-time. For instance, a enterprise which was moving from region A to B, walked in to allow their personnel paintings from Awfis during the downtime of 10 days.’

As in keeping with him, the Lower Parel (Mumbai) centre, which opened closing month, has seen 200+ stroll-ins. Similarly, the South-Ex centre in Delhi, which opened in September, become going for walks at a hundred% capacity in much less than four months. Awfis currently has 7 centres operational in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. And any centre which is greater than three months antique is registering one hundred% occupancy, claims Amit. Consequently, at the anvil are about 50 greater centres in NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Simultaneously, it's miles continuing to expand its partnership base, which currently stands at 25 and is predicted to develop to 2 hundred inside the next 90 days.


To support its aggressive increase plan the agency has already invested $3 Mn ultimate 12 months, and has committed a total of $10 Mn investment to increase its commercial enterprise. Radha Kapoor, daughter of YES Bank’s CEO Rana Kapoor, is every other investor within the task, and has committed budget to the song of $5 Mn within the project.

While its plans are ambitious, Awfis will face competition from many such ventures which have mushroomed to leverage the increase in the startup environment and the unfold of the anywhere workplace trend. Bhive, Innov8, Qdesq, 91Springboard, Social Offline, and Regus  are a number of the various gamers on this space. The best of the community, convenience, and ease of get right of entry to are elements which decide potential utilization at co-operating areas. Real property expenses weigh heavily on their fulfillment and in this regard, it is going to be interesting to see how does Awfis’s managed aggregation version works out in the long run.

But one thing is clear – our relationships with our offices are without a doubt converting and so are the formal definitions of it. It is heartening to note that given converting tendencies and concrete demanding situations, corporates are also coming round to the reality that it’s just not sufficient to create one centre in an city vicinity and assume human beings from 50 km radius to congregate there for work. To include the needs of younger moms or people with antique mother and father at home, and for retaining first-class talent, they are also equipped to take the bounce to include ‘work near from home programs’ if they're not entirely comfortable with work at home programmes. This shift in mind-set augurs properly with all of the worried entities – the co-running spaces, human beings, startups, and for corporates.

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