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Four Car Enthusiasts Turned Their Passion Into An IoT Startup: Carnot To Disrupt $30.21 Bn Vehicle Diagnostics Market

Four Car Enthusiasts Turned Their Passion Into An IoT Startup: Carnot To Disrupt $30.21 Bn Vehicle Diagnostics Market

Rohan Vadgaonkar, Pushkar Limaye, Urmil Shah and Prathamesh Joshi have several matters in common. Apart from sharing the IIT tag, they all are hardcore vehicle enthusiasts which led them to create a imaginative and prescient constructed out of most of these passions and commonalities – Carnot, an IoT startup, offering a car diagnostics solution.

The increasing demand for luxurious passenger vehicles, developing want for emergency assist, and growing top class vehicle income are key drivers of the vehicle diagnostics market, in line with se a recent document by means of Markets and Markets. So a long way, lots has been achieved to make the motors clever and automatic or even driverless. However, there are only some corporations such as Automatic, MOJIO, Autobot which provide monitoring answers and wireless safety for the cars. But nevertheless, for dealing with the automobile, a majority populace has been dependent on service centres best.

As Urmil says, “Cars have developed loads over the past decade, however little or no has changed inside the way they integrate with the relaxation of our virtual world. Our imaginative and prescient then is to attach all cars to the internet to help automobile owners seamlessly control all components in their motors with just a faucet on their smartphone.” With their vehicle diagnostic answer, the founders are as a result trying to disrupt $30.21 Bn international vehicle diagnostics market. At the equal time, the founders also are positioning themselves in the space of automobile protection, equipped to battle with the legends using technology which includes GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth.

Based in Mumbai, the IoT startup presently gives a hardware component and an easy-to-use software program app for ensuring whether or not the digital structures inside a user’s automobile (in cutting-edge motors, the whole thing comes beneath digital structures) is in running order. Once included into the device, it is able to be used to screen the automobile to make sure its protection, ship alert alerts in case maintenance are required, supply insights on the automobile’s fuel economic system and extra.

The product changed into released officially on Amazon in January 2017. Backed through FreeCharge founders, Sandeep Tandon and Kunal Shah, to the track of $500K, the organization claim to have four,000 MAUs (monthly lively users) within a 12 months. And has an formidable plan to convert that wide variety to 10,000 paying customers via the cease of this region.

How The Journey Of IoT Startup Carnot Began?

Well, The Red ‘Check Engine’ Light Was A Trigger!

During their years in IIT, the club of 4 were given their first platform in an inter-university opposition BAJA, to show off their ardour closer to vehicles. Here, each year, groups of engineering college students from distinctive colleges across India are invited to construct race ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicle). For the neophytes in automobile racing, an ATV is a small open motor automobile with one seat and three or more wheels outfitted with massive tyres, designed for use on rough floor.

While building these racing prototypes, one of the first matters they found out changed into to monitor electronic systems for the cars remotely. They also studied existing vehicle fashions appreciably. And that become when they found the purple ‘take a look at engine’ light problem.

As Urmil explained, “The common vehicle owner buys a logo-new automobile and leaves the protection of the car to the specialists, the garage mechanics or service centres who rate for their offerings. Sometimes steeply. While the fee isn't always an problem, it is the simple information gap that could be a capacity ache point for car proprietors.”

Usually, most car owners don’t even think about checking their cars regularly to find out if the entirety is operating internally because it should. In the contemporary versions of many automobiles, one might also discover an alternative on the automobile dashboard pronouncing, ‘Check Engine’. When some thing is interrupting the capability of the engine, it starts blinking or flashes a crimson light rather than a yellow/orange light indicating there is some problem that wishes immediate attention.

“In any such case, the car owner finally ends up taking the automobile to the storage or provider centres, while the red take a look at engine light or the pilot comes on. They don't have any idea of what’s wrong with their vehicle and no way of assessing how extreme the difficulty is till they ask a seasoned for prognosis.”


This is wherein the IoT startup Carnot is available in. “We have smartphones, clever ACs, smart TVs. But there is a large gap between our cars and the virtual technologies that we use and operate every day with just a contact of our arms. If you’re sitting at domestic, you wouldn’t know what's taking place with your car. Whether it's far parked effectively, if it’s in a towing quarter, to mention the least. We have tried to create a easy and elegant way to bridge this gap,” stated Urmil.

Taking On IoT And Merging It With Vehicle Diagnostics: The Carnot Prototype Journey

Carnot founders first created a crude version of the prototype as a evidence of idea, a yr and a half of returned.

The prototype consisted of a diagnostic tool that plugs into the automobile’s diagnostic centre within the dashboard. The firmware (everlasting software programmed right into a examine-best reminiscence) protected the patented algorithms that are able to display a automobile’s overall performance thru battery voltage. The automobile diagnostics then receives transferred to the cloud infrastructure.

Lastly, they created a purchaser-dealing with app available on iOS and Android, that's a SaaS answer and springs with six unique modalities inside the cutting-edge model. The app can be used to test one of a kind problems with the person’s car. As according to Urmil, the provider is loose for the primary year of download and charges $14 (INR 900) thereafter. “We like to call it the FitBit to your car,” Urmil shares, with a snicker.

He further provides, “When we were given the first prototype, we definitely notion of testing it on an Uber. And, the ‘Check Engine’ mild blinked crimson, whilst we plugged it in and downloaded the app. Not best this, at the same time Carnot prototype also recognized the hassle with the auto as ‘your mass airflow sensor isn't running.’ This hassle creates gasoline diseconomy, which means your common drops and also you grow to be spending extra in keeping with litre.”

The founders then approached a nearby Honda dealership to test Carnot for person adoption, positioning and pricing. They additionally performed advertising dipstick surveys and discovered out that automobile owners had been willing to spend more than $109 (INR 7,000) on car safety, monitoring and diagnostic solutions. “Auto accessories are traditionally difficult-to-deploy, clunky products as opposed to something horny like a cellphone app. But the only component we observed out was that there has been no product like this available,” claims Urmil.

Decoding The Vehicle Diagnostic Tool And Carnot App

The vehicle diagnostic tool changed into examined by using approximately 500 customers, (the majority of them from Mumbai) in 2016, before rolling out. The additives for the plugin model come from the USA, Taiwan, China and India. And, as per Urmil, takes about a month after starting up manufacturing to reach at the Mumbai workplaces, in which the firmware is geared up onto the module and it's far despatched off to the users.

Urmil also shares that one in all their fundamental demanding situations has been building vendor contacts since the components are outsourced from all around the global in addition to automating the deliver chain. A new development that he stocks is that of moving the enterprise’s warehouse to Mumbai from Chennai after GST turned into announced.

The app, alternatively, has been developed via co-founder Prathmesh and one of the key matters they focused on was getting the purchaser revel in, i.E. UX proper. The app deals with specific and layered capabilities of diagnosing the electric systems of the car. For example, some thing as simple and basic as checking the area of the automobile, or nearby available parking areas, these types of come under the safety and protection vehicle accessory model of the Carnot app.

Moving a step in advance, the Carnot app additionally presents additional information along with ride analysis, for each ride undertaken by the motive force. A driver rating from zero-100, primarily based on minute information like how easily you exchange gears and pressure in wellknown, how fuel green a user is and extra. These analyses appear in the graphic shape and purpose to create product stickiness in addition to consumer engagement, resulting in 4,000 MAUs, 50% of which are daily energetic users, beginning the app every  days on common.

As noted already, the Carnot tool and app are continuously monitoring the digital systems inside a consumer’s automobile and checking for anomalies and inefficiencies in different components of the engine – be it oil degree, or brake fluid or battery voltage.

The Carnot Business Model: Exploring Strategic Partnerships, Customisations And More

As according to the founders, the group conducted considerable surveys earlier than coming to the realization that the common vehicle owner is willing to shell out about INR 7,000 to shield his vehicle. Thus, they launched completely on Amazon with an preliminary pricing of INR 6,900. According to Urmil, they controlled to sell about 2,000 units over the direction of the first two and a half of months which became their entire inventory.

Now, the IoT startup is gift at an reliable revel in zone at a Croma outlet in Ghatkopar’s R City Mall. The company has also tied up with Uber in which they retail the Carnot tool+app as a micro fleet management solution. Urmil explains this as, “A range of automobile proprietors have a couple of cars and drivers operating on Uber. With Carnot plugged into the automobile, these proprietors can screen what the drivers are up to, proper from the place of the car to how and where it's far getting used.”

Car insurance organizations is some other vertical that Carnot is exploring. So far, no corporation has been capable of provide usage-based totally rates, with minutiae of a automobile available for monitoring. The IoT startup has partnered with ICICI Lombard to provide usage-based totally premiums on the insurer’s automobiles.

They also are seeking to build customised solutions for automobile manufacturers, although Urmil refuses to disclose the names of said manufacturers. Carnot has also closely relied on social media to getting the product in the fingers of auto influencers as well as growing user cognizance.

On the competition the front, Urmil believes that the industry is majorly populated with vehicle safety solutions and what they are providing are a lot extra than that. While the safety of the auto is often addressed, the diagnostic and user revel in aspects make it a chunk extra exciting and tasty for authentic-blue car lovers. The subsequent differentiator is the plug-n-play feature of the product. As Urmil says, “No expertise is needed as a way to apprehend and run Carnot on a automobile. You can plug it in, download the app and the pairing and set up will take location in under two mins.”

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Perhaps, that is why the IoT startup is keen to set up a presence pan India via the Croma partnership over the following couple of months. They are also partnering with provider centres, providing mechanics and auto professionals with the tool for automobile diagnostics that come into the centres. One of the maximum vital destiny plans Carnot is undertaking is that of making the Smart Solution for buses and vehicles. According to Urmil, the tool can be attached to the battery voltage facets of a bus/truck and recognized in plenty the same way as a vehicle is. Taking this answer a step in addition, they're in talks with State Governments to provide the solution for State-run Road Transport Corporation (SRTC).

In Conclusion

The IoT startup that started out with 4 vehicle lovers seeking to figure out the trouble pink take a look at engine light, the street ahead may additionally appear bumpy but limitless, all the identical. Owning a vehicle is critical business. Often costing six-eight figures without problems for a firsthand, ex-showroom model, urbanites have always had to very own a automobile on their to-do list of ‘making it.’ Thus, automobile security and maintenance are priorities for the common city car proprietor.

On top of it, the Indian automobile industry is one among the largest inside the international. India is also a outstanding automobile exporter and has strong export boom expectancies for the close to destiny. Further, numerous projects by the Government of India which includes ‘Make in India’ and the essential automobile players within the Indian marketplace are expected to make India a leader within the two Wheeler and Four Wheeler market within the world by using 2020.

Also, with India decided to be an electric powered automobile state by way of 2030, the opportunity is tremendous for a automobile diagnostic startup which includes Carnot. Leveraging IoT, the founders of the startup have a number of options in advance to scale globally.

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