Convert YouTube videos into Mp3 format

Convert YouTube videos into Mp3 format

Convert YouTube videos into Mp3 format

We are familiar with YouTube because it gives us a platform where we can see and find any video we needed. YouTube is a video sharing platform where we can share our videos to reach maximum people.

One of the largest video sharing channel is YouTube that provide us every type of video.

We can find our favorite videos and songs from YouTube. Sometimes we find video of our favorite song but we want to download and save such song in audio file because video can take too much space from phone internal memory.

In this situation we have only two options left.

  • Search song in google and download
  • Convert YouTube video in to Mp3 file

Ist step is difficult because we need to find a download link for audio file that is relevant or we need to check for authentic website. 2nd step is to simple and easy because we just need to follow some simple steps to convert YouTube to Mp3


Steps to convert YouTube video into Mp3

  • Search/find song video from YouTube
  • Copy video URL
  • Open
  • Paste the link the given box
  • Select audio file format i.e.(Mp3)
  • Click on “convert it” button
  • After video convert into Mp3 click on download button to save in internal storage



There are two famous video converters that are mentioned bellow

Mpconv is a new and emerging video convertor tool that can easily change video file into audio file just by making few clicks. To convert YouTube video intoMp3 file copy video link from YouTube and paste into the box. After accepting terms and conditions select the file format (Mp3, Mp4, AVI) and also select the size in which you want to convert your audio file. After this click on “Convert it” to convert YouTube into your selected format.


Peggo is one of the free and best instrument on this rundown of YouTube to MP3 Converter list since it gives an interesting component of video altering. One you glue your YouTube video URL it takes you to in the altering page where you can alter and modify just that part which you need to catch and change over it into MP3 record. It implies that you can change over and tweak any discourse from YouTube video and convert them into sound record.

Select the beginning and closure point in the video and snap on the believer button Peggo will begins to change over your chose video divide into a sound additionally enable you to expel quiet, standardize the volume and auto rest collection name and craftsman name and so forth.

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