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Complete Guide to Setup a Fleet Management App for Trucking Company

Complete Guide to Setup a Fleet Management App for Trucking Company

Global trade in the US generates the highest Gross domestic product amounting to 21.44 trillion US Dollars. According to, the US Trucking industry amounts to an average of 255.5 billion USD annually. An avid entrepreneur can always set his foot in this growing industry. Fleet management has changed hands from the supervisors to mobile phones. Fleet management apps are highly productive when compared to other means of management. What is the essential information that is to be known before you start to develop a fleet management app?

Challenges faced in Fleet management
Key challenges faced during fleet management include,

  • Driver Safety
  • Productivity maintenance
  • Cost and Fuel reduction initiatives

According to MarketsAndMarkets reports, the fleet management software market is expected to return 28.66 billion US Dollars by 2022. With mobile apps available for almost every service nowadays, a fleet management app can be a reliable and safer option in this growing business venture.

Fleet Management app

A fleet management app tracks the activities of the fleet using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Fleet management apps provide real-time location of the fleet, the driver details and the fuel consumed by the vehicle. Fleet management reduces the operating expenses of the company. It brings automatic management thereby reducing manual labor. Fleet management reduces the time consumption that is needed in manual labor.

With a ready-made solution like Uber clone app, entrepreneurs can develop a fleet management app.

What does it take to develop a fleet management app?

  • Developing a fleet management app

Building a fleet management app can be done manually or with a technical development team. If you are about to develop a fleet management app, the essential features of the app must be known.

  • Essential Features of the App

There are some basic features of a fleet management app. They include,

  • Real-time location

    To monitor fleets seamlessly, the real-time location of the fleet must be known. Driver safety, cost reduction, fuel reduction depends on this feature of the app. If the real-time location is not known, insights cannot be given to drivers.
  • Vehicle Information
    The app must contain vital details of the vehicle including fuel indicator, engine load indicator, vehicle number, etc.
  • Fleet History
    The app must provide a detailed chronology of events about the different orders taken up by the fleet.
  • Notifications
    The app can provide instant notifications to company owners regarding the delivery of goods, vehicle starting, halting, etc.
  • Optimized Routes
    Drivers are greatly benefited if the quickest route to the particular location is available to them. This reduces fuel and time consumption to the maximum extent.
  • Fuel stations
    The apps must indicate nearby fuel stations to the drivers. This relieves the drivers from finding a fuel station during the commute.
  • Technological Features of the App
    For efficient performance, the app must be user-friendly and readily accessible. From the technological point of view, the app must contain
  • Attractive User Interface (UI)
    A simple and attractive user interface can greatly benefit the users. The ease of accessibility of features in the app is paramount during development.


  • Multi-platform support

    The app should be compatible across different platforms including android and iOS.
  • Encrypted security

    Fleet tracking and management is a punishable offense without the consent of drivers and vehicle owners. The data in the app must be encrypted and stored safely.


  • Backend management of the app      

For a user-friendly app experience, maintaining the backend is highly essential. Backend management includes features like,

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • User authentication and management
  • Security
  • API Integration


  • Advanced features of the app

To sustain in the market for an increased timeframe, the developing app must have the cutting edge over other apps. Advanced features can come in handy during the user’s assessment of the app. Some of the advanced features include,

  • Panic button

Drivers can notify the company immediately in case of theft or undesirable situations. A vehicle breakdown can also be notified to the company instantly.

  • Geofences

    Geofences are active areas around which a fleet can travel. If a fleet surpasses a geofence, notifications are sent to the company instantly.
  • Safety features

    For any company, safety is paramount. Safety features include vehicle behavior, fuel usage, speed, etc. In case of any abnormality in vehicle behavior, the company is notified immediately. Moreover, satellite imagery of fleet aids in the safety of drivers as well as goods.


Summing up,


Fleet management apps for a trucking company can be highly beneficial. Advanced planning and proper execution of the plan can come in handy. Developing an app from scratch involves extensive market study. A major business venture like the trucking industry can be lucrative on any given day. A white-label Uber like app for fleet management can be developed on-demand. 

Approaching an app devlopment can be ideal as they provide technical assistance. Moreover, customization results in reduced price when compared to the complete development of the app. Communicating your exact plan and estimate to the development company can help in providing you the optimized custom-built white-label app.

Author Biography.

Jennifer Atkinson
Jennifer Atkinson

Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth hacker & marketer for Appdupe – on-demand app development company focused on providing ready-made app solutions. She loves to find new business ideas and helps startup entrepreneurs with business consultation. She has a specialty in writing about startup ideas, feasible business recommendations, etc.

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