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Chennai-Based Gobuzzr’s IoT Play Looks To Take The Sting Out Of Bee Farming

Chennai-Based Gobuzzr’s IoT Play Looks To Take The Sting Out Of Bee Farming

The humble and oft-omitted honeybee is one of the most vital hyperlinks in natural meals manufacturing and flora boom. So whilst most know bees because the supply of honey, a wholesome bee populace honestly shows the general health and fertility of the natural habitat or atmosphere. 

But apiarists or bee farmers are not always considered in the equal elegance as farmers that produce grains and plants. This is visible in challenges together with pests and predators, weather alternate, loss of credit score for the beekeeping area, steeply-priced beekeeping device, water scarcity, and absence of professional labour. 

At the identical time, the demand for honey is going through the roof, in particular as natural and healthful alternatives come into consciousness amid the pandemic crisis. Honey has emerged as the great alternative for sugar and other artificial sweeteners. According to marketplace research company IMARC Group, the honey marketplace in India is developing at a CAGR of 10%, and is expected to reach a cost of INR 28 Bn via 2024. 

But at the equal time, Indian bee farmers might be extracting extra fee from the global marketplace as nicely and this is wherein generation is gambling a position, specially with the development in IoT or Internet of Things which can be supporting farmers analyse records from beekeeping.

Chennai-primarily based agritech startup Gobuzzr has claimed to have evolved a today's IoT answer that continues a check on beehives in apiaries, with the aid of monitoring weight of the hive, internal humidity, temperature and sounds to decide the fitness of the hive in actual-time. Farmers can get this records via an internet portal or mobile app. 

Founded in 2019 by means of G Kapildev, Gobuzzr emerged as an concept whilst the founder visited Zimbabwe in a previous expert function to execute a challenge for a purchaser named Prophet W Magaya, who's the founding father of PHD Ministries. Magaya, who is also a manufacturer and exporter of honey, owns near 30K apiaries in the southern African u . S .. During the go to to at least one such bee farm, Kapildev noticed how farmers struggled to extract honey and how the hive’s fitness changed into being monitored through guesswork and intuition instead of facts. Some of the practices were also merciless to the bee populace, which Kapildev especially wanted to exchange. 


“Gobuzzr will not handiest placed an stop to the choking of lots of harmless bees within the process, however additionally reduce transportation fee and cut down manual labour cost. Most importantly, this may show the fitness condition of the bees and beehives, remotely and in actual-time, thereby increasing the productiveness of honey and agri-farming,” Kapildev G instructed CFT. 

The agritech startup claims to be the primary in India to be working in beekeeping, but it has a few competition in the global arena. Some of the buzzworthy startups within the apiary tracking area include ApisProtect, BuzzBox, Bee Smart Technologies, BeeHero, The Bee Corp among others. 

Chennai-Based Gobuzzr's IoT Play Looks To Take The Sting Out Of Bee Farming

How Gobuzzr Leverages IoT  

Gobuzzr’s tech platform is constructed around the IoT tool called ‘Beehive Monitor,’ that's fixed at the bottom of each beehive. Embedded with a GPS sensor, this device further allows farmers identify in which the hive is placed and sensors additionally display the load of the beehive in actual-time. The tool sends the records to the cloud periodically, which is then transmitted to the mobile software. The IoT tool additionally monitors temperature, humidity of the hive, and health circumstance of the beehive. 

“The queen bees regularly talk with its military in a specific frequency, and we're currently working on a sensor which captures this frequency in actual-time, thereby indicating the health situation of the beehive,” defined Kapil, on how they access the fitness of apiaries.    

Leveraging the electricity of big records and device mastering, Gobuzzr said that it gathers statistics from multiple information resources, along with the healthy and diseased hives, reviews from various inspections from one of a kind hives across the globe. These predictions and facts, while positioned thru its algorithms, deliver farmers actionable insights to hold the hive healthful, boom productiveness and save you lack of bees.  

The machine can also hit upon threats including fireplace, motion of hives, surprising modifications in temperatures, which can also imply herbal calamities and outside factors. The IoT gadget is stated to be 95% accurate in phrases of the prediction of fitness. 

“We have researched in-house and worked with a couple of farmers for approximately a yr to get this wide variety,” stated Kapildev. While the product continues to be in the development degree, the organization is working to make it low-cost and geography agnostic. 

Chennai-Based Gobuzzr's IoT Play Looks To Take The Sting Out Of Bee Farming

Buzzing Around Bee Data 

Gobuzzr stated that it is currently running with Zimbabwe’s Magaya and a few individual farmers inside the UK to test their products and are analyzing the behaviour of bees and beehives. “We were getting a whole lot of queries from Indian farmers, but we are not there yet as we are upgrading our prototypes to house beehives as consistent with India’s weather,” said Kapildev. 

In phrases of fee, the pricing for the international customers would come up to $a hundred and sixty per apiary, in step with user, which they're presently operating to reduce to $80 for both Indian as well as global marketplace. 

This includes the IoT device at the side of the apiary set up and the app, and extras like sun strength solution. “We are currently operating towards deploying near 5000 devices at no cost to the Indian farmers, wherein we are able to additionally be partnering with agriculture colleges to reveal and look at the condition of bees and beehives,” the founder said.

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“Once the mass adoption happens and we've the facts, we are able to be charging customers on a subscription basis in step with apiary,” stated Kapildev. The employer stated that it is constructing answers targeted on bee hobbyists, small and big scale farmers. 

Currently, jogging its commercial enterprise in a bootstrapped mode, Kapildev stated he has invested near INR 25 Lakh – INR 40 Lakh to develop the product. In the coming months, it looks to elevate investment and collaborate with apiary farmers who're looking to produce honey on a large scale. 

“This form of product wishes a touch little bit of push from the government as well as personal players in terms of investments, which enables us create greater extent, analysing information and setting up of different models,” stated Kapildev.

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