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Capabilities you should look for in Full Stack Developers

Capabilities you should look for in Full Stack Developers

Are you looking for excellent developers to build your business app? Do you have a tight budget? If the answer to these questions is a Yes, then it is advisable that you hire full-stack developer for this purpose. However, it crucial that you understand some considerations while selecting the right full-stack developer for your dream project.

A full-stack developer possesses the potential to build and maintain all the components that are needed to run a web application. These elements belong to frontend and backend layers as well as all DevOps activities.

Moreover, they are also capable of creating a full-fledged app for web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Along with the knowledge of frontend and backend, they also know how to deal with servers, databases, APIs, MVCs, multiple hosting environments, and a lot more.

You can say that a full-stack developer is a professional who works in every aspect of an application, from unusual state structures to the servers that host the app.

Let us take a look at the benefits you can reap by hiring a full-stack developer.

  1. Full-stack developers are equipped with technical skills to make the protocol design fast and use a wide range of techniques.
  2. They have broader views and progressive mindset by using sensitive products and techniques.
  3. They have comprehensive knowledge of backend and frontend technologies.

The three-tier Architecture of Full Stack Development

Web development consists of a three-tier architecture. This approach includes the implementation of a common client-server software architecture pattern. Further, the entire development process is divided into three layers. Let us know these layers at length.

The presentation layer is concerned with UI related issues and the presentation of the data to the end user.

The business logic layer is more related to data validation and processing the data to produce information for the users.

The data access layer handles data persistence and data storage behind the scenes.

These layers play a vital role in the development process. The business logic layer is applied in a server, where you use languages such as Ruby, Python, C++, Java, or ASP.Net. The server communicates with a backend database management system to exchange data. This data generates the frontend display of data to the user by the server-side rendering of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Know the Growing Trends towards Full Stack Development

You will notice an increasing trend towards full-stack development, which you can use for the implementation over the entire stack. You can implement the front-end as a Single Page Application (SPA) with the help of one of the JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS. Moreover, the server-side can be implemented using technologies like Node.js that depends on JavaScript.

A full-stack developer implements the data access or data storage using technologies such as MongoDB that is based on storing JSON data and serving up information in the form of JSON. Thus, JSON has become the standard format for data interchange among the three layers we discussed above.

You can target multiple platforms with the help of the REST API. It allows the server to serve up the data in the form of JSON, which can be then rendered either on a standard web browser. Alternatively, it can also be rendered on a mobile device with the help of one of the multi-platform hybrid mobile application development environments.

Characteristics of a Full Stack Developer

Possess an Area of Expertise

A full-stack developer has to excel in identifying the business needs and has to excel their area of focus in web technologies like JavaScript. Thus, full-stack development consists of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, database systems, web server deployment, operating systems, payment systems, and word control system.

Should Jack of all & Master of Few

A full-stack developer needs to have in-depth knowledge of technologies. They have to learn everything they can and also keep updating themselves with the emerging technological updates in the market.

Well-versed with Front-end & Back-end Development

Frontend and backend technologies are the fundamental things a full-stack developer should know. They need to be comfortable with both these frameworks. Moreover, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are the base of most web development.

You need to see whether the developer has good knowledge with most programming languages. They should have the capability of creating web-based applications using JavaScript in various forms as feasible.

Moreover, they should have good knowledge of servers, networks, hosting environments, algorithms, data structures, programming languages, and databases.

Thus, they should be able to create a link between each piece of the puzzle, as it is all about connecting the dots.

Developer Network

When you look for hiring a full-stack developer, then make sure they are completely up-to-date and stay relevant in the market. They should have a network of peers online. Inquire with them whether they have joined a community, have a profile on social media sites, online forums, chat rooms, or groups. If they are updated with these things, then you can select them for your project development.

Experience Matters

When you plan to hire any developer, the experience is one of the most critical aspects you need to look for. Moreover, it is about the quality product you need to look for when you hire a full-stack developer. It means that they should have the potential of delivering a high-quality application.

Moreover, they should be able to provide an easy-to-use user experience with excellent functionality as a full-stack expert. All these things can be achieved only when you have hired an experienced full-stack developer. The dynamics of the tech market are always changing. Therefore, they should be able to adapt to the changing era of technologies and use the latest ones as well in full-stack development. Experience is a critical aspect you need to consider at the end of the day when you shortlist full-stack developers for your mobile or web app development.


In the end, we can conclude that full-stack developers are professionals who hold master keys on both frontend and backend development. Additionally, they should have a good understanding of DevOps, which is trending in the market. If you cannot find such a full-stack developer, then it is advisable that you contact the right IT firm that offers dedicated resources within a call.

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Sagar Sharma
Sagar Sharma

Sagar holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Credencys Solutions Inc. He is responsible for all the technical operations, as well as leading the company’s revolutionary offerings. He is helping companies navigate the Digital journey in an Agile environment. Share your app idea at

Sagar has two main areas of focus - Technology and Processes.  He has worked in leadership positions in various Fortune 500 companies and has been instrumental in driving success through digital transformation. He is also an enthusiastic Agile Coach.

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