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Can PlayShifu Get Indian Kids To Pick Up Interactive STEM Toys Instead Of Textbooks?

Can PlayShifu Get Indian Kids To Pick Up Interactive STEM Toys Instead Of Textbooks?

The Bengaluru-based edtech startup makes interactive AR toys round STEM concepts

With an array of AR-based interactive kits, the company claims to have 8x revenue boom year-on-yr

PlayShifu has over six hundred clients round the world, with four hundred schools in the US using its kits

The growing use of net mastering apps and dedicated pills among younger kids has accelerated parental issues about children growing increasingly time glued to screens with little to no bodily pastime or interaction with the actual world. Around the sector, generation organizations have released gear to restriction the display time among kids and teens, but the issues for Indian mother and father isn't that children are using gadgets greater regularly, however that after a factor it becomes a passive exercising — replace textbooks with an iPad.

Various augmented fact apps have seemed to replicate the achievement of Pokemon Go and Sharks In The Park for edtech. The goal is to get children to interact with actual objects and combine this getting to know with cellphone or tablet apps with augmented fact functions. Bengaluru-based totally PlayShifu brings this AR technique to life for Indian kids, with a focus on gaining knowledge of aids for technological know-how and generation.

Playshifu’s flagship product Orboot is a smart international globe that can be utilized by teens and youngsters to explore the geography and lifestyle of any country or metropolis. 

AR Powers PlayShifu’s Edtech Platform

Founded by Dinesh Advani and Vivek Goyal in 2016, PlayShifu merchandise are in particular designed for youngsters between the age institution of two – 12 years, to help construct STEAM (technology, era, engineering, arts, and maths) capabilities among kids via amusing.

Besides its clever globe, PlayShifu’s portfolio additionally includes an array of AR-powered puzzles and quest kits known as Shifu Plugo. It additionally offers a digital board sport based totally on physics and chemistry standards referred to as Shifu Tacto, along with AR-backed magnetic collectible figurines and AR-enabled flashcards associated with area, journey, and animals called Shifu Cards. 

The corporation claims to have a consumer base of 250K youngsters throughout 15 countries such as India, the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, and the UAE. PlayShifu toys are being bought each offline and on line in India, with offline channels accounting for around 65% of sales in India, with the rest coming from ecommerce structures. Speaking to CFT, founder Goyal said that the number one target market for Playshifu products is based totally in cities, with as much as 60% of all retail sales taking area in Tier 1 towns. 

One could count on that AR instructional toys will involve higher engagement than passive analyzing or digital textbooks and games. PlayShifu claims to have a 30-day retention fee of 46%, that is five times better than other present apps, Goyal said.  In the span of 3 years, the organisation claims to have become a multi-million-dollar agency clocking an 8X YoY boom in terms of revenue. Goyal attributed this increase to the agency’s strategic expansion across many geographies, except India, as STEM schooling is being prioritised around the sector. 

PlayShifu factsheet

Goyal instructed us that extra than 600 colleges in India, the United States, UK, and Canada are interacting with Playshifu products on a daily and weekly foundation. In the US, over 400 colleges are stated to have brought PlayShifu’s educational toys into the school room.

According to Goyal, most people of those income occurred on an advert-hoc foundation wherein america faculty instructors located and ordered PlayShifu merchandise from Amazon. Another issue riding those sales is the exceptionally higher finances for generation in faculties in the US, which allowed them to experiment with PlayShifu’s merchandise. 

Learning Through Doing

Goyal said that PlayShifu did no longer create formal networks with faculties inside the US or India until final yr, and is best now working on formalising these hyperlinks. In phrases of introducing toys for a broader age-institution, Goyal stated that the business enterprise will be sticking to the 2-12 years age group as it is familiar with customers in this age-institution thoroughly.

PlayShifu’s Plugo Link combines interactive learning with clever gadgets

“Further, the stress for buying marks in faculties and preparing for competitive assessments intensifies after 12 years of age. That is the thing we don’t need to go into into at this point in time,” PlayShifu cofounder Vivek Goyal

However, he noted that coding competencies are something that children 13 years and above start getting to know from scratch. PlayShifu feels it is able to be clearly useful in teaching youngsters programming. “So, we've got the broader age organization-focussed products on our horizon and on this class, we can consciousness on abilties that begin submit 12 years of age,” stated Goyal.

Similar to PlayShifu, startups inclusive of Smartivity Labs is also experimenting with interactive educational toys for children. Smartivity offers STEM learning hobby containers for children between the ages of four and 12. These DIY boxes are designed round essential medical standards and their real-international programs. Kids can prepare the building elements — constructed from compressed wooden, as according to instructions inside the guide that explains the clinical principles at the back of every interest or introduction.


One of the demanding situations for interactive edtech systems is that the additional price of the hardware can be a deterrent for new customers. Edtech is seen as a democratising pressure, making mastering content without problems handy and low cost for all profits organizations. But AR-enabled interactive toys have the hardware and manufacturing costs, which regularly make them much less less costly. PlayShifu toys are offered beginning from INR 299 (Shifu Flash Cards) as much as INR 3499 (Plugo STEM Packs), so they're clearly a bit greater steeply-priced than a digital textbook or a video-based totally train.  Will PlayShifu don't forget reducing the rate factors to reach more clients? Not according to Goyal. “To move beneath the present day rate factors will interfere with the quality of merchandise that we're able to supply presently.”


Instead of thinking of bringing down the price, PlayShifu is calling at value advent. Consumers and children want to suppose in terms of the learning fee that interactive toys are offering, Goyal said. While dad and mom are ready to spend heaps of rupees on instructors, tutors, and learning-oriented stuff, the retention and engagement for interactive kits have a tendency to be higher, consistent with the founder. According to Goyal, parents underestimate the impact of interactive gaining knowledge of — ninety% of gaining knowledge of for youngsters beneath the age of 10 years happens through games and toys or via gambling with different kids, he delivered. 

“That’s one behavioural trade we are proud to have stimulated in lots of parents and want to hold widening the gap enough that STEM toys and video games in reality turn out to be the largest segment of toys in place of being the third or fourth one.”

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