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Beverage Startup LQI Bypasses Retail Clutter To Go Straight To Restaurants With Its Fresh Fruit Mixes

Beverage Startup LQI Bypasses Retail Clutter To Go Straight To Restaurants With Its Fresh Fruit Mixes

With cloud kitchens and meals shipping ruling the city landscape, restaurants in Indian have had to cognizance on efficiency — no longer just in phrases of expenses, but also in wastage and stock. 

And as cloud kitchens introduce the millennial and the Generation-Z population to newer cuisines and tastes, the range of clean produce and raw materials wanted for eating places has grown highly. And to meet this call for, meals deliver chain startups are striving to resolve the distribution of raw substances, packaged meals objects, clean produce and extra. 

According to Statista, India’s food and beverage enterprise makes up around forty% of the us of a’s packaged-goods market. Further, the meals and drinks industry’s marketplace size is envisioned to attain round $forty six Bn in 2020. 

Within the developing marketplace, a big fashion is closer to health-recognition epitomised in the upward thrust of health and wellbeing startups such as HealthifyMe, SARVA, Curefit and health meals brands such as Healthie, EatFit, Grab A Diet and extra. And whilst a lot of these are focused on holistic well-being and nutrients, one of the quickest-growing categories inside the health food area is healthful liquids.  

New startups such as bloodless-press juicery Raw Pressery have attracted funding from marquee investors like Sequoia Capital. Similarly, Hector Beverages’ logo Paper Boat has earned backing from A91 Partners. 

Both are pre-packaged and feature differing shelf-lives, but are ready to eat, so even as eating places can truely promote them, it doesn’t create real differentiation for them. What does supply eating places an advantage are custom-made cold or frosted healthy beverages, which regularly assist create a more potent brand connect to purchasers. 

That’s the gain that LQI (Life Quality Index) wants to supply eating places, in conjunction with fee-savings which include advanced stock visibility and occasional wastage. Gurugram-based totally LQI’s proprietary era for making frosted beverages from fresh elements (no brought colorations or preservatives) promises a shelf existence of 3 months for the raw fabric, that may be made into custom liquids by way of eating places and meals chains.

LQI’s fresh concentrates or come in 3 categories which include fruit juice, smoothies, and milkshakes — which may be combined with water, soda, curd or milk, depending at the drink kind to make an instantaneous drink, similar to the well-known beverage brand Rasna, but in contrast to Rasna, which uses artificial flavours, LQI simplest uses fresh substances for its merchandise. And solving this assignment of having meals inputs with sparkling and herbal substances and lengthy shelf existence has helped LQI get a competitive benefit over geared up-to-drink manufacturers. 

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The Delhi NCR-based company become founded by means of Palak Kapoor, Shubham Khanna, and Kapil Kumar in 2016. LQI has recently raised a $200K seed investment spherical led by Madison Capital in conjunction with a seize of buyers which includes famous Indian singer Sukhbir Singh; COO of Adani Reality, Shyamrup Roy Choudhury; Vice President of OLA, Rahul Maroli and others. It had raised angel investment from Innov8 founder Ritesh Malik in 2016. 

Through its manufacturing plant in Arjangarh, LQI manages the complete manner from raw fabric procurement to dispatch of frosted beverage packets. The organisation claimed to have earned $35K in sales closing year. 

The Tech Behind Tasty Drinks

On the face of it, the liquids marketplace would possibly appear primary to observers and not using a actual technology concerned, but there's, in fact, a lot that goes on in the back of the scene, in most cases to make these beverages market-prepared. And this also determines the distribution strategy for beverage brands.

While Raw Pressery makes use of clean fruits to make bloodless-pressed beverages with a shelf life of 21 days (no preservatives), Paper Boat relies upon on nature-same flavours and excessive-stress packaging to offer a shelf life of 4 to six months (without including any preservatives). 

In the case of Raw Pressery, the churn rate for brand new orders is high and obviously, the emblem’s products are a cut above the rest in phrases of pricing. For Paper Boat, the era that helps keeps its juices safe for months, lets in it to have a extra traditional supply chain for beverage distribution. So Raw Pressery ties up with restaurants, shipping organizations and supermarkets to promote to customers thru meals and hyperlocal delivery orders, while Paper Boat is going for a more conventional retail enjoy like Coca-Cola or Pepsi would possibly. 

LQI bypasses those routes and is going instantly to restaurants. Its manufacturing tech allows it to create mixes without preservatives or other adulterants, and it assets raw ingredients and clean produce immediately from farmers. Kapoor said the organisation procures so-referred to as ‘Type B’ end result from farms in bulk quantity — those might not look precise and are as a result rejected by stores, however are of perfectly good nice. 

Liquii uses a patent-pending manner of deconstructing fruit into juice and pulp and reconstructing it back in a zero-oxidation surroundings. “Along with this, we use a a hundred% recyclable barrier packing with a unique polymer to prevent the product decomposition taking place because of exchange in temperature. This is in addition coupled with the blast freezing generation to deliver clean merchandise to our purchasers,” Kapoor added

Its client base of over a hundred restaurant chains consists of the likes of Pita Pit, Innerchef, Burgrill, Wat-a-Burger, Doner and Gyros, Coffee Bond and others. Kapoor said LQI wants to increase its B2B purchaser base to round 500K outlets in some other year.

The B2B Route To F&B Success

Currently running on a business to commercial enterprise (B2B) version, LQI pursuits to ease the procedure of stock management in meals and liquids area. Talking to CFT, LQI cofounder Kapoor stated,  food chains should preserve uncooked cloth inventories in any respect their shops, always — this will increase the hazard of material wastage as maximum of these substances are perishable goods. 

“It could be a opportunity that each one the raw fabric gets utilised by using the day, however there’s also a possibility that it'll all visit waste,” she brought. 

With LQI, restaurants don’t should fear approximately wastage of uncooked materials. If a logo orders 300 smoothie packs from LQI, they'll have a clean photograph that 300 packs will make three hundred smoothies, neither 299 nor 301, as a result saving their inventory fees. LQI packs additionally help organizations to store talent cost, as they don’t should invest in hiring a special person or chef to put together smoothies. 

Kapoor additionally introduced that LQI packs permit restaurant chains to standardise the taste and quality of their drinks throughout places, together with the choice to ask for customised LQI packs. On selecting to sell to businesses as opposed to directly to consumers, Kapoor said that the hassle is that the beverage enterprise has big opposition in the customer area, and underlying factors which includes shelf cost, distribution and margin had been among her different worries.

“We wanted to first create a few brand recognition for LQI after which observe other plans to make bigger within the B2C space.  Wherein we would like to create a separate variety especially designed for children and greater,” she brought. 

The Competition From Big Brands And LQI’s Advantage?

Of direction, the factor about competition is the most important barrier for LQI. Startups like LQI come up towards conglomerates which include Dabur (Real Juice), Coca Cola, Patanjali, and PepsiCo (Tropicana) in India. Despite being one of the international’s largest drinks market, the key to fulfillment is distribution, which those larger brands have hooked up already. 


New-age startups additionally arise against the undertaking of affordability because of the excessive dependency on amazing products — within the case of LQI, it’s the fresh raw substances —  or the high price worried in packaging innovations. And this fee will simplest pass down once the startups reap scale and increase their market percentage in India. That’s the vicious circle that beverage startups in India are trapped in. Without scale, the price of production cannot be managed and as a result, healthy beverage manufacturers nonetheless stay a top rate proposition for India’s center-earnings consumers. 

LQI’s advantage is that it’s no longer yet searching at the equipped-to-drink market, and is, in fact, going after the center layer inside the meals chain with eating places. This lets in it to achieve greater pricing flexibility. Its fruit packs are priced at INR 40 per unit, milkshakes among INR 50-55 in keeping with p.C. And smoothies will price restaurants about INR 62-65 in keeping with unit, and the promoting charge of the beverage absorbs this fee, whilst making sure that restaurants don’t over-order produce and thereby waste it, or charge their healthy products out of attain of common purchasers.

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