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Best Node.js Frameworks for App Development in 2022

Best Node.js Frameworks for App Development in 2022

Node.js has made quite a name for itself in the last few years. The increasing demand for web applications is one of the many reasons for its popularity. Node.js's unique features and benefits have gained quite some fans in the developer’s community. And why not? Apart from being a leading software development framework, Node JS frameworks also comes with added perks like unique features, templates, and libraries. Everything that it offers help developers overcome obstacles and build application with high speed.

Despite knowing its benefits, there is still one thing that nags every individual that wishes to choose Node JS for app development. And that is ‘Which Node JS framework is best for application development?’ Well, tons of them come with their unique baggage. And in this blog, we will unleash what each one has in store for you.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It runs on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and more. Since it is an open source, it is free and is written JavaScript. 

Here is how Node JS is officially described on the website.

Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applicationsAs an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime, Node.js is designed to build scalable network applications… Users of Node.js are free from worries of dead-locking the process since there are no locks. Almost no function in Node.js directly performs I/O, so the process never blocks except when the I/O is performed using synchronous methods of the Node.js standard library. Because nothing blocks, scalable systems are very reasonable to develop in Node.js.”

Unique features of Node.js

Node.js comes with its unique features just like every other platform. Here is a detailed list of Node.js’s features.

1. Single Thread

Node.js utilizes a single-threaded, scalable model that is swiftly coupled with an event loop. Its greatest benefit is its capability of processing multiple requests. The event-loop model enables Node.js to perform non-blocking input-output operations seamlessly.

2. Buffer-less

Most of the applications need time for processing. However, it is not the case with the applications built with Node.js. Node JS applications eliminate the total time required for processing. It is done by outputting data in blocks via callback functions. Hence, they do not buffer any data.

3. Performance

Built on Chromes V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js can execute the code with high speed. It is powered by asynchronous programming and non-blocking concepts it facilitates high-speed performance. The presence of the V8 JS engine makes things like code execution and implementation faster and easier.

4. Open Source

Node.js is free source and open to contributions from skilled and vetted Node JS developers.

5. License

Node.js is available under the MIT license


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Best Node.js frameworks for app development in 2022

1. Meteor.js

For everyone that is seeking a JavaScript-specific framework using only one language, then Meteor.js is your ideal choice. Meteor.js is a startup software, launched in 2012, is an open-source, isomorphic JavaScript web framework. It allows clients to make automatic changes without any influence or interference from a developer. The best part is it is compatible with multiple operating systems, like Android, iOS, etc.

With Meteor the client-server communication is always flawless, thanks to its comprehensive libraries and testing features.

If you aim to build simple, modern, and efficient web applications, Meteor JS is the perfect framework.


  • Full-stack solution
  • Easily integrable with various other frameworks
  • Huge community
  • Quick interactions and quicker results
  • Isomorphic framework

When must one go for Meteor.js?

There is a checklist with a few things to consider before choosing Meteor.js. Its user-friendliness makes it super fun to work with. In meteor JS you can use the same code for both web apps and mobile applications. In addition, you can install updates in the live app. And that’s not all, the fun fact is it builds a real-time framework with its built-in core.

If you have a full-fledged development team that excels in JavaScript Meteor. JS will tick all the boxes of your requirements.

2. Express.js

Express.js is a king of downloads when it comes to the open-source Node.js module. It has around 18 million downloads per week, and 20k stacks, and is trusted by a whopping 1733 companies spread across the globe. Developers can use Express.js to make robust web applications that can be single, multi-page, and also hybrid.

Despite being minimal in the features department, express.js offers distinct capabilities via plugins. Launched in 2010, Express.js’s original developer was TJ Holowaychukand. Some of the famous names that use Express.js are Fox Sports, Pay Pal, Uber, IBM, Twitter, Stack, Accenture, etc.


  • Speedy server-side development
  • Amazing Performance
  • Extensive options in tools
  • High test coverage
  • Content Negotiation
  • Efficient Routing
  • Generates application seamlessly
  • Easy debugging
  • Precise responses to HTTP requests by enabling the setting up of middleware

When to opt for Express.js?

Express.js is powered by very high-end features like detailed routing, configuration, security features, debugging mechanisms, etc. Therefore Express.js framework is well-suited for the web apps of enterprise-level.

3. Next.js

Next,.js falls under the category of minimalistic frameworks. It is an open-source Node.js framework used for server-rendered React applications. A little behind of Express.js, Next.js has around 1.8 million app downloads per week. With a presence in around 2.7k stacks, Next.js is trusted by over 800 companies, present across the world. Developers that aim to build interactive applications along with SEO-friendly features mostly choose Next.js.

Next.js authorizes react-based web-applications competencies such as server-side rendering and static page generation. Next.js also builds hybrid applications with Automatic Static Optimization.


  • Image Optimization
  • Fully Extendable
  • Faster Development
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Built-in CSS
  • Hybrid pages
  • Great Page-based routing API
  • Automatic Code Splitting

When must one opt for Next.js?

If you have a team of React.js developers, then you can swiftly use Next.js to craft responsive and high-demanding applications. It has a wide range of web technologies that facilitates the users to build robust, fast, and interactive applications.

4. Koa.js

Koa.js is another open source framework with the backend-tech stack. It is a minimal and extremely flexible Node.js framework that has around 1 million downloads per week. Besides, it is present in more than 200 stacks and is trusted by around 90 companies. It is full of features that promote a seamless build of Web and Mobile applications. The creators of Express.js and KOA.js are the same.

Despite having fewer downloads per week, Koa.js stands out for its usage of async functions. These async functions eliminate callbacks and enhance bug handling. To make building the web application an easy task, Koa.js leverages various tools and methods. It is making its place in the market with its suite of methods that advances interoperability, robustness, and easy coding.


  • No middleware
  • It's flexible and light-weight which helps it to have a small footprint. However, one can use plugins for a wide variety of modules
  • Being lightweight and flexible also helps Koa.js to develop faster.
  • The error-handling feature simplifies the task of bug handling and eases the task for developers
  • Built on the latest and most advanced technologies, Koa.js will be relevant for a longer period making it a contemporary framework.

When to opt for Koa.js?

Despite being built by the same developers, Koa.js and Express.js have some distinct features. For instance, Express.js offers an ‘augment node’ feature; on the other hand, Koa.js offers ‘fix and replace node’.

Express.js’s extra features like routing and templating are missing in Koa.js.

Koa.js is perfect for someone that wants to eliminate callbacks.

5. Hapi.js

Hapi.js is an open-source Node.js framework that helps developers to craft flawless and scalable web applications. With 400k downloads per week, Hapi.js is used by around 76 organizations that are spread across the globe. It is a well-suited framework that is perfect for developing websites, API servers, and HTTP proxy applications.

It is powered by amazing built-in modules and other capabilities.


  • js is extremely secure as every line of code is thoroughly verified
  • The presence of multiple official plugins makes it a rich ecosystem.
  • Easy and straight implementation
  • Predictability
  • Simple interface

When to use Hapi.js?

Hapi.js is empowered by superior functionalities like body parsing, input/output validation, HTTP-friendly error, etc. It is also secure and reliable. If you are someone that wishes to implement Express for your web app, we suggest you go with Hapi.js.

So, these were some of our most loved and best Node JS frameworks for app development in 2022.


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