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Angel Investor Sanjay Mehta On Bitcoins, Cryptocurrency, ICOs And More

Angel Investor Sanjay Mehta On Bitcoins, Cryptocurrency, ICOs And More

Bitcoin’s charge is sky excessive. In spite of the RBI and the Government of India’s repeated warnings, investments, trading and pursuits in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies retain to surge with each passing day. Like many different traders who've sponsored cryptocurrency startups, Sanjay Mehta, Angel & PE Investor and Director of CORE Media – CFO Engagements, is also quite passionate about cryptocurrency-based startups.

Sanjay Mehta, who has invested in Peerplays, civic and EOS thru ICOs, is bullish approximately the cryptocurrency idea yet sceptical approximately the Bitcoin boom.

“Currently, the general public in India are inquisitive about cryptocurrency buying and selling. Traders have usually been kind of greedy in nature. This is exactly the reason Bitcoin price is skyrocketing. However, my experience is that it’s a bubble phase, so it is able to’t final long. There must be a correction and I am sure it will start with Bitcoin,” defined Sanjay Mehta at some stage in an interplay with Inc42.

Does he sound like Warren Buffet and JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon whilst he says Bitcoin bubble will burst quickly? Absolutely not.

According to Sanjay Mehta, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins are here to live. He believes that, in future, every business, massive corporations and establishments could have their own cryptocurrencies.

“If we go back in records, there were various kings and each king had his personal currency in his nation. With cryptocurrency, we would pass back to that technology. We would possibly face conditions in which consider on organizations will be a long way better than the governments,” he delivered.

Citing the example of Starbucks, he defined that the coffeehouse chain has extra money in its wallet than many banks across the globe. Customers upload money to their Starbucks wallets and the price of their money continues increasing. For example, if one adds 500 greenbacks, Starbucks itself will add 500 more to his/her pockets, which means that the user’s cash keeps increasing.

“Whereas, in governance, the money stored gets devalued because of the government prints extra and extra cash. Secondly, companies are international, however currencies are nearby. Today, the Indian authorities has made 500 and a thousand-rupee notes null and void. Corporations received’t do this as they try to add on values,” Sanjay stated.

“As did Burger King with the aid of starting a new Whoppercoin for his or her own commercial enterprise. We might see greater companies/companies launching their owns cryptocurrencies quickly.”

Sanjay Mehta On Cryptocurrency Startups And Their ICO Checklist

ICOs act like a Kickstarter for cryptocurrency startups to increase. However, at a time while scams are occurring inside the name of ICOs and cryptocurrency and the crypto marketplace itself is just too volatile in nature to agree with in, how does Sanjay keep his money secure, whilst also making an investment in cryptocurrency startups?

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He defined, “While making an investment in cryptocurrency startups, humans want to understand the difference between the scams and the actual ones.”

In truth, Sanjay has a tick list that he appears at whilst deciding which startups to put money into. Some of the key things that he appears for are as follows:

Is the ICOs based totally on actual blockchain technology?

Is the blockchain technology fixing a large trouble?

Is the team at the back of the blockchain capable of coping with the challenges that include the territory?

What is their timeline? What is their execution plan to create a community effect? An ICO will be successful simplest if it is having a viable network effect.

Lastly, how a lot cost is the group keeping?

Startups are imagined to clear up a trouble. Are startups the use of cryptocurrency solving a few sort of troubles? We want to investigate that.

The Bitcoin Way

The new era can be based on P2P transactions and transfers. By 2025, we can see a plethora of such apps. Backed with the aid of dispensed ledger, P2P apps will allow customers to attach at once with the required providers, without any 0.33 party monitoring and manage.

Sanjay said, “The apps have long past the Bitcoin manner. We will see masses of apps adopting decentralised P2P structures in which users and suppliers will get related with out getting controlled with the aid of any 1/3 birthday celebration. You will see such P2P startup apps giving Uber and Amazon a run for his or her cash.”

“There are open source businesses which might be both growing or assisting create infrastructure on which P2P engagements may be built upon. Blockchain-primarily based startups will execute the ones smart contracts to ensure that fulfilments appear throughout the parties. Yes, things are happening,” added Sanjay.

However, are cryptocurrencies destined to the future Sanjay predicts, specially in international locations like  India and China where governments are nevertheless hesitant approximately regulating Bitcoins and different digital currencies? In light of the current ban on Bitcoins and different cryptocurrencies, can cryptocurrencies make a sturdy comeback?

“About China, sure, they've banned cryptocurrencies ICOs. However, my wondering is that they may soon give you a few policies. When neighbouring countries like Japan and South Korea are milking all of the benefits, China can’t manage to pay for to live away from it. Now, as some distance as India is involved, I think the government is simply looking forward to other international locations besides Australia and Japan to give you cryptocurrency guidelines, which our government should in reality replica.”

So is it prison to invest or trade in cryptocurrencies in India?

“I am a law-abiding citizen and I pass by way of the regulation of the land. Having said that there are places in which the government has not decided whether it is illegal. This is a gray location, and I take my baits relying on what my pursuits are and how much chance I can take. And, I even have invested in cryptocurrency startups thus.”

Sanjay believes that the Satoshi Nakamoto-created Bitcoins are not restrained to currencies and belongings. It is, in fact, the very basis of cryptocurrency-based trading, P2P based totally buying and selling, smart contracts and other blockchain-based packages.

The Internet has redefined the idea of doing commercial enterprise. Today, Google and different Internet companies have replaced oil agencies because the most valuable groups. Now the Internet of Money is about to disrupt the distance and overtake Internet-primarily based apps like Uber, Facebook and Amazon. However, it might be too early for that, because the Internet giants have already started embracing cryptocurrencies and blockchain generation.

Getting It Right

Angel Investor Sanjay Mehta’s portfolio is numerous enlists some 70+ startups together with AdstringO, Box8, WowMomos, UnBxd, Consure Medical Device, PrettySecrets.Com, Zippr, Letsventure.Com, and more.

Verticals he prefers to put money into are B2B, logistics, food, IoT, cleantech client Internet, corporation software, healthcare and extra. Among his famous exits is OYO Rooms, which marked 280x returns on his preliminary investment. Given that early-degree investments are exceptionally volatile in nature, how does he control to preserve it so actual in phrases of returns?

Sanjay replied, “I keep away from platform-driven startups, in which you don’t recognise precisely where the cash goes to be used. It is tough to return to a few conclusions concerning platform-based totally startups at early levels.”

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“I am extra inquisitive about startups which might be developing some fee-based solutions and which can be incorporated into boom capital that would further accelerate their business and open up new verticals.”

This is the time of aggression. Bigwigs aren't simplest obtaining startups right at the beginning but at times, their access into the marketplace throttles the growth of fledgeling startups. Sanjay disagrees, “If a startup is area of interest and focussed on point-one solutions, they'll normally outsmart the horizontals which might be doing such a lot of matters.”

“For example, regionally developed startup Ola is giving Uber, the most important player in the segment globally, a run for its money. The gain with Ola is that it is focussing on geography. So, this will be an advantage for cryptocurrency startups too, particularly ones that are focussing on place and vocation in their preference.”

Sanjay Mehta is among those few investors who get their angel-intuition proper even as investing in startups, maximum of the times as his portfolio shows. In the cryptocurrency space too, he is most of the early investors from India to caricature a grand market scenario for cryptocurrencies and P2P-primarily based apps. However, what roles government and agencies (which have already embraced blockchain) will play in figuring out the destiny of cryptocurrencies may be exciting to watch!

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