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AgriTech Startup Pindfresh Is On A Mission To Bring Urban Farming Revolution In India

AgriTech Startup Pindfresh Is On A Mission To Bring Urban Farming Revolution In India

Food today is encumbered with chemical fertilisers that cause some primary health risks including most cancers. Fertilisers along with ammonium nitrate, cadmium, potassium chloride, organophosphate (OP), pyrethroids, and so on. Are used to shield veggies in opposition to pest and premature decay. Despite the apparent impact on fitness, the irony is that India is now the second one largest producer of insecticides in Asia after China and ranks twelfth globally.

“It became the significance of clean and healthy food dawned upon us. Bringing farming to the city Indian houses, and making humans privy to what they consume is the venture in the back of putting in Pindfresh,” says Somveer Anand, founder of agritech startup Pindfresh.

For Somveer and his wife Sohila Anand, the concept to release Pindfresh was very an awful lot based on a non-public experience that he had after one in all his close relative fell unwell because of the consumption of chemical-loaded meals.

During their India go to the husband-spouse duo had an hands-on revel in on the intense dearth of hygienic, nutritious food in India and this is wherein, in addition they felt, there has been a dire want to offer humans with the ability to develop greens domestically. That’s precisely where the Pindfresh’s journey began 2016, once they have been also joined in by using Jaspal Singh Anand.

The agritech startup Pindfresh is turning small plots or areas between buildings or in homes into usable farm area. From rooftop gardens, to floors mainly designed to include farming, to other spaces within high-rises full of racks of flawlessly coated leaf vegetables, it is striving to bring about a farming revolution in urban India.

Apart from selling in-house domestic systems (hydroponic and others) and clean produce (lettuce, rocket, basil and mushrooms), it also runs programmes to educate humans (in schools and societies).

By the use of hydroponics, cocopeat gardening and different soilless techniques, Pindfresh is trying to train urban dwellers to use a era which takes less area, demands lesser water and is completely unfastened from pathogens and biological contaminants.

Organic Farming: Ushering In Organic Food Revolution  

The concept of city farming is a fashion that is catching up fast globally. For instance, Tokyo-based Kono Designs commenced an urban farm through the name of Pasona in a nine-storey building in 2010, and this gave the personnel a danger to grow and harvest their personal meals at work. Apart from Pasona, primary organizations in Japan like Mitsubishi are also leading the way to set up city farms at their places of work. Japan has turn out to be a the front runner in city farming, that is in flip helping the us of a cut food import charges.

India too needs to plant the concept of city farming. Why? Here is the cause.

The urban population in India, which stands at 377 Mn, is anticipated to attain six hundred Mn by way of 2031, according to a new UN-subsidized document. The growing nutritional requirements of this rapid-growing urban population will pose a huge undertaking in the coming years.

Due to the ever-growing city population and lowering rural population that used to generally tend to border as a conventional occupation, India imported $906.3 Mn (INR five,897 Cr) well worth of fruit and greens in 2016-17, at the same time as the figure in 2014-15 became $832 Mn (INR five,414 Cr).

As a result, Indian consumers are getting sufferers of processed meals as there's a huge hole inside the supply and call for chain.

To address this hassle, there's a subtle motion that is taking area in India over urban farming, spearheaded via millennials. Of these, integrating farming ideas into the urban area is likewise Pindfresh.

As a long way as India is involved, a survey on the Status of Organic Farming in India become performed by means of scientists from unique universities inclusive of the Indian Institute of Soil Science to check the real blessings and feasibility of organic farming in phrases of the manufacturing capability, economics and soil health, in assessment to the traditional farms in India. The look at found out that natural farming, no matter the discount in crop productiveness by way of 9.2%, led to an boom of twenty-two% within the farmers’ internet profit in comparison to conventional farming.

This trend got similarly escalated with the approaching of city farming and today, agritech startups aren't best supporting farmers to evaluate the soil and climate situations or crop manufacturing however also are developing with particular thoughts to optimise the restrained space in urban India to develop plant life in places of work and different business complexes.

And the high-quality element is that the idea of natural farming isn't always confined to just offices; balconies, roofs, terraces, drawing rooms and kitchens in urban houses but could be visible as a destiny of plants in urban India and Pindfresh is decided to make it a reality with its advanced organic farming strategies.

Pindfresh And Their Concrete Vegetable Farms

Pindfresh’s adventure commenced with an initial capital of $7.68K (INR five Lakh). When the agritech startup was taking form, the trio did a lot of research to learn about hydroponics after which tailor make it to suit the Indian situations (or alternatively, that of any developing kingdom).

Somveer Anand On An Agritech Mission To Bring Mini Pinds In Every City With Pindfresh

“For example, we try and sell hydroponics where the gap requirements are essential. For places we haven't any space constraint, we try and promote coco peat gardening in develop luggage and feed them using hydroponic vitamins. Not being wedded to a particular technology lets in us the freedom to test and suggest the maximum suitable ways of growing our food,” says Somveer.

But this agritech era or perhaps fashion is quickly catching up across India nowadays.

Here is a take a look at how hydroponics and soilless farming is evolving in India.


According to a research pursued via the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, the vicinity below hydroponics commenced to extend drastically in Europe and Asia during the 1950s and 1960s, and large hydroponic systems were evolved inside the deserts of California, Arizona, Abu Dhabi and Iran (1970).

The research elaborates that hydroponics did not attain India till 1946. By 2008, localised experiments have been followed to grow distinctive vegetation like strawberry, green garlic and tomatoes.

Today, ‘Landmark Agrotech’ challenge is the second largest hydroponics task in Gujarat and is currently below implementation. Likewise, for Pindfresh, all the growing is performed at their prototype developing facility in Nayagaon, Punjab.

Somveer Anand On An Agritech Mission To Bring Mini Pinds In Every City With Pindfresh

Startup Pindfresh Making Systems To Flourish ‘Mini Pinds’

The startup is attempting to make cities holistic in their necessities of food and plants. To that give up, it is running in the direction of creating systems by means of which human beings will sincerely devour the neighborhood and sparkling produce – just as though the food is coming immediately from the Pind.

Essentially, they offer three services: developing and selling systems for domestic and business use; generating food the usage of Pindfresh systems and promoting it and keeping workshops.

The startup is grossing over a monetisation strategy that includes making the vegetable saplings to be had for procurement with the aid of workplaces and homes. They have  styles of clients: person who buys the plant life to develop the greens themselves and people who handiest purchase the greens. Pindfresh is likewise selling to wholesale markets.

“Traditionally, towns have sourced all their meals and substances from the encompassing villages. The motive why we call ourselves Pindfresh is because we need to transport the production of meals from the villages to the towns. We want to create mini pinds (villages) within the centre of the cities and in every household!” Somveer enumerates.

The startup is planning to expand an app that could propose customers at the proper way and time to water the flowers, upload vitamins, check the pH of the water, and many others.

The Road To Augur In An Organic Revolution Via Agritech

In the 2 years of developing leafy greens and constructing the organic ‘farm to fork’ idea for the urban panorama, agritech startup Pindfresh has seen quite some of demanding situations.

“The main project we had to begin with was a whole loss of an agri startup ecosystem in Chandigarh (which was surprising, thinking about its the gateway to Punjab, the ‘Bread Basket of India’. The other problems that we faced blanketed sourcing specialised substances and equipment (that we had to make our hydroponic equipment with) and customer education however made us realize that a HUGE possibility existed right here,” highlights Somveer.

Despite the challenges, the agritech startup has been well on the route of exploring the opportunity as their traction indicates.

It has a top line of about $6.14K (INR 4 Lakh) a month (developing at 20% M-o-M).

Sold more than a 1,000 units over the past 12 months

Chandigarh and Delhi are its  main traction regions

As urban farming is fairly a new concept in India, Pindfresh is shaping itself to come to be a strong sustainable agritech startup to guide the enterprise amidst many people who address domestic-grown balcony systems and hydroponics. Organisations like City Farming, Earthoholics, Fresh & Local, Urban Leaves, etc. Are its in all likelihood competitors.

According to Somveer, “This industry has a variety of scope of becoming a rage. The main cause behind it is that it is aimed toward our nicely-being, and health, which are the burning subjects of discourse these days.”

Somveer Anand On An Agritech Mission To Bring Mini Pinds In Every City With Pindfresh

He provides, “It is well proper to the current day lifestyle, where we are residing in smaller areas, with even lesser time to commit. Hydroponic and soilless systems are simpler to keep, requiring on a mean of 30 mins a week – produce fantastic and dietary food and vegetation, are modular and DIY in nature and most importantly will no longer break the bank after you start!”

The agritech startup is aiming to introduce steady innovations to grow and resource to the improvement of urban farms in India.

On the present day innovation the company is running on, Somveer mentions, “We’re continually considering how we are able to use hydroponics to remedy other actual-global problems. So, we ‘invented’ the Niño. The Niño is a completely unique vertical system (the first of its type in India) and aside from being smooth at the pocket, may be very low on maintenance as well! This system can preserve up to 36 air cleansing vegetation, looks lovely in being positioned in a nook and it not best eliminates formaldehyde, acetone, NOx’s and COx’s, and so forth. From the room, it also releases fresh oxygen for us to respire and work in a wholesome surroundings.”


As for the manner beforehand, Somveer avers that they may be currently toying with the idea of raising a bit little bit of money for the R&D and for inventory, but prefers an investor who is familiar with the distance. The startup says it'll want approximately $307,six hundred (INR 2 Cr) to roll out its rooftop machine for growing flora (and that doubles as a nursery for his or her farmers).

The founders plan to use the funds for the development of sensors and IoT structures that may predict how tons food can be required at what time, what the developing situations are going to be inside the destiny and how much of the produce should be consumed to hold a healthy way of life.

The Green Of The Future

In countries like Israel and the United States, hydroponic produce is already a part of the marketplace, that is yet to take place in India. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is possibly one of the earliest examples of hydroponics.

Urban farming, specially within the case of India, can play a enormous position in city environmental management as it may fight city warmth island outcomes and beautify the best of air, besides imparting organic, fertiliser-loose produce. The Food and Agricultural Organization has lengthy on the grounds that acknowledged city agriculture as a key element in food safety strategies.

However, a proper popularity of urban agriculture and its integration into the city planning system are essential for it to achieve success. In India, urban agriculture is being done in many cities which includes Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai below the management of the government, private businesses or maybe people. Considering the wave of natural revolution that it can ignite, startups like Pindfresh may work an extended manner in equipping India to meet its future meals needs.

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