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Accessories You May Need For Your Triple Bunk Bed

Accessories You May Need For Your Triple Bunk Bed

A triple bunk bed with slide is a practical solution for accommodating kids in a small room. Since triple bunk beds have three beds, it is difficult to allow enough space to move around, sit, and climb up and down. While it is perfectly possible to fit three mattresses on top of a single bed, it creates more problems, particularly if one mattress gets too loose or begins to sag.

So, what can you do? Simply make use of storage units to store away the triple bunk bed with slide and save space for your children to spread out. Most kids bedroom furniture stores have storage units where you can put away small trunks, toy boxes, and other miscellaneous items that take up minimal amounts of space but add nothing to the enjoyment of your kid's bedroom. Instead of allowing the trunks to take up floor space, store them in storage units where they can be accessed easily when needed. And, if you are looking to dress up the room, there are many bedding sets and rugs available that would match the color scheme and style of the bunk bed with slide.

If you want to convert the triple bunk bed with slide to a twin over full bed, there are several options. First, you can convert the lower bunk bed into a twin over full by purchasing a separate twin over full dresser set and adding the bottom bunk bed as an extra bed. Then, use the same set of storage units to store the extra twin mattress, which you can then convert back into a triple bunk bed.

The bottom bunk bed with slide, which is normally tucked under the top bunk, is a great space saver for kids who don't like to spend a lot of time in their rooms. Since most triple bunk beds with slides have a longer side than the other two, this makes it easier to slide under the top bunk. However, it does create a little more room at the bottom. If your kids prefer the feeling of sleeping on the ground, they can slide underneath the bed on the ground. This will help them develop a greater sense of independence as well as lessening the need for you to climb over their legs to slide underneath the bed.

Another way to convert your triple bunk bed with slide to a twin size is to add an additional twin size bed onto it. This is especially useful for teens who have yet to outgrow their cribs. By simply removing the toddler bed, you can add a twin size bed underneath, which will provide a more secure fit. Most bunk beds with slides come with built-in mattress pads, however, you can purchase additional mattress pads to make the bed even more secure. In fact, by purchasing a pad with thicker foam, you may find that your kids are much happier sleeping on the pad than they are sleeping on the mattress pad.

Some triple bunk beds come with trundle options, which allow for the parents to remove the kids from the bottom bunk and move them to the top. This is especially helpful for very young children who may be more receptive to being separated from their siblings. However, triple bunks with trundle systems do require more clearance space than regular bunk beds, so this may not be the best solution if your home is already overstuffed with other furniture. One option that has gained popularity is the use of a slide that attaches to the wall behind the bed. These are simple to install, and allow for the slide to glide between the triple bunks, allowing the kids to slide underneath without ever disturbing their siblings.

Another way to transform your triple bunk bed with the slide is to buy a slide that attaches to the top bunk, allowing the kids to slide up the ladder. These are popular with families that have older kids, since they allow the kids to climb up out of bed without waking their sleeping siblings. These types of accessories can also add safety to the house, and can help to prevent accidents from occurring due to kids climbing a ladder. Just be sure that the ladder does not include a catch or gate, as this could prove to be a serious and potentially life threatening situation. Many parents prefer to put a barrier between the ladder and the sleeping kids, in order to prevent accidental falls.

Once you have decided on the type of accessory that will best work for your triple bunk bed, you need to choose the color of the ladder. There are many different colors to choose from, including white, red, yellow, light blue and darker blues. Again, you will want to take into consideration the color of the bedroom furniture as well as the other decorations in the room. If you do not have a lot of decorative choices in your bedroom, you may want to stick with a solid pine finish, since the darker colors will blend nicely with the solid pine furniture in your bedroom.

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