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7 Eco-Friendly Flower Bouquet Wrapped In Jute

7 Eco-Friendly Flower Bouquet Wrapped In Jute

The environment is something that every one of us has in common, and it is a shared affair for the whole human species. Suitable environmental circumstances indicate that we all live a healthier and longer life.

Similar to how we take care of our parents and respect them, we must also respect mother nature. But did we neglect how significant she is? Have we ceased welcoming her charm and began to take her for granted? We indeed have. She is suffering, and everybody can witness signs like water pollution, air pollution, marine life disturbances, global warming, ozone layer depletion, and we can go on and on.

All of us can take small actions towards a healthier and greener planet. Let us confront these difficulties and make sure that our mother nature is wholesome and healthy again. One measure adopted by the Indian administration is forbidding plastic all across the nation, and here is another action by us in the form of using plastic replacements.

While growing up, all of us have witnessed blossoms enclosed in the cellophane layer usually, and following the plastic prohibition, our initial thought was - what about floral bouquets and arrangements? But we can replace that as well.

Here we bring you seven eco-friendly floral arrangements without plastic:

  1. Lilies and Alstroemeria - A gorgeous bundle of yellow lilies that signify joy and a sense of walking in the sky. Coupled with fascinating Alstroemerias, which means friendship, support, achievement, and new beginnings. This flower arrangement enclosed in jute is ideal for somebody whom you want to motivate and cheer up for accomplishing their dreams. So, go ahead and send them to your loved ones with online flower delivery in Hyderabad.
  2. Mixed Flower Bouquet - Eco-friendly, colorful, and fascinating- this blossom combination is the impeccable assortment. It contains Blue Lisianthus, Yellow Roses, and Pink Statice. These beautiful blossoms are covered in jute, and excellently signifies old values, coupled with soothing thoughts and can be presented to an old friend letting them know that you will forever be by their side.
  3. Mixed Rose Bouquet - Roses are among the most cherished blossoms in this world. This blossom arrangement possesses yellow, red, pink, and white roses blended and elegantly enclosed in jute. With the vivid roses & classic jute wrapping, this flower arrangement seems truly delightful and can add enchantment to anybody’s day. An ideal choice if you want to send flowers to Mumbai.
  4. Red Carnations - Popularly known as the blossoms of god, carnations possess an excellent aroma and appeal. They possess a remarkably long vase life, which is around 14 days. They are seen in about every color. The layered flower arrangement of red carnation swaddled in jute is a pure emotion of love and admiration.
  5. Purple Orchids - Captivating purple orchids swaddled in jute, this bundle is an excellent illustration of royal splendor. This remarkable eco-friendly blossom arrangement is intended to be presented to somebody you respect and admire. It is also a splendid emotion of love, and you can send them to your loved ones easily with free flower delivery in Kolkata.
  1. Red Anthurium - Fascinating blooms along with heart-shaped leaves, these flowers are also identified as Boy Flower, Flamingo Flower, Painter’s Palette, and Painted Tongue. These are striking vivid red blossoms that are certainly long-lasting and attractive. They signify hospitality and coupled with jute swaddling; they are ideal to be presented to a friend wishing them success.
  2. Red Protea - This is among the oldest perennials on the planet, protea are gorgeous and fascinating flowers. These stunning blossoms have several representations in various cultures. The Red Protea blossom is a traditional emblem of love and passion. You can generally gift these perennials on occasions of success and joy.

How is Jute Eco-Friendly?

Let’s see why should we turn to jute

  • Jute is compostable and biodegradable.
  • Jute can be recycled.
  • Jute can be produced without fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Cultivation of jute improves soil productivity, which helps future harvests.
  • Jute can also be reused.

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Himanshu Thakur
Himanshu Thakur

I am a writer by passion. I love to share things in the form of writings. Especially, I love to write about the cake, flowers, and gifts that bring happiness into relations.

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