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7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 You Should Know

7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 You Should Know

As we jump into the new year, business owners and marketers must prepare for the latest digital marketing trends. The landscape of digital marketing is dynamic, and if you fail to match with it, you will not be able to bring your brand to new heights.

Efficient and advanced SEO strategies will drive traffic to your site, generate sales, expand your email list, and attract potential customers back to you. What if marketers used similar techniques, they tend to use earlier. It would not have been possible for them to find their target audience and grow customers. It's 2020, and it is imperative to keep up with the latest trends if you intend to grow your market and business.

Find out the top digital marketing trends you should consider in 2020


Web developers and designers are working hard to make the service simple for users. However, we always have too many questions. A single person can not be able to answer all the queries. It is where bots come in use. They are simple to personalize and program. You can use it for different purposes:

  1. Resolving complaints
  2. Quick answers
  3. Support in requesting and registering
  4. Provide additional Content

Around 80% of websites have chatbots. However, they are not working correctly; some offer random information that does not match the user's question; some react slowly. Improving chatbots can boost conversion rates and make work more comfortable with most services.

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Conversational Marketing

In this era, customers are busy. Top-notch and advanced tech create a type of environment where users demand quick solutions and instant turnaround. The demand for immediate results will increase more as time moves ahead.

Here is where conversational marketing is a must strategy to consider. in 2020. This form of marketing uses customer data and reviews to increase conversion rates, boost engagement, as well as build consumer trust, and so on. It becomes too simple to perform various business operations when you have access to the data from the authentic source. Email marketing, chatbots, live support all utilize conversational marketing. It allows businesses to form a good relationship with their customers.

Interactive Content Marketing:

Marketers always look for a new way to spice up and improve their Content. Interactive Content can help you grab the target audience towards your business. In 2020, you can use Content to generate leads and sales.

For example:

  • Polls and surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Calculators
  • 360-degree videos
  • Infographics
  • Maps

For instance, if you are creating a post on typical grammar mistakes rookies made. Why not try to make your Content enjoyable by creating a quiz that checks your reader's grammar skills and gives them a score after completing the questionnaire. Content that includes a quiz and other engaging elements called interactive Content.

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They work great as it quickly catches the reader's attention and offers them excellent knowledge. Increasing sales and conversions needs consistency from your side. Add quiz and interesting facts in your Content to improve site dwell time. Interactive Content is indeed the best strategy as it quickly catches the reader's attention. If you wish to boost site conversions, it requires constant effort.

User-generated Content:

Customers are conscious of brand messages and choose to listen to their associates when making a purchase decision. This means around 65% of people think user-generated Content is trustworthy.The most popular and common UGC are testimonials, ratings, videos, reviews, influencer posts, social media posts, and so on. User-generated content could be beneficial for brands and companies.

Direct messaging:

In a motive to get more connected with customers, companies are taking the conversation to direct messaging. As a means to communicate with customers and increase relations. DM has become the hottest digital marketing trend in 2020.

With the use of popular messaging platforms like Viber, Facebook messenger and Facebook, or via private messages on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, companies are forming robust connections with their targeted audience. These platforms provide the convenience of Content with the instancy of a conversation, in a sphere, the customer is already familiar with from conversing with friends.

Companies find direct messaging to be highly effective for improving relationships with customers, whether taking sales offers, addressing complaints and so on. This trend works best when you inspire people to DM you by offering your username or handle or maybe inviting them with a catchy coupon code or offer.

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Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is also known as social listing. It is the practice of figuring out the motion and reaction of customers and users to a service or product, usually on social media platforms or on other online places. Online posts and reviews aren't always effective in knowing the likes and dislikes of individuals.

So, sentiment analysis is basically a process that involves few algorithms and data-collecting tools to collect online reviews to your service or brand and evaluate them. It has become a popular digital marketing trend in 2020. It isn't the latest trend; however, new and advanced technologies are making it more popular and high in demand.

Some popular sentiment analysis tools are Repustate, Critical Mention, and Lexalytics. These effective tools will help you figure out what users actually talk about your brand or service. This can help you to make new and attractive strategies for marketing, sales, Content, and social media.


With the growing success of Instagram stories, Snapchat and Youtube, Video blogs have become more popular and effective than ever. In context to other common video types like short films, or explainer videos, vlogs have more potential than all. They are more direct and personal. Vloggers converse directly to the people, creating a more direct and personal connection. Vlogging is a boon to brands and marketers striving to build stronger connections with their users and customers.

Through vlogging, you can show special events that not every individual has access to, like a musical concert or a business conference. Also, you can post other countries' celebs content to your viewers, like behind-the-scenes stories or celebrity interviews. It is one of the most rapidly rising digital marketing trendsKeep your eye on upcoming digital marketing trends to grow your business and generate more sales. Among all these, which trends are you planning to consider in 2020?

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