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6 Key Important Image Editing Tips For Ecommerce Store

6 Key Important Image Editing Tips For Ecommerce Store

What is Image Editing?

The brand image of any business is represented by the quality of the pictures which in turn helps convey the businesses’ message promptly in the best possible way. Photo editing is the most outsourced processes in the business world which makes it an essential part of any marketing, branding and communication activity. The eCommerce World is rapidly growing on a fast pace and the only effective way to attain prodigious growth is to incorporate persuasive ways that would bring fruitful results for your company.

From a marketing point of view, the role of digital photographs is extremely imperative in today’s highly competitive market place. If you want your brand to speak to your customers and make them lean towards your products, you need to go for compelling product images that speak for themselves and the brand. Every perfectly edited product image will speak to thousands of people.

Photos are promptly becoming a universal marketing language with the rise of image-centric social networks. Visual cues work swiftly and are extremely helpful if you are at the top of your list when it comes to marketing initiatives such as fashion, travel, food, etc.

Listed below are some of the advantages of Image Editing Services for Business –

  1. Brand Building
  2. Better Sales
  3. Increase efficiency by re-using images
  4. Resizing as per requirement

Having talked about the advantages of image editing services, the question arises as to how to commence with effective photo editing that will help your business grow?

Let’s discuss some compelling photo editing tips that will help you get the most out of your product images:  

  1. Planning:

To plan is to succeed! Planning as to what sort of images would compliment your eCommerce store is extremely important. It is quite evident that the images chosen shall be what the audience is looking for and compliments the essence of your brand. The only question that arises is that whether you’ll be going for product images or lifestyle images or both. Let’s say for example that if you are selling a wrist then the product image itself shall do fine. But if you are going for a mixer grinder or a food processor, then you will want to show a lifestyle image of the product being used in households. So before editing pictures, it is critical to plan according to the product type. You can also refer to professional photographers if you are unable to take lifestyle photos yourself.

  1. Zooming and Sizing:

As per the credentials of the eCommerce site, while capturing or editing a product photo, the frame size should be taken into consideration. It should cover all the minor details of the product. Zooming-in can be enabled to get extra clarity which makes it easy for the audience to determine the quality of your products. You can get your desired image size with the help of photo resizing.

  1. Justifying the actual product:

The actual color of the product varies from the captured image. It may happen due uneven lighting or distortion. But photo editing can fix everything. Colors can be enhanced in the image with the help of hue and saturation. You can raise the quality of the image promptly by adding shadow effects. This helps to remove some of the jagged effects that occur while photo sizing.

  1. Perfect picture frame:

It is advisable that the product shall occupy at least 65-70% of the picture frame. Anything less than that shall divert the audiences’ focus elsewhere rather than the product image. Frame resizing can be taken care of while editing a photo or while clicking one. If needed, you can also go for image orientation property that will help you fit the image for your eCommerce website.

  1. White background is must:

Colorful backgrounds disrupt photo prominence; thereby it is advisable to remove the background of the product image. An image with a white background seems not only looks professional but also looks clean and less distracting. As compared to a colored one, the product details on a white background seem more notable. A white background helps extremely well when clicking pictures of jewelry which need to be high-quality images.

  1. Brightness and contrast:

While clicking an image it is possible that there might occur certain uneven levels of darkness and brightness. The perfect fix is to take utmost advantage of professional image retouching. It will not enhance the quality of the image but will also fix the photo.

Any eCommerce store shall benefit a hundred times better with the help of these photo editing tips. It will not only enhance the credibility of your store but will also be acutely beneficial in the long run. Evolve your eCommerce store with the touch of professional photo editing services.

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Faith eCommerce Services
Faith eCommerce Services

Faith eCommerce Services is a leading organization making continuous efforts to help today's e-commerce business and caters their demand. We understand the ever-mounting demand for e-commerce services, website design, and development services; and are successful in doing the same ever since our inception.

By using our services, e-commerce store owners can easily upload bulk data information in less time with full accuracy. Also, we help in some more services like content writing, web development, virtual assistant, SEO, photo editing and more related to an e-commerce website.

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