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5 Kids-Friendly Ways to Develop Emotional Strength in Little Captains

5 Kids-Friendly Ways to Develop Emotional Strength in Little Captains

Right from the onset of the unfortunate 2020, every one of us is battling with the fears and crisis of this unusual epidemic turned global pandemic. This life-threatening pandemic is none other than the novel Coronavirus.

This clueless pandemic has compelled the entire human world to move in an unusual restrictive direction of lockdowns, shutter down, quarantine, and social distancing. The whole world has shaken so badly, as this unfortunate year has brought no single good news for mankind.

The most agonizing situation imposed by this monstrous unseen creature is that it is not letting mankind to bow before their Supreme Creator in their sacred worshipping sites such as mosques, churches, and temples. It has made the mankind oblivious of their Easter or Ramadan festivities. The Muslim devotees willing to book their Ramadan special umrah packages couldn’t even think about doing so in this unwelcoming year.

With the long term closures of workplaces and schools, the adults and the children both are unhappy and worried. Most of the parents have become busy after opting for Work from Home. But the kids being home stuck are effected even more badly. It is undoubtedly because of not being able to play outside and meet their cutie pals.

So it is the right time to call your little captain to sit in your lap and back him up with the consoling words like “this will end soon”

In simple words, instead of letting your kiddos anxious, sad, and alone form a positive and nurturing relationship with them. Make your kid feel like a super-man by teaching him/her some super self-care skills to guard and an audacity to fight with this killer unseen monster with utmost perseverance and sensibility.

5 Easiest Ways to build up an Emotional Strength in Kids

Don’t know how to do this? Don’t worry. We have scrambled up some easiest and kids-friendly wittiest ways to build up an emotional strength to deal with all this temporary troubling stuff.

Keep Peace and calm within your family

It is the First and foremost thing to do for the emotional wellbeing of your little ones. Be mindful that your actions speak louder than your words. So replace your panic with patience and negativity with positivity as long as you remain in a familial homestay. You may be cognizant of the child psychology that, the small children always tend to idolize their parent's behavior to incorporate it later on.

So make sure to teach them resilience by being resilient in every troubling time of hardship and ordeal.

Be Honest and Truthful

If you are not letting your kudos to play outside and when they ask you why they can’t go to school? Then it is highly advisable to guide them with factual and age-appropriate info on COVID-19.

Make sure of everyday monitoring of their media exposure. Keep an eye on everything right and wrong they perceive about this troubling disease.

Make sensible use of kid-friendly tone and language for proper enlightenment. Use the way like “Honey! There is a germ outside that will make you and your friends sick. So please don’t go outside”

Realize what they are feeling

Remember that parenthood is not a piece of cake to eat. This bliss is followed by lots of responsibilities and duties for your kids. Parenthood demands much more than good schooling and comfy facilities. They also need you to listen to their unsaid fears, feelings, and emotions.

Be very mind that “slap and snub strategy” in any or every case, will stunt the positive emotional growth of your growing little lovelies.

Instead of showing strictness, try to observe, feel, and understand the silent surge of their childhood emotions. You even your young children need you to struggle with their mental issues, emotions, and unending societal pressures.

So be sensible in your children's emotional matters in all sorts of mental ups and downs, no matter how immature or mature they are. Notice and then figure out them with all kid's friendly ways and means.

Let your kudos self-validate their feelings

Emotions are real for all of us. Emotion is another name of being a human being. After realizing your kid’s emotions whether painful or happy, teach him to accept them. You can do this by saying “It’s okay honey! We all have fears”

Teach them to own their emotions and depravities as part of life. Teach them how to cope with them to stand upfront in this challenging society. This superb parental act would surely instill confidence in your little lovely ones to manage their emotion in every good and bad life situation.

Let your kids involve in self-soothing activities

When they have learned to validate their emotions, now you must help them to build up confidence and keep calm in toiling scenarios. Help them feel better in different productive kid-friendly fun activities like painting, sketching, listening to music, informative movies, and so on.

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