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10 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks You Were Ignoring Till Now

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks You Were Ignoring Till Now

Are you crazy about money? Well, who's not? But who knew that there's something mysterious about businesses that will make you pull the obnoxious amount of money?

Yes. You read that right. Want to know what that 'mysterious' thing is? It is called Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to make online money in less time, then affiliate marketing is for you only.

If you aren't sure about what affiliate marketing is and how it is related to the growth of any business, you'll get your answers by the end of this read. You'll also get to know about the best affiliate marketing networks of 2020.  


What is Affiliate marketing?  

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting other brand's products and services. When someone purchases via your affiliate link, you will be able to make money out of it, say it as a commission. As an affiliate marketer, you will act as a salesperson for the brand. You will encourage the buyer to make a purchase, and if you are successful, you will get a reward for your promotion. The unique characteristic of affiliate marketing is that you can do it at balance. A typical salesperson usually doesn't get a chance to make sales with different companies without leaving one. But affiliate marketing allows you to promote products from various companies and earn attractive commissions from all of them.

Famous players of Affiliate Marketing Model

  • Advertisers or Merchants
  • Publishers or Partners
  • Affiliate program agencies
  • Affiliate networks
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Platforms


How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing seems to be accessible from the crust. But it is not a cakewalk for any business and affiliate. Some digital marketers put it as a channel that one can turn on and turn off as and when they want. But, it's not like that. The working of any affiliate marketer is daunting and mysterious at times. While affiliate collaborations are versatile, it's a structure that builts on trust and real relationships, not one-off transactions. An affiliate program aims at forming a win-win situation for both brands and their affiliate partners. In such cases, both brands and affiliate partners work hand-in-hand to achieve their goals.


Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • Limitless income generation
  • It is for you even if you are not PRO at it
  • You are your boss
  • Brand recognition and brand awareness
  • Real-time tracking

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10 best affiliate marketing networks of 2020

  1. Leadgid

LeadGid is an international commission-based affiliate marketing network dedicated to financial campaigns. The foundation of this affiliate network was laid in the year 2012. Since its inception, this affiliate networking program has achieved optimum expertise in the financial lead generation's domain. With the recognition of its custom-tailored conditions and long-lasting relationships with its associates, this network has been helping small to large scale brands in the proceedings of affiliate marketing. This network has been offering excellent support to the affiliate marketing beginners as well.



After Leadgid, Flexoffers is also a brilliant affiliate marketing network for both established and establishing brands. The best thing about this network is that it affiliates brands a lot quicker than other affiliate networks in this industry. Flexoffers holds more than a decade's experience in the domain of affiliate marketing. What makes this program stand out from the crowd is its unique set of tools and features that assist businesses in carrying forwarding their advertising campaigns. This affiliate networking bridges the gap between bloggers, content creators, and small to large scale advertisers & brands.


  1. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the leading affiliate networks in Chicago. The Shareasale comprises over 4,000 merchants associated, of which around one thousand of them are elite to them. This affiliate program works on publishing a large amount of data on every offer they run. It is among the highest paying affiliate programs that have been helping brands in the process of affiliate marketing for near two decades and still counting. It is known for its pay-per-sale, and pay-per-click offers that elite brands take the best advantage. It endeavors to assist businesses regardless of their type of industries.


  1. Adrecord

Adrecord is another leading affiliate marketing network dedicated to increasing sales and profits of businesses in Sweden and all across the globe. This affiliate network connects and collaborates with the top advertisers for sales purposes. Adrecord is known for its trustworthiness and loyalty in the domain of affiliate marketing with businesses of different spheres. Apart from the timely delivery of services, partnerships between advertisers and Adrecord network is based on trust where precision and quality are pillars as the backbone for an ever-lasting, and jointly, advantageous cooperation. Adrecords aims at maintaining qualitative connections between advertisers and affiliates following cutting-edge technology. Adrecord affiliates are also known for:


  • Affordability

 Endeavors to make marketing services valuable and optimize brands' ROI! Through its performance-based strategies, they make sure that businesses may only pay for positive outcomes.


  • Transparency

Transparency plays a significant role when it comes to the services of related affiliate marketing. Adrecord delivers the best of its services with commendable results to the small to large scale brands and businesses.


  1. DoAffiliate 

DoAffiliate is yet another classy affiliate marketing network that helps brands in increasing their sales without complications and potential risks. For those companies who are all set to put advertising fields on their website are earning pretty well with the services offered by this network. The growth and development of their businesses are reaching heights with the services provided by this network.

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  1. Viglink

VigLink has its distinct way of working as this affiliate network has been designed specially to help bloggers. In short, this affiliate marketing program works as an extensive linkage between the online publishers and merchants by verifying the content and generating links. The associated publishers convert these dynamic links in 'real-time.'


  1. CJ Affiliate 

CJ Affiliate is known to be the biggest affiliate networks online. For those who have been in this field must have come across this affiliate network at least once. CJ Affiliate is a network presented by Conversant. It is one of the oldest and well-recognized affiliate networks that work with the world's top-most brands. Commission Junction (CJ) is a flourishing affiliate network that has helped companies increase their brand awareness and recognition by offering them the best affiliate marketing services.


  1. Awin 

Awin is another popular affiliate network that offers a platform to advertisers and publishers to expand their brands online. Awin boasts about its more than 13,000 advertisers and 100,000 publishers. The year 2017 was a golden year for this affiliate network. Not only this, but this affiliate platform has also successfully named itself among the top affiliate networks with collaborations of more than 260 affiliates every day. The new members pay registration fees of $5.


  1. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is another affiliate platform that allows businesses to do amazing things like answering surveys, browsing videos, etc., and getting paid to do so. Small to large scale brands are making vast amounts of money with the help of Swagbucks by shopping in-store and browsing through the new products and services. Users can redeem earned rewards via Walmart, Pay Pal, Starbucks, Amazon, etc. At the Swagbucks app, users can avail of all these services free of cost, and businesses can get a golden chance to create opportunities to popularize their brand.


  1. Skimlinks

SkimLinks is among the top affiliate networks that work like VigLink that works mainly for the bloggers. SkimLinks replicates VigLinks by using plugins or scripts to create dynamic links in the content to send visitors to get better and enhanced paying offers from merchants. It is one of the most popular affiliate networks working with more than 24,000 merchants/advertisers. Skimlinks is inclined more towards dealing with the products and services associated with the physical items. It also boasts about its reputed tier of vetted merchants called "Preferred Partner" and "VIP" that both offer higher commissions than standard merchants.


These were some of the best affiliate marketing networks that are getting popular in the world of marketing. Small to large scale businesses are inclining more towards these networks and programs to increase their brand value and brand recognition. Undoubtedly, the overall concept of affiliate marketing programs is one of the pocket-friendly and highly effective methods in the present day.

Author Biography.

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma is best known for his skills and knowledge in the domain of affiliate marketing services and digital marketing. He is the current CEO of Brandburp, a reputed affiliate marketing agency. His unwavering technology expertise and spontaneity is something that attracts his clients.

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