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Know About Foul-Smelling Flatulence and How It Can Be Treated

The term flatulence is often laughed about, but perhaps at some point in our lives, it can be embarrassing and make you feel awkward around others. Flatulence or farting is something that can even make you feel ignored at places! Let us have a discussion over the term. 

 What is foul-smelling flatulence?

In simple words, Flatulence is defined as the passing of gas out of the back passage through the digestive system of a person. This process is also referred to as farting or passing wind and it is a normal process for a common person if he farts 5-15 times in a day. However, foul-smelling flatulence can be socially embarrassing if people pass wind more than usual releasing smelly odors. 

In short, it is a biological process that everyone experience on a regular basis!

How one would identify?

There are, though not any specific medical guidelines that exemplify the frequency or volume of bad smelling gas, you are the only person that can gauge the symptoms! 

Following are some of the common symptoms that one can analyze regarding flatulence:

  • Passing of wind on a frequent basis
  • Stinking and loud passing of gas
  • Continual abdominal pain or bloating 
  • Growling in the lower abdomen 
  • Blood in the stools 
  • Bowel dissoluteness

All the above-mentioned symptoms can lead to severe health conditions that should not get overlooked and require examination.

What causes bad-smelling gas to occur?

The smelly gas is actually produced in the digestive system of a person through different means! 

Swallowing air: When you swallow food, water, or saliva, you also swallow small amounts of air that gets collected in the digestive system. The air also gets swallowed by a person with smoking, chewing gum, eating large food portions on a fast basis.

Food intake: Building up of gases is also related to the digestion and fermentation of food in the digestive tract. As a result, the body needs to release the gas through some means. Consuming foods containing carbohydrates including high-fiber diets, carbonated drinks, vegetables, fruits & dry fruits can give rise to flatulence as well.

Health Conditions: There are also some health conditions that can also give rise to smelly flatulence. People having indigestion, constipation, infection in the digestion system can also feel symptoms of excessive farting. Some other health conditions are malabsorption, lactose or gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

Medical causes: Some of the medications like laxatives, pain medicines, or any kind of antifungal medicines can also result in foul-smelling flatulence. It is advised to consult to a health professional before going through any medication.

How to get rid of smelly gas?
Excessive flatulence can simply be controlled by making some simple changes into your diet or lifestyle like avoiding foods causing flatulence, eating & drinking small portions at a slow rate. You should also cut-off the intake of high-fiber food, use of dairy food products, fried foods & carbonated drinks, etc.

Besides the diet changes, some of the lifestyle changes are also essentially required for flatulence treatment! Diet with regular physical exercise not only works great to get rid of bad smelling gas but also keeps you fit. Avoiding bad habits like smoking or drinking can help to lessen the cases of smelly gases build-up in the digestive system.

Try out a new home remedy for bad smelling gas

A new approach to address the issue affecting people worldwide is introduced in the form of fart pills! Flatu-scents is the home remedy for bad smelling gas that works as an internal deodorant that not only neutralizes and reduces the bad-smelling gas but also transforms into a fresh & pleasing smell. This natural and vegan supplement is composed of the finest natural ingredients that work collectively in making the digestive tract active for the digestion process. What makes it the best choice is the non-presence of chemicals like carbon thus has no side-effects to the body.

With Flatu-Scents, you no need to escape social gatherings due to smelly fart troubles. In fact, it is capable of providing you fresh spa confidence even in the days of bloating or uncomfortable gas. Morning farts are no more trouble with this solution! Take it as per convenience and only one dose reduces the intensity of gas and its related odors.

How it works so effectively?

As Flatu-Scents is made up of natural ingredients, it is proven to be beneficial for the body. The supplement targets excessive flatulence reduces gastrointestinal symptoms and reduces the intestinal gas & its pressure. By reducing the gas production, it simultaneously produces a pleasant rose scent smell that masks the foul smelly odors giving a completely natural flatulence treatment.

Why make changes to your diet or lifestyle when you have a home remedy for bad smelling gas to give you fresh confidence while farting at your workplace, elevator, in a flight, or even in your bed! Try it out today!

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