Success Story Of Vkreate Co-Founder & CEO Vishal Jain

Success Story Of Vkreate Co-Founder & CEO Vishal Jain

Success Story Of Vkreate Co-Founder & CEO Vishal Jain

Please introduce your Startup and give a brief about yourself.

Myself Vishal Jain. I was born and brought up in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. After completing my education as a B.Tech Graduate I worked in many companies but was never satisfied with my job. Coming from a business family, I always had in my mind that one day I will also have my business setup one day. Then, one day VKREATE happened, I was very much frustrated with my job so I decided to quit the job and had a word with my family. They were always very much supportive and support me even in this decision.

VKREATE, came up within just 1-2 months. From the next day after talking to my family I started working on everything. With time everything just got perfect for me, and with the support of family and friends I was successfully able to establish it. 

How can you describe your Startup?

VKREATE is a Software Company which is coming up with a unique way of providing IT services to customers/clients. We are providing services like web development, mobile app development, web or graphic design. We also offer online marketing services, back office data entry services, and QA services to companies of all sizes and in all sectors. With constant efforts of providing best in class software development services, we have been successful in making our customer’s businesses grow multi-fold.

What were you doing before?

Before VKREATE happened, I was working as a Web Developer in a US based IT company in Jaipur

What is your inspiration behind your Startup?

My desire to have something of my own as I belong to a business class family so I was very well aware of the pros it offers.

Describe Your Startup Name, Why you are using this Name?

VKREATE, this name was suggested by one of my friend. We came to this name because obviously being in IT sector we develop, create everything. So first thing was very much clear to we will have ‘Create’ in the name. And second most important thing, was our USP. As we know that there are many startups nowadays. In order to provide an edge over the competition, we had decided whatever work we will do, we will do that creatively as “Uniqueness” is the need of the hour. After a lot of discussion and brainstorming on these two things, we came up with “VKREATE”. As this name had both the things in it which we wanted. 

What was the idea behind starting Startup?

The idea was very simple- to provide such an environment in the office that employees never feel burdened and are free to do whatever they want. As an employee I had many issues with the manager. So I had this very clear that whatever issues I have faced I will not let my employees facing them. 

What are the services you offer to your clients?

Majorly there are 4 services that we offer at VKREATE, namely, Web Development, Mobile App development, Web/Graphic Designing and Digital Marketing. Behind this also I had my reasons. As nowadays all these services are inter-related in one way or the other. So I wanted to offer all these services under one roof only. 

What are the factors which influenced you to start the Startup?

People often say ‘There is always a reason behind everything’. Well, I had more than one to start this business venture.

In the year 2018, I started doing freelance projects while being employed with one of the IT Company in jaipur. Instantly, my working hours shifted up from 9 to 16 hours a day and instead of that, I was completely enjoying my overtime.

One usual day, my company got to know about my outside projects, asked me to discontinue freelancing and told me that ‘We hire our employee for 24 hours’ and somehow this felt like boundaries around my determination for work which will affect my creativity as well as career’s growth in future.

After this event, I thought to start my own company with the creative minds who are passionate enough for their work to bring a change in the current ecosystem of IT sector

How did your journey start towards your startup from planning to funding?

While doing my job, I had saved some money for future plans but that was not enough to start my own startup. As I belong to a business family, I didn’t hesitate to present this idea in front of my parents, they liked everything I have planned and agreed to fund my start-up company.

With their belief and validation, I got a push towards my way then I started seeking an office place, found one at a prime location and got the first step right.

What your stack on the competition? who are your competitors? How you are overcoming them?

There is no competition for now as we have just started, So at this point rather than focusing on our competitors we are improving ourselves but yes in future we will be everyone’s biggest competitors.

Is the Startup growing at good phase according to your plans? What are the upcoming plans from your end?

Yes, we are growing but not as per the plans. Its been 6 months and we are still getting the hang of the startup.

Future plans- Obviously just like any other IT Company we also wish to launch our product in the market. 

I think everyone has some inspiring person in their life and some taglines? who are they, what is their role in your Startup life?

There is not a single person who has inspired me in my life. Rather there are many. I have this habit of learning from everyone whatever best I can, especially from my family and friends.

Their role has been very much crucial, throughout the process. They were my motivation throughout. They kept pushing me always. 

What is your experience as an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur is not just a word, it’s a big big responsibility. 6 months down the lane and still every day I learn something new. Like this is an endless topic to study. I am still getting the hang of it. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The startup word will get replaced by company . The VKREATE will become One of the best IT Company.

What do you suggest people who are interested in starting their own business?

Just one thing I would like to suggest- Never have second thought. Be clear and crisp in what you want and everything will work in your favor. And then you obviously have your family and friends to help you out. In my case VKREATE would not have been a reality today without my family and friends.

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