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Using Virtual Assistants: The Complete Guide for SEO Agencies

Using Virtual Assistants: The Complete Guide for SEO Agencies

SEO agencies always look forward to outsourcing their tasks. But SEO is not an easy job. We are not saying that it is not easy, but most people say it. But why is it so hard in these days of globalization?

Try to get out of all the myths that you have in your mind about An SEO project. Because it is now easy to outsource most of your operational tasks. Read this post till the end if you want the best virtual assistant. Must follow all these guidelines. 

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Step 1: Skills, Knowledge & Your Requirements

The first step is about the skills and knowledge of the virtual assistant. Also, here we will discuss your requirements. Clarity of requirements will help you get the best VA to go for SEO outsourcing.   

What Do You Expect From VAs?

First of all, ask yourself what tasks you want your VA to accomplish. Hiring one without laying out the requirements is not a good idea. So always figure out all of your requirements. At the time of hiring, always mention your requirements. So that the best candidate can tell you that he/she can do it or not. 

Hire One With Same Background

We are not talking about the skills. We are here talking about the background. What’s the difference? Skills are like word processing, accounting, customer relations, etc. In your case, SEO is the background. Must do SEO outsource with someone who is familiar with SEO.

Always Welcome Extra Skills

Never neglect a candidate’s extra skills. Always welcome all the extra skills a candidate has. These skills can be graphic designing, Audio/Video editing, etc. 

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Step 2: Communication Is The Key

The next step is communication. It is the most important thing to check for SEO outsourcing services. If there is anything wrong with communication, then it will be trouble. 

Check For Language Skills

Before you hire anyone, you must check for language skills. Always try to find whether he/she is a native English speaker or not. But what If your SEO agency has another language customer base? Then must hire a virtual assistant with the language that your customers use most.

No Language Barrier

A language barrier can spoil your all requirements related to SEO outsourcing services. So talk clearly to the candidate about this. 

Keep Everything Clear

Communication is not only about speaking a language perfectly. In business, writing is the most used communication way. Not only the virtual assistant, but you also have to take care of it. You must keep everything clear when assigning tasks.

Emails Rather Than Calls

Prefer writing emails rather than calling your virtual assistant. It will make everything clear between both of you. Otherwise, you will face miscommunication issues. 

Document The Tasks

Always keep track when assigning tasks. A shared Google spreadsheet is enough to keep the track of tasks. If you like to try something more advanced, then try to use some Virtual assistant tools. 

Step 3: Test The Psychology

Now you have tested the major skills and communication skills of virtual assistants. Now the third important thing is to test the psychology of the candidate.

Hire A Go-Getter

A go-getter will always be ready to learn new things. It will be easy to work with such kinds of virtual assistants. So during the skype interview always try to test the ability. Always try to check if he is a go-getter or not.

Play With Troubles

Always ask the candidate that his major task will be troubleshooting. SEO outsource won't only be full of troubles only for you but for the VA also. So is he ready to play with troubles? Or how he accepts challenging tasks?

Step 4: A Checklist For SEO Outsource

Here is a basic but effective checklist. Always check these necessary things before SEO Reseller Program. 

  • Country: Which country you prefer? A US-based VA or outsider?

  • Portfolio: Ask the VA to show his portfolio on any freelancer website.

  • VA Tools: Is he familiar with tools like Trello, ProofHub, Taskworld, or not?

  • Platform: On which platform he works? Upwork? Freelancer? Or any else?

  • Time Zone: If you are hiring a non-US VA then always confirm his local time zone. 

  • Time Limit: How much time he/she can devote daily as a virtual assistant for you.

Step 5: Capture The Performance

After you have hired a VA, must capture his/her performance. You should keep a track record of all his/her tasks. Whether he is matching deadlines or not? Is he delivering the quality or not? It will help you decide whether to continue with him or not.

Bonus Tip: Always try to find a virtual assistant for a test period. Hire him for a test period check his performance and then hire for full-time purposes.

Let's Summarize!

Hiring a virtual assistant for SEO outsourcing is easy. But getting all the requirements fulfilled for your SEO agency is not that easy. But how to make it simple and easy? Well, It depends upon you as well as your virtual assistant. You must assign tasks with clear instructions. It is good to be a good project manager before you complain about your virtual assistant.

Author Biography.

Mansi Rana
Mansi Rana

Mansi Rana is a 1st generation entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing. From drafting strategies, executing them & analysing data for diverse categories ranging from FMCG, education, e-commerce, banking, automobiles, tourism & health. Her focus is to grow and educate clients, customers and companies. She is a team player & appreciates effective & efficient reports without compromising on quality standards & delivering enriching customer experience. She is highly responsible and committed with excellent client management and transformation skills mandate for Digital Marketing Strategy. Mansi has a strong hold on Digital Marketing activities and has been actively involved with AGENCY ALLIANCES at EZ Rankings

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